January 06: Life and Death (pt. 2)

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The deed

Halfway through January Thomas, Lauren, Eva and Jasper had a meeting with a notary to discuss house matters and sign over the purchase deed. Thomas and Lauren had always known this day would come, as Phyllis had made it very clear she wanted her eldest grandson to inherit the house.
Thomas and Lauren also owned a small bungalow in Appaloosa Plains which they had always used as a holiday home, but intended to move there permanently now. So, all in all, everyone was happy to be there.


The notary explained all the steps required…


…and asked if there were any questions.


Since no one had any, it was soon time to sign the papers.


Congratulations, Eva and Jasper, you are now the proud owners of a house in Star Thistle!

The Dress

It was only a few days later another noteworthy day for Eva presented itself: it was time to go out and look for The Dress!

She was very excited over breakfast.


“And I’m obviously not telling you what it looks like, Jas. I don’t even know yet myself. I might go for white, but maybe not! But it wont be red or anything, don’t worry. Or black, I’m not getting a black dress either. I mean, it’s a wedding, not a funeral, right?”
– “Im sure whatever you’ll choose will look gorgeous on you, dear” Jasper replied, secretly glad he could go to work in bit…

Two hours later, Eva met her “entourage” outside the Bridal Store. She had invited her mum Patty, mother-in-law Lauren, sister Sarah and best friend Abigail along for this big day.


The Wyler ladies were particularly excited.


“I hope she’ll pick a princess gown” Patty said
“But she’ll look great in something tightfit too, mum” Sarah chipped in.

There Eva was in her first dress.


“Hmmm… I like it, but I don’t love it…”
The entourage agreed.

Onto dress number 2…


“It’s rather plain…”

Many dresses later, Eva emerged like this…


She looked rather happy and turned around to her ladies…


“What do you think…?”
“You look stunning Eve…”
“This one is amazing!”
“Wow, just wow…”
“What do YOU think?”
“I love it… Girls; this is my dress!”


Excitement all around!


Sarah embraced her sister.


“I’m so happy for you, Eve!”

After the dress was properly fitted, Eva took her girls for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately Lauren had to go back to work. She had already missed too many days with Phyllis’ funeral and all and still had a lot of loose ends to tie before she’d move.


“Okay, so now all I need are shoes. Oh and maybe a tiara. And obviously flowers. And…”
Yes. Eva was all about the wedding…

The house

When the end of the month drew closer, Thomas invited his sister to come and pick out the things she wanted to keep. Obviously Thomas and Lauren couldn’t take everything with them to their Appaloosa house and Eva and Jasper were likely to want a fresh start and give most of the stuff left behind away to charity.


“Well, I would like some of the pots and pans, but other than that, I don’t think there’s anything I need” Olivia said.


“The only thing I’d like to bring is mum’s chair and that trunk that used to be in our old bedroom. Remember that? I have no idea where it went though…” Thomas said.
“Isn’t it in the shed?” His sister replied.
“I have no idea, I’ll have a look.”

After they divided the assets, Olivia obviously stayed for dinner.


It was the last week of January when the moving van arrived: Thomas and Lauren were moving to Appaloosa Plains.


Lucas had come to help his parents move and before long everything was loaded into the van.


The movers went ahead as Thomas and Lauren said goodbye to the house.


Lucas hugged his mother and father and wished them a good trip.


“See you soon, mum.”
“See you soon, son.”

And off they went.


That afternoon, after work, Jasper and Eva went to the house to start the clearing process. They couldn’t afford to waste any time, since they really hoped to move in before their wedding in May.


It took hours, but then the house was completely empty…


…and the front yard was full of stuff ready to be collected the following morning.


The next day Eva and Jasper had builders over to discuss the work that need to be done. They’d do a lot of DIY themselves, but there were some big jobs they’d rather leave to professionals.


Eva was quite clear in what she wanted.


“So, the kitchen needs to come out and the walls need to be stripped and we want a proper entrance. I’m not sure how that would work with the stairs though.”


“Well, miss, we can take the stairs out and then put in a new one and flip it round so you enter it from your new hallway.”


“And do you also want a new kitchen put in, or will you do that yourselves?”
“No, we definitely want a new kitchen put in, but we have yet to pick it out.”

