November 05: To the Hills! (Pt. 3)

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Police Wanted

Near the end of November, mayor Henry visited chief of police Andrew Chapman at the Honeycomb Valley Police Department to discuss an important matter.


“As you may well know, we’re making a lot of progress in Honeycomb Hills. The underground station has been opened and Honeycomb University is up and running. Now we turn to the downtown area. There’s lots to be done there. A lot of derelict buildings still.85

“And that’s where I need your help. We know a lot of these buildings are being illegally occupied by squaters and criminals. I think it’s of great importance to have a police force in place in Honeycomb Hills to get these people out and keep the peace. Three officers should be enough, but we do need them there permanently.” 

Andrew listened to Henry and contemplated.


“So they would have to commute? Or can they live there? Many of my officers have families. How about education for the children? 

Henry explained all the details and Andrew reluctantly agreed.


“I don’t think they’ll be happy, but I understand the issue at hand. I’ll find you three officers and get back to within a few days.”

With that, Henry thanked Andrew and they parted ways.


The next day, Andrew organised a meeting to explain the situation to the force.


“… And so, we’re in need of three people who can do this job and pretty much run the Honeycomb Hills department. Chances are, it’s going to be a whole, exciting new challenge and opportunity. If you wish to commute, a car will be provided. If you wish to relocate, you’ll get a compensation for any moving costs.

He then gave everyone a moment to discuss.
Jack and Madison both saw the potential. 91

“I think there will be a lot of work to do. We’ll probably get to work with young people often enough, which can be quite exciting” Jack said.

Max felt differently.


“I don’t know… I have a family! Commuting every day will mean long days and I just don’t see us moving, how about my kids’ education? As far as I now, there’s no plans to build a school in Honeycomb Hills… Maybe the ones of us who don’t have kids should be going…”


“Oh, so just because I don’t have a family, I can go, is that what you’re saying?” Emmett retorted. “I have reasons to want to stay too, you know…”

Andrew felt there was something to set straight.90

“Mayor Newman assured me anyone with a family will be well looked after. Max, you’re right, there aren’t going to be primary or high schools in Honeycomb Hills in the near future, but a schoolbus service will pick up any children and teens living there and take them to The Beehive every morning. I agree with Emmett, it shouldn’t just have to be the ones among us who don’t have families, that’s not fair.
Just sleep on it and discuss it with your loved ones. I’m afraid I do need to push you all a bit though, because I’ll need an answer within the next two days. We need three of you. If no one volunteers, I’m sorry, but I will pick someone myself…”

Jack Clark still felt optimistic and it was with this attitude he sat down with his family that same night and told them all about it.


Jack had thought his daughter would be hardest to convince, because she would have to leave her BFF Kyra behind, but much to his surprise, Holly was actually quite easily sold on the idea of moving to Honeycomb Hills.95

“Oohhh, that will be great! I can have my own horse! I cán have my own horse, right? Just like Molly! And we’ll invite her over and then we can ride through the hills together!”

Her brother Aiden didn’t care either way.


Katie thought it would be a good career move for her as well, as she figured her boss would be pleased to hear it was her husband who offered to go “to the hills”.


And then there was Ryan. He didn’t agree with his father’s plans at all..98

“But my friends are here! I will never see Joshua anymore, his parents won’t allow him to visit Honeycomb Hills, I’m sure. And Joel and I just started surfing lessons!”
‘And when will I see Zoe…’ he thought. But this was a thought he didn’t express out loud.

But his parents figured these were things that could be overcome… And so it was settled.


“Okay, Jack, you can tell Andrew we’re in!”

Later that night, at the Griffiths household, Zoe was doing her homework…


… and Ellie, Justin and Vicky were sound asleep.


So Max thought this was the best chance he would get to discuss the issue with Annabel.


He figured he would start off with the positives and told Annabel about the opportunities the job would bring and the option to commute.103

But Annabel wanted none of it…104

She let Max talk a bit more, and then she had her turn…


“First of all, commuting?  When will you be home! I can’t do the whole bed routine by myself, Max! And moving? Ellie on a schoolbus? Really? I’m sure she’ll get in trouble the first week and be banned and we’ll have to drive her every day after all. And we’ve just finished this house! We can’t do this, Max!”

