Honeycomb University – Student Residence A

Student Residence A – HU, Honeycomb Hills


Who lives here?

Students 05 collage text

House Tour


Near the entrance is a small office where the deans have (limited) office hours during the week. This way they’re close by for students who have urgent questions.



The student residence also has a library, spread out over all three floors. But that sounds bigger than it actually is.


Wash room

A wash room for the students who don’t bring their laundry home to mum.


Common room and kitchen

The common room has a seating area, a tv, a pool table, a kitchen with two fridges, and tables where the students can eat their meals. They have to prepare these themselves though!

Common room and kitchen.png


The corridors are nothing special, but I love the feel of them. On each floor there are four doors leading to four bedrooms which are designed to each be shared by two students.


Room 1

Room 1 currently houses Chris and James. Both music students, they moved the furniture around to make room for their instruments.
The first two pictures show Chris’ side of the room, the next two show James’ side.

Room 1-James-Chris 1Room 1-James-Chris 2

Room 2

Room 2 currently sleeps Mia and Nina. The bed with purple bedding is Mia’s and the pink is Nina’s. Room 2 - Mia-Nina

Room 3

Room 3 is home to Daniel and Seth. Their room needed to also have space for Dan’s drums, which they have created. The pictures above their beds show who sleeps where. 🙂

Room 3 - Daniel-Seth 1Room 3 - Daniel-Seth 2

Room 4

Harry and Narai are the current occupants of room 4. They were already roommates in their old student home in Honeycomb Valley and have grown accustomed to sharing with one another. They placed their desks together to create a bigger workplace.
Photography fanatic Harry put pictures over his bed which he took himself, while geeky Narai went for posters to show his love of vintage videogames.

Room 4 - Harry-Narai 1Room 4 - Harry-Narai 2

Room 5

One floor up, we find room 5. Best friends Jill and Sarah share this room. They went all out trying to make it homely, adding plants, cushions and lots of pictures. Including one of them together as kids, as can be seen on the bookcase in picture 4. The bed underneath the Titanic poster is Jill’s. Although that might be clear seeing how Sarah obviously put a picture of her and Seth over her bed.

Room 5 - Sarah-Jill 1Room 5 - Sarah-Jill 2

Room 6 and 7

Room 6 and 7 are currently unoccupied and show how the student rooms look before students put their own stamp on it. Each room holds two beds with blue (university colour) blankets, two bookcases, two desks and chairs and two wardrobes. Students are allowed to move furniture around as they please and to add what they like, but they are not allowed to dispose of furniture already in the room. Pictures can be hung on the walls using no screw picture hanging strips, which the university can provide for a fee.
The images below are of room 7, but room 6 is similar.

Basic bedroom (room 7)

Room 8

Room 8 is currently the place where Anna and Suzan will spend their student years. They used one bookcase for books and the other for shoes. Anna’s bed is pictured on teh first picture below and Suzan’s on the third.

Room 8 - Anna-Suzan

Shared bathrooms

There’s one bathroom between two bedrooms, which the students staying in those bedrooms share. In each bathroom there are two toilet cubicles and two showers. So it could well be that you have to wait your turn in the morning. Students are required to keep their bathrooms (and the rest of the house for that matter) clean themselves.

Shared bathroom





November 05: To the Hills! (Pt. 2)

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A New Home

It wasn’t a very long drive, and soon enough our fivesome found themselves in Honeycomb Hills.


First they drove by a whole lot of nothing and buildingsites, but soon, the brand new buildings of Honeycomb University appeared.


“It should be just around the corner” Dan said. He had mapped out the route thoroughly beforehand.

And he was right. There it was: Student residence A. Or at least that was what it was called for now.


After parking the car on the lawn to unload it later, the friends got out to explore the place which would be their home for the next four years.


They had all applied for a room online. Sarah and Jill would be roommates, of course. For the boys it had been a bit of a puzzle. Which one of them would have to room with a stranger? After much consideration, they eventually concluded it would have to be James. For starters James didn’t want to share a room with Seth, because he didn’t want to risk walking in on Seth and his sister in bed together. This conclusion led to Daniel and Seth agreeing that it would be best if they shared a room, because the chance of whoever shared with James to walk in on James and anyone was greater than them walking in each other. James didn’t mind. And so, it was settled: Sarah and Jill applied for a shared room, as did Daniel and Seth, while James applied for a room without a preferred roommate.
They had picked up the keys to their rooms back in Honeycomb Valley at the old University building and now they could finally see it. But they had to find it first.


Seth and Daniel were in room 3, of which Daniel was sure it was located on the top floor. 46

“You’re wrong Dan, it’s on the first floor, we’re next to James in 1!” Seth called.
And so Daniel walked down again.

Sarah and Jill were in room 5, which was on the top floor. They decided to test the lifts.