And so, on the very last day of January, work was well under way. Will it be finished before May? Time will tell…65

January 06: Life and Death (Pt. 1)

After an eventful 05, January 06 was quite slow paced. Not a lot happened. The things that did happen though, were rather lifechanging for some Honeycomb residents. For them, January 06 was either all about life or all about …

The passing

In the very first hours of 06, while outside the fireworks were still lighting up the sky, lovely grandmother Phyllis felt it was time to leave this world…

When Thomas came down to check on his mother, like he did most nights, he soon realised she had passed… Lauren immediately realised something was wrong and rushed down to console her husband.2

Once the initial shock wore off, Thomas knew he had to inform his sister, she’d want to know.3

Olivia had just gone to bed that New Years Eve and was able to answer her phone quickly. Will was already sound asleep.4“Hey Livvy, it’s Thom… Listen.. umm.. I’m afraid mum has… umm… left us…”

Olivia, feeling distraught, couldn’t contain her emotions and burst out in tears, waking her husband.5Will immediately embraced his wife.

“Will… It’s mum… She… she… she di…”7“Oh honey, I’m so sorry… At least she’s at peace now, right?”

Olivia knew he was right…

The baby

Despite 06 starting off on such a sad note for the Adams en Richardson family, elsewhere the year was about to begin much happier.
A few days into the new year, Morgan woke up feeling “different”. She immediately knew what this meant; her baby was coming!

Knowing births can take a while, Morgan first made herself some waffles.8

After she had finished her breakfast, she gave the dads-to-be a call to inform them of her current status.9

“The baby is coming?!” David uttered on the other end. “We’ll be right over!”
“Don’t rush, it could still be hou…” Morgan didn’t even get to finish her sentence, because David had already hung up.

And indeed, Morgan just barely had enough time to get dressed and there they were.

“Are you okay? Are you in pain? Should we go to the hospital?!”
– “Relax! I’m fine! Contractions are only mild so far, this could really still be quite a while.. Have a seat…”

11“It’s really not like in the movies, guys, I don’t have to rush to the hospital straight away. I’d rather just sit on my exercise ball for a while. Apparently that helps.”

And so she did.

But a few hours later, contractions suddenly got a lot more painful…13

Causing Bradley and David great distress…14

Clearly, the time to go to the hospital had now come.15

Four hours after arriving at the hospital, little Jonah was born. Named after Morgan’s great love, Jonas. Even though the dads were still quite in shock from the whole ordeal they had just witnessed, little Jonah had three, very happy parents!16

Morgan, Bradley and David had already agreed Jonah would spend his first months living solely at Morgan’s house with his dads paying him frequent visits.
Since the birth had been rather uncomplicated, Morgan was soon able to take her son home. Her dream had finally come true.

A week later, Susie and Louise came to visit and Jonah got to meet “his future bride”, or so mums Morgan and Susie joked. 18

From pregnant friends to mum friends…
19“We did it, Suse…”
“We sure did…”

The funeral

While Morgan was busy adjusting to new life as a mum, the Adams and Richardson families were gathering to say goodbye to their mother and grandmother.


Thomas and Olivia were still quite upset…21

But for the rest of the family, it was a chance to catch up again.22“So Finnegan, I hear you have a new girl?” Lucas said to his cousin.
“I do! Her name is Jada, she’ll join us later.”

After a ceremony in the church, Phyllis was buried at the cementery. 23

Remembering their mother and grandmother moved the family more than they had thought.24

Once everyone had said their goodbyes, the family went back to the Adams’ house.
Lucas played with the chicks for a bit. 25

Eva consoled her father-in-law…26
Lauren had made a delicious pumpkin pie which the youngsters of family especially enjoyed. Including Jada, who had come to support her boyfriend.27
After the pie, Lucas spoke to Finn.28“Wow man, you sure did well, Jada is hot!”
“Bit too young for you though!”

Meanwhile, Eva and Jasper had gone for a walk through the house. After all, it had always the plan they’d get the house after Phyllis would have passed. And while she didn’t say it out loud (and hated herself for even thinking it), Eva felt the timing had been sort of just right, as they were about to get married in May…29

Eva and Jasper had always loved this house and had discussed what they’d do with it several times before. They agreed they wanted to keep the original details and feel of the place, but would still make some small changes…30“We need lots of light, Jas! So light walls and …” 
Eva rambled on for quite a while…

More excitement for Eva in…
part 2

December 05: Come Together (Pt. 2)

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About the band…

While Jill had been talking to her brother, Daniel had also arrived home. Mum Claire was very happy to see him.