Max told her he agreed and would definitely share these concerns with Andrew, but there was still a chance he would get picked anyway.
Annabel was quite worried…


Madison introduced the topic over dinner…


And continued on the couch after.108

“I know I haven’t discussed it with you first, but there wasn’t really a chance to. Andrew and the mayor want to promote me to Chief of the Honeycomb Hills department, but we would have to relocate… I sort of already said yes though…”

Easygoing Alexis didn’t mind at all, she was just pleased for her girlfriend.

Back at the Chapman house Tyler and Riley were just about to go to bed, Lillian was reading and Andrew was watching TV when his phone rang.


He was rather pleased by this call.


“Ah, that’s great. Yes. Yes, definitely. Thank you Jack, you’re a lifesaver. Madison is going too. Yes, I know. We’ll talk over all the details tomorrow. Okay. Thanks again, have a good night!”

When the kids had gone to bed, Andrew shared the good news with his wife. 111

“So I now have Madison and Jack who agreed to go, but if no one else comes forward, I’ll have to appoint someone and I’m really dreading that…”
“Maybe you should choose one of your younger officers to balance things out” 
Lillian suggested.

Two days later, and after an extensive conversation with Max, who had pretty much begged Andrew not to choose him (“it’ll cost me my marriage!”), Andrew decided to take his wife’s advice and picked…


Emmett wasn’t happy at all, since the whole reason he joined the police was to get close to Abbey. And while it had appeared he had a chance with her after the New Years Eve party, he really hadn’t gotten any further with her since. Having to move (or at least commute) to Honeycomb Hills now and not even working with her anymore would ruin his chances for good, he figured. But he couldn’t tell Andrew that, obviously. So he figured he might as well make the best of it…113

“I won’t lie Chief, I was hoping you’d pick someone else. But I am a team player, so when do you need me to go?”

Andrew was pleasantly surprised by this professional attitude Emmett was showing.


It turned out Andrew needed Emmett to go rather soon, because only three days later, Jack, Madison and Emmett had their first job in Honeycomb Hills. None of them had obviously moved there yet, but the work couldn’t wait.

They met outside the old Stonehill police department.

Madison had been briefed and now informed her coworkers of the job at hand.


“See that house back there? With the broken columns and boarded windows? We have reason to believe  that building is illegally occupied. After sundown we’ll enter and arrest the occupants. Now, I don’t know what we’ll find. The occupants might be hostile, but we will not use force unless we have to.

As darkness set in, they went on their way.


They pulled up quietly…


… and first inspected the building from the outside…118

They then entered the building! It was clear someone had been staying here!119

But whoever it had been, they were now…120



And so, November came to an end. The winter cold was setting in and December was just around the corner. But more on that another time.

March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt.1)

The residents of Honeycomb Valley grew more and more excited by the day when March rolled around. March meant it was finally time for the long awaited Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival in which local and foreign residents of all ages would compete in various sports.

Day 1: Arrivals of the foreign athletes

Mayor Henry had asked Honeycomb Valley’s biggest busybody most social resident, Patty, to welcome the foreign athletes to Honeycomb Valley and show them around town.
Patty being Patty took this job very seriously and dressed in the Honeycomb Valley’s town colours of orange and white, headed to the bus station early that March morning.


It was a good thing she left home early, because the bus from Bimlico was early as well and pulled in just as Patty arrived.


If any of the Bimlico residents was startled by the chattering blob of orange welcoming them to town, they didn’t show it. Instead they gracefully shook Patty’s hand and nodded their heads when she told them where the hostel was and that she would be there at 2:30 to start the tour around town.


Next, the bus from Sandy Valley arrived. Annie must have been surprised when this lady-in-orange welcomed her with two kisses on the cheek but she didn’t say.
(I was surprised, Annie and Patty had never met, but Patty greeted her with kisses. I’ve only seen this happen one time before and it was when Jacqueline greeted someone in Champs les Sims. It was like she knew Annie was originally French!)

SV arrivals

Jérémy also got welcomed with kisses, but these kisses were very much appreciated! Although, not so much by Erika, it seems. Maybe she doesn’t like public displays of affection?Jeremy arrival

Molly Hayes had not been on the bus from Bimlico. Luke and Susie had driven to Bimlico to pick up Molly’s horse Butter in the trailer, and Molly, not wanting to leave her horse with strangers, had been allowed to join them on the drive back.
Luke had also picked up Prince Noir from Sandy Valley a day earlier.