The girls were quite pleased with what they saw when they entered the room. Sure, it was basic, but fresh and new, and they both agreed they could easily turn this into a great room with a few personal touches.


Meanwhile, James had entered room 1, where his roommate had already arrived previously. It turned out to be Chris Morgan. Chris had already been studying at Honeycomb Valley University since 03 and James recognised his face from his visits to The Bumblebee, but they had never actually met. He soon learnt Chris was also a music student (third year) and played piano/keyboards, so James obviously felt they would most likely get along great!


After viewing their rooms, the friends met back at the car to unload everything. Chris lent a hand in getting everything upstairs…50

… while Daniel drove the car to the small parking lot adjacent to the building.


As he walked back, Daniel looked at the rest of the University campus around him and figured this would actually be quite a nice place to spend a couple of years.


After taking up all the stuff, Chris decided to play a little something on his keyboards, so James could get a sense of his sound. James thought this was not bad at all and soon joined in on his guitar. Seems these two will be great roommates!


While James and Chris were busy playing, another car drove up to the building. The two female inhabitants of room 8 had arrived…


Suzan and Anna.


They quickly found their room.56

And where Sarah and Jill had immediately seen the potential, Anna was not amused.  It was plain, boring and waaaaaaay too small…


She wasted no time uttering her frustration to Suzan. 58

“Are we seriously going to have to live here for years, Su? I’ve only been here ten minutes and I already can’t stand it! And did you see that tiny bathroom, and we even have to share that with whomever is staying in room 6!”

Anna didn’t know it yet, but fortunately for her, room 6 was empty at the moment. The other students occupied rooms 2 and 4, a floor down.
Room 4 had been assigned to Anna’s older brother Harry and best friend Narai, who were both in their fourth and final year and had already been roommates in Honeycomb Valley.
Room 2 housed third year student Mia, who also moved to Honeycomb Hills from the previous student residence in Honeycomb Valley and Nina, a first year student and sister to Lola who had previously been at HVU but had graduated in May.

Harry, Narai, Mia and Nina had all arrived a while ago and had already discovered the common room.


After taking their stuff to their room, Sarah and Jill went down to the common room as well to meet their housemates.60

They all sat down to have a chat and get acquainted.


Next, the boys entered. Mia had already gotten to know James up close and personal a month ago (remember this blonde girl?) and she was happy to see him again…


Daniel and Seth shook some hands as well.


About 15 minutes later, Anna entered. She wasn’t pleased with this room either…64

…and when she spotted her brother, she immediately started complaining.
Yeah, sorry Harry, but it looks like you’ll be stuck with her again for a year…65

Since it was getting close to dinner time, Sarah and Jill decided they would cook for everyone on this first night, but also made sure to stress this wouldn’t be an everyday thing.66

Their housemates sure appreciated the meal though.67

A couple of days later, when everyone was fully settled in, a bright red fire pick up truck carrying five bicycles and a drumset pulled up on the lawn. The friends couldn’t take their bikes and Daniel’s drums in their rented SUV, so firefighter dads Oliver and Will had promised to bring them down with the truck over the course of the week. So bright and early this morning, here they were.


James asked his uncle if they wanted to come in and see the place, but Oliver declined.


“No, sorry, some other time, we have to get back to station asap, we’re supposed to be on duty, you know.”

So, once everything was unloaded, they all said their goodbyes.


Oliver drove the fire truck back and Will picked up the rental car to drive that back to Honeycomb Valley as well.


It was actually for the best the dads hadn’t stayed too long, since at 8.30 am that same morning, all first year students were required to make their way to the University Administration to get registered and pick up their class schedules.


The brand new main building was bright, airy and youthful and Daniel, Seth, James, Sarah and Jill immediately felt right at home there.73

They found the administration office quick enough and soon they were all ready to officially start their lives as university students.


They decided to mark this moment with a drink in the University café.75

Opening Day

A week later, the moment mayor Henry had been most looking forward to, was finally here: The official opening of Honeycomb University.

The students and staff all gathered to hear Henry speak of hopes and dreams and how you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you show determination and perserverance.


He also spoke of future plans for Honeycomb Hills and how these students, being the first residents, had the chance to put their own stamp on the town as well.


“Talk to me! I will listen!”

After Henry had said his piece, it was chancellor Elizabeth Richards’ turn to address the crowd. She mainly spoke of how proud she was of this new place of education and the opportunities it brought.


After the doors were officially opened, Abigail conducted an interview with Ch. Richards.80

Meanwhile the students were getting acquainted with the campus and eachother. James had spotted a new face in the crowd…


“Hey, I’m James, I’m in the A-residence. What’s your name?”


“I’m Leona, and I’m really sorry James, but I have to run. Maybe I’ll see you around?”
And with that Leona disappeared.

James shrugged and the decided to take a selfie with Dan and play some table football with Nina. Jill and Seth had discovered the arcade machines.