They soon sat down with some coffee.


“So, how’s uni, dear, how are you doing? And how are your friends?”


“Uni is good mum. Hard work, but good, I’m having a blast. It’s a bit difficult being away from Sadie though. And as for my friends… well…

A week earlier…

One snowy morning, after a huge dorm snowball fight, James, Seth and Daniel were having a chat…49

“Guys.” James said, “About the band. I was thinking of looking for a new female lead. What with the three of us being here and Sadie being all the way in The Valley, we hardly get a chance to rehearse. I feel bad for her, because she’s great, but I think we should let her go.”
Daniel obviously did not agree, but tried to reason with James…


“I see your point, but we haven’t really given it a shot, have we. I mean, let’s first plan a few rehearsal dates and see how it goes. We can’t just dump her, she’d be devastated!”

But James wasn’t amused by this response.


“I knew you wouldn’t agree! Just because she’s girlfriend! We have to think about the band, Dan! It’s not about you and whoever you’re shagging, nor is it about how she feels! It’s about our future!”


“Are you serious James…? This is how you want it to be?”


“You really have no idea what it’s like to be in an adult relationship, do you James? You know what, if this is how it’s going to be, then maybe I shouldn’t be in the band anymore either!”

At this point Seth decided to step in…


“I understand you’re upset, Dan, but don’t say anything you’ll regret…”


“No! I’ve had it! I’m done! If this is how it’s going to be, count me out!”
And with that, Dan marched inside.56

“Can you believe him!” James exclaimed to Seth.
“Why, YES, I can actually James!” Seth retorted. “How can you just spring something like that on him? Do you know you’re basically asking him to choose between the band and his girlfriend? If you’d do that to me, I’d be gone too!”


“Pfff, dramatic much? I’m not asking him to CHOOSE anything! Seems like I’m the only one here who actually CARES about The Hot Wings!


“We might as well call it quits and I’ll just start a new band with people who have their priorities straight!”59

“And Seth told me that’s when James stormed off. The next day Sadie arrived and I haven’t talked to James anymore. I didn’t say anything to Sadie, since she was already a bit sad…”


“Oh dear…” Claire said “Are you and James going to be okay? I mean, we are celebrating Christmas with them tomorrow…”
“I know mum, and I won’t pick a fight or anything. We’ll see how it goes…”

At that point Daniel was interrupted by a voice saying “There’s my boy!” Oliver was home.


“Hi dad, how’s it going?”

Christmas at Patty’s

The next morning, Christmas day, Patty and Sarah were up early to prepare everything for the big Christmas dinner they were having that night.


That afternoon, all the tables were set, all the food was prepared, and everyone was wearing their finest outfits. It wasn’t long until the family arrived. Seth, being Sarah’s boyfriend, was the first to arrive, soon followed by Oliver, Claire and Daniel. Eva, Patty’s eldest child, came last, along with boyfriend Jasper.


Once all the presents were gathered and everyone had a beverage and something to eat, Eva had something she wanted to share with her family…


“You know how all the lakes have frozen over? Well three days ago, Jasper and I went ice skating…”

Three days earlier…

Eva had been really surprised when Jasper asked her to come ice skating that morning. Knowing how clumsy she was, Jasper usually didn’t dare to take her out doing something like that. It was lovely though. They went up to the highest lake in all of Honeycomb Valley and it was completely deserted.


After skating for a while, Jasper had another surprise for Eva: He had arranged a balloon flight over Honeycomb Valley! How exciting! Eva still remembered the balloon flight they had on their holiday to Monte Vista, a year ago. It had been a lot of fun and although this flight would be a lot colder than that one had been, it would most likely just as much fun!66

They had been enjoying the scenery for a while, when Jasper suddenly turned to Eva.


“My darling Eva, a year ago we took a balloon flight in Monte Vista and it was right then and there I decided there would come a day when I’d do this. Because of my studies, it wasn’t the right time then, but it is now…”


“What… what are you doing, Jas…?”

But as soon as she uttered that question, Eva realised what was going on!


She was of course right!


“Eva Wyler, love of my life…”


“Will you marry me?”



And so, Jasper and Eva got engaged.


And now they could finally tell the family!


“It was soooo hard not to call you all straight away! But we figured it’d be best to tell you at Christmas! The wedding will be in May! We’re telling Jasper’s family tomorrow, so shhhh!”