Aww, Molly and Butter are such good friends! Screenshot-24

Now that Molly had seen her horse was going to be well taken care of during their stay in Honeycomb Valley, Susie took her to the hostel where she’d be staying too.
Here, the athletes from Sandy Valley were already getting acquainted with the athletes from Bimlico. Allison seemed very interested in Billy..get acquainted

At 2:30 exactly, Patty gathered everyone in the lobby of the Rainbow Hostel to start her tour of Honeycomb Valley. “Make sure you keep an eye on me!” she told them. Well, Patty, you’re pretty hard to miss…


Molly was happy and excited to be here, even if she had to go on a tour with a lady in orange.


Johnathan and Rémi were less amused… But I think they hoped Patty would show them to the pub!


The first stop on the tour wasn’t a pub though, it was the City Hall. Patty shouted a bit of Honeycomb Valley history at the guests, but not everyone seemed interested.


Then, the group walked to the Parks of the Separated Sisters.


Here, Patty took the time to tell the urban legend of the sisters and how they got separated.parks

This story proved to be a bit too scary for Billy, who passed out. (He said it was because it was boring though, but I think he was just a bit of a coward 😉 )


Molly was still very happy and excited.


And Annie got totally caught up in the story.


Once the story was over, the group walked to the underground station to travel to Bumblebee Quarter.metro

Once there, Patty told them a bit about the history of this part of town, after which she left them to their own devices.


Ofelia immediately started mocking Erika. Don’t let her get to you too much, Erika, she can’t help it…


Joshua and Mary, neither of them sims who appreciate big groups of strangers, wandered off for some one on one time by the canals.


Rémi quickly found The Bumblebee and was so happy, he had a dance with bargirl Veronica.


Jérémy never even went along on the tour. For him, part of the whole purpose of coming to Honeycomb Valley was so he could hang out with his Sophie. They met in the playpark, where Esme and her cousin Isa were also hanging out.


This was unfortunate for our lovebirds, because Esme obviously immediately interfered in their rendezvous.


Thankfully, they were able to shake her off and spend some time together.


Day 2: The Honeycomb Valley Run

The next morning marked the start of the festival. The very first event would be the Honeycomb Valley Run. A run divided over three distances for three different age groups. The children, 5-11 years old, were up first. As you may remember from the apple bobbing at the last day of school past June, Ellie is very competitive and she was determined to win this run today. She got up early to make sure she was well prepared and finished her breakfast before her sister had even started.


Lots of people gathered for the opening of the festival. It was still quite cold this early spring morning, but hopefully the weather would pick up.


Mayor Henry opened the festival and introduced the judges/referees for the coming events:
Amelia Ward, professional swimmer, would judge swimming.
Dylan Stevens, professional football player, would judge football and basketball.
Christopher Brown, professional football player, would judge football and martial arts.
Luke Bennett, professional rider, would judge the equestrian event.


The rules of the event were as follows:
* Professional athletes are not allowed to compete in the sport they specialise in, but are allowed to compete in other sports.
* Any form of favouring of family members or loved ones by judges will be punished with a substantial fee.
* All sports will be played out as individual matches. This means that, even in team sports such as football and basketball, the games will be played by shootouts/contests between two sims.
* Any athlete caught cheating will immediately be disqualified.
* Walking out of a match for whatever reason will be considered forfeiting the game and the athlete in question will not be allowed to re-enter the match.

Then, the children gathered at the start for their run.


And they were off! And look who it is in leading position? It’s Ellie!!ellie ahead

The run for the little ones wasn’t very long, it stretched from the stadium, down the hill, to the corner at City Hall and then back up again to the stadium. So after about a half hour, the children were appearing again, heading for the finish line. Who would win it…?


And the winner is… ELLIE! She did it! The Chapman brothers also made the podium, with Riley coming in second and Tyler coming in third.ellie wins

Once all the kids were in, it was the teens’ turn. Jérémy was the first foreigner to participate in an event.


The teens had to run a bit further and soon the distance between them grew. When Trisha was still on her way to the corner where they had to turn back, Jérémy was already on his way up again.trisha jeremy

After 48.08 minutes, the first runner made it across the finish line. It was Ruby!


She was followed by Logan and then Jérémy.


Ellie seemed to think it was only right she won gold.


Jérémy wasn’t too bothered about this medal. After all, he came to win one in martial arts!


