Honeycomb Valley

Welcome to Honeycomb Valley

My town is called Honeycomb Valley. I didn’t just pick this name out of thin air.

When I built my school, I named it “The Beehive”, because I felt that name was very fitting for a school, buzzing with kids of all ages. When the time came to move my Simmies over from my old Sunset Valley to a new Sunset Valley, I felt a new name was in order too. I figured that maybe the name of the school would make even more sense if the town has a bee associated name too. That maybe the town even had a long beekeeping history. My dear friends over at Simset Boulevard helped me pick and that’s how the town got its name: Honeycomb Valley. 

Then, I figured, the different districts in town should have bee related names too. The main districts are named after the two most famous types of bees. The other districts have honey names. Or, technically, flower names, but flowers that bring forth different flavours of honey.

Clicking the map below should take you to posts about the different districts. It’s highly possible that one or several of the links are currently still leading nowhere. I’m still in the middle of creating posts about the different districts.

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