After Eva and Jasper’s big news, it was present time. Most gifts were very much appreciated.


Then dinner was served. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.


After dinner, Seth and James had a chat.


“It’s good I’m catching you alone man”, James said. “I’ve been meaning to talk to you. Did you know Jill and Narai are doing it?”
“Sarah might have mentioned something, yeah… How do you know?”

A few days earlier…

“…I had gone to your room to return that book I borrowed and when I walked out the door, I bumped into her…”


“Jill! Well, well, well… ‘studying’, were you?”


“Uhm… Yeah… well… no… uhmm…”


“Good for you, Jilly! Told you he liked you!”


“Yeah, you did… thanks… I guess”

While James told Seth about his awkward hallway encounter with Jill, his sisters were having a chat of their own.

“That’s so great, you’re getting married Eve! I’m so happy for you! And maybe a little bit jealous…”


“Aww thanks, and don’t be jealous, your day will come. You and Seth still seem to be going well?”


“Yes, he’s great. And we’re happy together. I really am lucky to have him.”


“Good! And how about our brother? Has he found love yet?”


“Love? James? No, our James doesn’t seem to be looking for love… But don’t you worry about him, he’s having a blast…”

“He’s picking up girls everywhere… At the record shop…”


“…at the gym…”


“And well, let me just say, I’m glad my room isn’t next to his, because he sure isn’t using it to sleep in!”




“I do hope he’s careful though…”
“I do too, Eve”, Sarah sighed, “I do too.”

Meanwhile, James had noticed his cousin had gone outside and felt he had something to set straight with him…

“Hey. Can I join you?”
“It’s your bench.”95
“Look Dan, I’m sorry… It wasn’t fair of me to spring this whole band thing on you… Seth and I talked about it afterwards and I see now how I put you in a difficult position with Sadie…”


“It’s just… I care about The Hot Wings… And we were doing so well! And since we started Uni, it’s like… we’re losing it… I don’t want that… So I thought, maybe, if we have a new female lead, we’d be able to rehearse a bit more and just start things up again. But then Seth said The Hot Wings wouldn’t even be The Hot Wings without Sadie and if that means losing you too, then, well, what’s left then?”
“I care about the band too, James… And I don’t want to leave… I also really do get your point, I do, but can’t we just start looking for another solution before we start kicking people out? I mean, things have been a bit crazy since we started Uni, and maybe now that the first exams are behind us and we’re all settled in, we can find a way to make it work after all.”


“So, we’re good?”
“We’re good, James”
And with that, the Christmas party had come to an end. Soon it would be January. A new year, with, undoubtedly, many new adventures!


Meet little Louise Bennett! Born just a few days before Christmas! Susie and Luke couldn’t be happier!


And meet Isaac Brown! Ex-Honeycomb resident Rebecca gave birth to her first child this December as well! Although her joy was slightly overshadowed by the fact her sister is of course still missing…99

Olivia Richardson-Adams

Olivia Richardson-Adams

Richardson, Olivia - a bordered

Olivia loves the good life. And for her the good life means nice food, and lying on the sofa watching tv. She teaches science at The Beehive and mentors the seniors. She’s good at her job and not one to mess with.


Age: Adult
Born: December 1952
Traits: Couch potato, hydrophobic, natural cook, never nude, friendly
Job: World sciences teacher


Father: Eugene
Mother: Phyllis
Siblings: Thomas (twin)
Partner: Will
Children: Jill, Finn
Other family: JasperLucas (nephews)
Best friend(s): Samantha
Romance history: Olivia and Will have known each other since primary school. He was always very interested in her, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. Only when they were in university, did she give him a chance to sweep her of her feet.


In bold where this sim plays a main part
* February 05: Together and Apart
* January: Life and Death

Miss Harrison

Harrison, Morgan - ya bordered

Morgan Harrison moved to Honeycomb Valley from Bridgeport because she didn’t want to raise her future child in the city. She knew Honeycomb Valley from her visits to her brother and thought it would be the perfect place for her to go and make her dream come true. This dream is being a mother. No, Morgan has no boyfriend, no husband, but she is going to be a mother. Single. By choice.
A long time ago, Morgan did have a boyfriend. She was 18, Jonas was 20 when they met and he was the love of her life. They were extremely happy together and already talked about the family they would one day start. But then disaster struck. It was February ’91 and Jonas had been out with friends. There had been torrential rain all night and Jonas never saw the truck approaching him until it was too late. The doctors said he hadn’t suffered, but Morgan still lost her great love.
Since Jonas, there had been a few others, but nothing lasted, because none of them was Jonas.
However, the wish to be a mother remained. And so Morgan eventually decided to make her wish come true by herself. Next step: a donor!