When the evening started to fall, all participants over 18 gathered at the start. It was a big group! Mary seemed very determined!


There they went! Abbey started off at slow abbey run

Andrew was very fast! He was already at the fire station…


…when the others were still making their way down the hill.


And when the others arrived at the firestation, Andrew was already at the beach…


It was no wonder Andrew was the first to cross the finish line, with a time of 46:06!


Lillian was very proud of her husband!


While Andrew was already putting on his coat, the rest of group had finally made it to the beach.


The race for second place was to be more exciting than the race for first. In the end, it was Evelyn who came in second, at 1:23:45.


And Mary was third, at 1:24:20.


Then the rest of the group followed quickly. Abbey was last, because she walked the entire way.


Of course, the winners of this run also got a medal. Mary was very excited about hers!


And so, the first event of the festival had taken place and everyone went home excited for what the next days would bring!

More sports in
part 2


It was a lot of fun to play the run. It really was all fair, all the runners started at the same time. But sims will be sims, so along the way, some stopped for a bit because there was another sim in front of them. Eventually they all continued. It was good to see Ellie win, even though she’s a blob of pixels, I really think she wanted this ;). Andrew was a HUGE surprise. He really was MILES ahead of the rest. And I hadn’t given him any other instructions! He just ran faster. Afterwards, I found out he has 10 athletic skills, probably from all those water sports he did in Isla Paradiso. Abbey made me laugh. I had told her to “jog here”, just like the rest of the group, but she refused to run. She just kept on walking, no matter what I did. It was probably a glitch, but it was funny regardless. Abbey doesn’t run. Hmmm, not sure this is a good quality for a cop…

August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Isla Paradiso (Pt. 2)

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After visiting the town, the family found a beautiful lagoon, where Lillian obviously wanted more pictures taken!
One with her husband…


…and one with the whole family!Screenshot-268

Then they got in the boat again. This time they didn’t go far.Screenshot-271

Because they rented paddle boats! The boys LOVED them!

When the sun set, they sailed back to the resort.


There they had dinner at the restaurant. The dinner buffet was every bit as good as the breakfast buffet!


After the boys went to bed, Lillian and Andrew had a quiet evening together. Reading, drinking a glass of wine and a beer, and having a chat.Quiet night

A few days later, Andrew and Lillian took a boat out together.


Tyler and Riley stayed at the resort, supervised by the kids care professionals. They didn’t mind they couldn’t come, there was lots of fun to be had at the pool!Boys alone

What were mum and dad up to, you wonder? Well, this tour on a water scooter wasn’t it…


They were taking a scuba diving class!


So many pretty sights under water!Underwater

The sun had already set by the time they went back. Look at Andrew’s pretty tan!


A few days later, the whole family went out on the ocean again. This time by speedboat!


They were going waterski-ing! Lillian got to go first!Lillian waterski

Then it was Tyler’s turn. He was a bit scared at first, but his dad promised him he wouldn’t go too fast. Soon, Tyler was loving it! He sure has a story to tell when school starts again!Tyler waterski

Lastly, it was Andrew’s turn (Riley is a bit too young for this).


Ooooh, it looks like it was all going a bit too fast for Andrew’s liking at first! Once he got the hang of it though, he enjoyed it very much! Andrew waterski Spending time out on the ocean became the family’s favourite thing to do this holiday. Even though the end of the holiday was fast approaching, they made the most of each day.

Windsurfing was another thing they had to try!Windsurfing

When they were not out on boats or boards, the brothers loved to play in the ocean.Play in ocean

Lillian and Andrew loved their time together too!


The day before they were to leave, the family took a boat to a remote island where they had a water balloon fight. Lillian was having as much fun as her men, until Andrew’s balloon hit her really hard in the stomach. Then she felt it was time to set up the picnic.waterballoons

Yummmm, a picnic tastes even better on an island!

And then the last day was upon them. Riley and his dad went for one last dive.

Last dive

And then it was really time to go. They took a boat to the mainland to get on their plane back to Honeycomb Valley.


Bye Aquabella, bye Isla Paradiso! It was a great holiday!