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: September 1969
  • Traits: Brave, family oriented, bookworm, eco friendly, artistic
  • Job: Author of children’s books
  • Father: Mr. Harrison
  • Mother: Mrs. Harrison
  • Siblings: Kai
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Joel (nephew), Jayden (nephew)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Lost Jonas, the love of her life, in a tragic car accident and no man has ever been able to fill his shoes.



In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
April 05: Spring Surprises
May 05: Changes
* October 05: Moving On
* January 06: Life and Death

Mr. Adams

Adams, Lucas - ya bordered

Lucas Adams and his brother are as different as night and day. The fact that mum is nurturing and doesn’t want them to leave the house used to be fiiiine by Lucas. He could do as he pleased and have his clothes washed and his bed changed when he comes home. Once they moved in with grandma though, living at home started to suffocate Lucas a bit and he decided to find his own place. Lucas wants to be a chef but for now just works as a kitchen scullion. He still has a long way to go. Lucas is not yet ready for any kind of steady relationship. Just have fun!

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: May 1980
  • Traits: Athletic, daredevil, adventurous, great kisser, natural cook
  • Job: Kitchen Scullion
  • Father: Thomas
  • Mother: Lauren
  • Siblings: Jasper
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Phyllis (grandma) Olivia (aunt),  Jill (cousin), Finn (cousin)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Lucas doesn’t do serious.

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
June 04: New Beginnings
September 04: Brand New
November 04: Courtship
December 04: …and a Happy New Year!
* January 06: Life and Death

August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Monte Vista


The Chapman family weren’t the only ones who booked a holiday back in March. Jasper and Eva were also going on holiday this summer! They had booked a room in a charming Bed & Breakfast in Monte Vista.

They were all excited and ready to go!Screenshot-138

After a 3 hour flight and a taxi ride they arrived at the B&B, Violaciocca, meaning Wallflower. It was a very fitting name for the house, situated on the outermost wall of Monte Vista.


Eva was already very excited about the entrance.Arriving

Once they had been shown their room and unpacked their suitcases, Eva and Jasper decided to relax on the bed a bit. So far, they were quite pleased.


They didn’t stay for long though, because they wanted to see the town! So soon they were off !Screenshot-156

Awww, what a romantic spot! Watch out for traffic though!


Jasper and Eva of course visited Monte Vista’s classic town hall. They asked a local to take a picture of them with the building in the background, but it was so huge that this proved to be quite a challenge!


The pictures on the walls of the hall, turned out better. 🙂on the wall

Of course, no trip to Monte Vista is complete without a visit to the Colosseum!Colloseum

Eva and Jasper spent most of their days visiting old ruins and places of interest and asking locals to take pictures of them…


And eating “gelato”…


And having cappuccinos…


Eva also really wanted to visit the famous Monte Vista Market. It was really busy there!Market

After browsing all the stands, Eva and Jasper both brought some exclusives cookbooks. Eva bought them as gifts for her mum and sister and Jasper bought one for his brother. All these cooks in the family!

When Eva spotted a girl behind a lemonade stand, she had to go for a chat! Eva just loves kids!


That evening Eva and Jasper went to a very special Italian restaurant. They had some garlic bread for starters.Garlic bread

And then the fun began! At this restaurant it was possible to prepare your own pizza or pasta in a wood oven, supervised by a real Italian chef!Baking pizza

Yum! Eva made delicious lasagne and Jasper had an extra cheesy pizza!Eating pizza

Most nights were spent in their room at the B&B… Okay guys, we get the message, we’ll leave you alone!Bedroom

One morning, Eva and Jasper were at breakfast before anyone else was. They had a busy day ahead!Breakfast

They were going for a balloon flight! Eva in particular was VERY excited!Balloon

Monte Vista looked lovely from above!


The balloonflight even came with a bottle of champagne, so of course our lovebirds had a toast!Toast

They enjoyed all the beautiful views…Up in the air

After a few hours up in the air, it was time to float back to the ground.