August 04: We’re All Going on a Summerholiday – Isla Paradiso (Pt. 1)

In the middle of the night, sometime early August, all of Honeycomb Valley was fast asleep. Except for the Chapman family. Tyler and Riley were sitting in the livingroom, fully dressed. Why, you wonder? They were going on holiday! Remember the holiday their parents booked back in March? To that place with all the water? Well, tonight it was finally time for them to go there! Tyler and Riley were somewhat sleepy, but also very excited! Hurry up, mum and dad! Tyler decided to make sure their fishy had enough food.
Before leaving

Before long, it was time to put the luggage in the car and head for the airport. The weather was dreadful. Lillian was happy to be going somewhere sunny and warm, despite still feeling a little apprehensive about this camping business…


After 6 hours on a plane and 1 hour on a boat, they arrived at the Aquabella Campground and Resort in Isla Paradiso. Andrew was really excited to be finally be there.

You can see pictures of the resort here, on my tumblr.


After checking in, they quickly went to bed. Because of the time difference, it was still night when they arrived and they were all tired from all that traveling. They had a big tent which fitted the whole family.

The next morning, Tyler was the first to wake. He immediately crawled out of the tent. His mother had warned him not to go to the pool yet, but to stay on the campground until at she or his dad were up, so Tyler decided to go and brush his teeth then.Early bird

When he came back, the rest of the family had awoken too and after a few quick showers in the shower building, the whole family went to the restaurant for breakfast.


The breakfast buffet was really elaborate! There were sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, yoghurts, even cookies! The boys and Lillian all grabbed something they liked and found a table. Andrew apparently felt better eating at his own table… Firts breakfast

After breakfast, all the Chapman boys, both the big and the small, were really anxious to get in that pool! Andrew tried a dive… but slipped and fell. No harm done, he just tried again. The second time round it was looking a lot better already!Dive

And once more with his eldest son!

The boys loved the waterfalls in the pool and couldn’t stop playing under them!Waterfall

Meanwhile Lillian and Andrew had a drink at the bar. This holiday isn’t so bad after all, is it Lillian?Drinks

Although the boys spent most of their time playing, Tyler also liked relaxing with a book from time to time.


When night fell, the boys got ready for bed. They stayed up pillowfighting in the tent for a while, but spending a whole day in the pool is quite exhausting, so before long, both boys were asleep.Screenshot-237

Mum and dad took the opportunity to take a dip in the hottub with some other resort guests….


…and to have a drink at the restaurant together.


The next morning, it was Riley who woke up first and went to play on the playground for a bit. Lovely view, isn’t it Riley? Maybe today is a good day for some exploring!On the lookout

But one can’t go exploring without a good breakfast! Even though the restaurant had a great buffet, Lillian wanted to spend this morning with just her boys. So she made a nice breakfast they could all enjoy at the tent.Screenshot-247

Yoghurt with fresh fruit is the boys’ favourite breakfast!

Breakfast tent

Tyler did the dishes.


After breakfast the family was off! They had rented a boat for the day and Andrew loved playing captain!Boat

Their first stop was the town. Lillian took a picture of her boys in front of the fountain. They weren’t feeling like having their picture taken at all, so it didn’t turn out too well…


Andrew decided to participate in an eating contest. Lillian found this a very disgusting tradition, it made her nauseous, so she walked away.


She rather had a nice family picture taken!


And the day wasn’t over yet!

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March 04: March Merriment

March was a busy month in Honeycomb Valley! So I again bring you lots of little stories instead of one big one.

Sophie’s exchange

In February it was announced that The Beehive would participate in an exchange program with Sandy Valley. Sophie immediately signed up! She got matched with Chloé Degnome and the two girls started writing each other letters:

Sophie-Chloe lettersThen, on the very first day of March, it was time for Sophie to go and meet her new friend.
She was very excited whilst packing her suitcase…


…and even when waiting for the taxi to take her and her parents to the busstation…


But once she was there, she got a bit nervous…It was kinda scary and to make matters worse, her brother wasn’t there to say goodbye to her either. Emmett may be a big pain in the behind, but he’s still her brother and they actually get along quite well.

Fortunately, Emmett arrived before the bus did.


Just in time too, because soon, the bus pulled into the station and it was time for goodbyes.

Sophie goodbyeBye bye Sophie, we will miss you! Have a good time in Sandy Valley and we’ll see you at the end of the month!


Read all about Sophie’s stay in Sandy Valley here, at Sandy’s non-blog!

A few hours with the Knight family

From watching Loretta with her children, you’d think having 4 year old triplets is a piece of cake…
They play amongst themselves while mum cleans the kitchen.



Then you spend some quality time with each of them by reading them stories.

Knight kids readingAnd as if the house isn’t full enough yet, you also decide to adopt a second cat…


Meet Whiskers!
One thing Loretta does not have to do however, is cook. Pierce loves cooking and the family always has dinner together.

Screenshot-141After dinner it’s time for the kids to get some sleep. Bedtime is a two parent job though!

Knight kids bedSleep well, triplets!

Holly and Kyra and the horses

Those who’ve read the Christmas stories, might remember that Kyra (and Holly) got riding lessons for Christmas! With it being March, it was finally time to start! Even though it was still a very chilly morning, the girls couldn’t wait to get to the ranch!

They both got up early to get ready!

hk brushAnd put on their new riding outfits!

hk hatDespite the weather not being very cooperative, they still felt very excited on their way to the ranch.

hk bikeAt the ranch they met with Luke, who would teach them all they needed to know.

Screenshot-206Luke assigned Snow to Kyra and Travalda to Holly. After saddling the horses it was finally time to go!

But… getting on a horse is tricky and riding is actually pretty scary at first!

hk on horseThey managed though, and after a while it got a bit easier.


Screenshot-222After a bit of riding, it was time for the next part of the lesson; taking care of your horse.
However… That required getting off them first! If you think getting on  a horse is hard, try getting off one…

hk off horseNot quite the way, girls…

When they were safely on the ground, Luke taught the girls how to take care of their horses. Kyra and Holly loved this part!

hk care horses

Cleaning out a stable is less fun though…


After a few hours with the horses, the girls thanked their teacher for the lesson and went home for a shower.


When they were all clean and dressed again, they met up in the park. Of course their conversation was about…


Horses! Both girls are already looking forward to next weekend!


There’s nothing better on a cold, dull, early spring morning than making plans for a warm summer. That’s what Eva and Jasper thought at least. They got some travelbrochures to browse through.

Screenshot-306After discussing both their wishes, it was a tie between Monte Vista (Eva’s choice) or Egypt (Jasper’s choice). They decided to go down to the travelagency to ask Selena, the travelagent, for some help.
Upon arrival, Eva again had to point out to Jasper how stunning Monte Vista looked.


Selena was very helpful and told the couple that both places were great, but if you visited in summer, Egypt was bound to be very hot. Eva quickly chimed in that her brother and cousin had said the same thing after their trip last summer. Considering that advice and his girlfriend’s pleas, Jasper soon agreed that it would have to be Monte Vista. And so their summer trip was booked!


Jasper and Eva weren’t the only ones with travelplans. The Chapman family braved the rain and headed over to the travelagency as well.


They had no idea what they wanted yet and really needed Selena’s advice.


It had to be somewhere that was fun for the kids, that especially. The boys were immediately excited when Selena mentioned camping. Lillian was less happy with that prospect and needed some convincing, but when Selena showed her a brochure of the camping ground with it’s very own water park on a warm sunny island, even Lillian had to admit that sounded pretty good. Another summertrip booked!


The Chapman family then headed back home through the rain, but with that summer holiday on their mind, it already seemed a lot less dreary!


Sophie’s return

Very late on the very last day of March, a bus arrived at Honeycomb Valley busstation. She had returned!


Avery was happy to have her daughter back safe and sound! (and so was I, I had Sophie in the library when she was “in Sandy Valley” so she wouldn’t walk around town, and I was really excited to have her back!)


She quickly took her daughter back home. Sophie wouldn’t stop talking about her trip. It had been so much fun!

Of course Sophie was also happy to be home again, in her own room and her own bed. Before she turned in though, she had to unpack her suitcase and put up all her pictures and souvenirs.


She even put up that picture of Jérémy… Okay, he could be sort of annoying, but he had also been quite nice… And quite cute too…

Sophie went to sleep feeling very tired, but very happy too. And the best part of it all was that next week Chloé would be visiting her for a whole month! How very exciting!



March was done and I was tired, but while I was getting ready to close my game and leave, the burglar alarm at the Wilson residence sounded. Something funny happened then. Emmett got up feeling all brave and went downstairs. He immediately started to fight the burglar and managed to win it too. The tough female police officer then gave Emmett a compliment for apprehending the thief and he in reply started to check her out. This gave me an idea for a future storyline, so I had to share. I even managed to take a few pictures of the event, but they’re not really good, because it all happened so fast.

Emmett burglar