When you’re on a summerholiday to a warm place, you should also take some time to enjoy the weather. Eva and Jasper spent an afternoon sunbathing on a beach near the river.  It was very quiet there.


Eva loves the sun, but for Jasper it soon got too hot. While Eva stayed on her towel…


… Jasper went snorkeling in the clear water of the river. Snorkel

Later that day they went for a walk in the hills to enjoy the beautiful scenery around Monte Vista.


They ended at the bridge.


Jasper was feeling especially romantic this day. Bridge

Time flew by and before long, it was the final night of their stay in Monte Vista. Jasper and Eva decided to dress up and go for dinner.

During dinner something happened. Eva was chatting away and she suddenly, very casually, mentioned something about a nooboo (I’m not making this up, she really did!) which caused Jasper to make the face below and then walk away. I guess he’s not quite ready for that step, Eva!
nooboo dinner

He still loved her though! After dinner they went to the cinema to see a “great foreign movie” (according to their moodlets when they came out).


They concluded the night with a bottle of wine on the bench outside Violacciocca.Last night

This was their nighttime view.


The next morning, Eva and Jasper enjoyed their final Italian breakfast…


And then it was time to go home! Bye bye Monte Vista!


Mrs. Adams

Adams Phyllis fam

Phyllis Adams has lived a happy life. Living on one of the most beautiful spots in Honeycomb Valley and raising her twins Thomas and Olivia there has been a joy! Becoming a grandmother and spoiling her grandchildren rotten was equally fun. Now even the grandchildren are almost all grown up and life has changed quite a bit for Phyllis. Losing her loving husband Eugene was the worst and ever since then Phyllis has lost her joy for life a bit. Sure, she still loves cooking (a trait she passed down to not only her daughter, but to grandson Lucas and granddaughter Jill as well) and the company of her chickens, but she constantly finds herself getting lost in the neighbourhood (it changed so much) and misplacing her glasses. It’s a good thing Thomas and Lauren came to live with her.

  • Age: Elder
  • Born: February 1932
  • Died: January 2006
  • Traits: Friendly, hydrophobic, natural cook, never nude, nurturing
  • Job: Housewife
  • Father: Mr. Morris
  • Mother: Mrs. Morris
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Thomas, Olivia
  • Other family: Jasper, Lucas, Jill, Finn (grandchildren)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Phyllis met Eugene on one of her parents’ houseparties. He was the son of her parents’ friends. Eugene always said he got introduced to Phyllis’ cooking before he got introduced to her and immediately said “A woman who can cook like this, has to be perfect!”

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
June 04: New Beginnings
* January 06: Life and Death

The Richardson family

The Richardson Family

Richardson fam 2


Firefighter Will, teacher Olivia and their son Finn make up the Richardson family. Well technically, Jill is also part of this family. but she started University in 05.
Click their names to visit their personal pages.


The Richardson family lives in Orange Blossom, Honeycomb Valley’s main residential district. There’s no tour of their home yet. A picture will follow soon.

The Adams family

This is the Adams family. No no, no Uncle whats-his-name and Wednesday (sorry). Just Thomas and Lauren.

Adams famThomas Adams is a department head at the HV business office. Thomas dreams of being rich, but as long as he just sits on his butt and does nothing that is never going to happen. When it became clear his mother couldn’t live alone anymore, Thomas and Lauren moved in with her to help her out.

  • Age: Adult
  • Born: December 1952
  • Traits: Couch potato, hydrophobic, never nude, heavy sleeper, friendly
  • Job: Department head (business)
  • Father: Eugene
  • Mother: Phyllis
  • Siblings: Olivia (twin)
  • Children: Jasper, Lucas
  • Other family: Jill (niece), Finn (nephew)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: None. Thomas met Lauren when he was 20 and they soon got married and had kids.

Lauren Adams-Cooper works as a curator at the Honeycomb Museum. She’s crazy about her boys who are all grown up now and wasn’t very pleased when Jasper moved out… When the family moved to live with her mother-in-law, living at home become too much for Lucas too, and he also moved out. It seems she’ll have to nurture her mother-in-law from now on…

  • Age: Adult
  • Born: March 1952
  • Traits: Disciplined, nurturing, shy, family oriented, genius
  • Job: Curator
  • Father: Mr. Cooper
  • Mother: Mrs. Cooper
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Jasper, Lucas
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: None. She has always been with Thomas.

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.

* January 06: Life and Death