It seems like University will be great!

There’s more! On to…
part 3

Anna Newman

Anna Newman

Newman, Anna - jv border

Anna is the spitting image of her mother, though mostly in looks. She shares none of her disciplined attitude towards hard work and spends most of her days in a spiteful mood. Even though she smiles politely at the guests at her parent’s dinnerparties, the town is buzzing with talk of Anna’s behaviour behind the scenes… The biggest disgrace to her family’s good name was the birth of her son Matthew. Fathered by “trailertrash” (her mother’s words, not mine) Wesley Abbott, who has no intention of “doing the right thing” and marrying Anna. Thank heavens for that, as far as Anna is concerned. Being stuck with this kid is one thing, but marriage? Please! Not in a million years! Anna’s partner in crime has always been her best friend Suzan, with whom she shared everything, from clothes to guys. After graduating High School in 04, Anna decided to take a gap year to visit foreign countries. In 05 she came back and started university.


Age: Young adult
Born: January 1984
Traits: Charismatic, grumpy, rebellious, party animal, diva
Job: None, business student at HU


Father: Henry
Mother: Jacqueline
Siblings: Harry
Children: Matthew
Other family: –
Best friend(s): Suzan
Romance history: Anna doesn’t really have relationships. Not that she wouldn’t want one, but the guys of HV are so not up to her standards! But you know, a girl has needs, so one night stands it is. Didn’t turn out so well, did it Anna?


In bold where this sim has a main part.

The students of the A-residence

Students 05 collage text


On the campus of Honeycomb University in Honeycomb Hills there are two student residences, the A- and B-residence. These are the students currently living in the A-residence. Click their names to visit their personal pages.


The A- and B-residence are identical, but located on different parts of the University campus. The A-residence can be toured here.


August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 2)

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Guess Who’s Back?

It was very early one late August morning when she returned…


Anna was home! After a year abroad, she had returned to Honeycomb Valley! Her parents were so privileged to have her back again! (Or so she felt, anyway)


But after talking to her father for ten minutes, Anna was already annoyed again. She had been home for ten whole minutes now and no one had yet offered to draw her a bath or anything. And what was all that crying in the background?


Oh. Right. You.
Awww, the love between a mother and her son is so touching, isn’t it?


After a bath and breakfast, Anna quickly rushed to the park to meet with the one person she knew would be happy she was back: Suzan.


The first thing Anna did when she saw her BFF again, was utter her annoyance.


“Has my father gone completely mad when I was away?! What’s this nonsense about ‘greenify Honeycomb Valley’? What do we need more trees for? We’re not freaking rabbits, are we? We don’t need to live in a forest! There’s not even one proper club in this town, and now he’s talking about taking down shops as well?! The man is crazy I tell you! And all for his ‘image’!”

Suzan let her friend rant and of course agreed wholeheartedly with everything she said. After Anna was done ranting about her father, the girls sat down for some coffee and Anna told Suzan all about her travels. Since mum and dad had paid for it all, Anna’s year had consisted of fine hotels, hot guys, lots of shopping, going out late and lying on beaches. Very much your typical gap year, right? Umm no.
Either way, it was done now, and in October, Anna too would have to start University… That had always been the condition…park catch up


After a few days in Sandy Valley at The Rock Festival, Sophie returned home again. Feeling sad and confused. She had phoned Ruby from the bus asking her to meet her at the busstation.


Thankfully, Ruby arrived soon.


“So, how was it, Soph? You sounded a bit off on the phone? Did something happen?”
“Let’s go to my house, I’ll tell you all about it…”


Once in her room, Sophie immediately told Ruby about the things that happened in Sandy Valley. About how she had not seen JĂ©rĂ©my at all and when she had asked him to meet her at the festival, he’d said he’d come, but he never did. chat about jeremy

“I’m worried Rub, what if he doesn’t like me anymore? I love him, you know, I really do, and I just don’t want to lose him!”
“There’s only one way to find out, Soph, you have to ask him. Call him up and ask him.”
“CALL him?! No, I couldn’t possibly! What if he says I’m right? What if he really doesn’t like me anymore, I’ll burst into tears on the phone! I don’t want that!”
“Then email him.”

“Yeah, I guess I will…”

And so it happened, Ruby gave her friend some privacy and Sophie wrote JĂ©rĂ©my an email…
the mail

Mail from Sophie

My dearest Jérémy,

What’s going on? I’m quite worried about you… 

I’m back home again and sad and worried because I didn’t see you at all during the days I was in Sandy Valley… I still don’t quite know why you said you’d meet me at the Rock Festival, but never came. You also didn’t respond to any texts. Does it have something to do with your family?

I hope it’s not anything I did… 

I miss you. I love you. Please write me back, I’m so worried…

Yours always,

Soph. ❤

And then it was gone… Now all that’s left is waiting for the reply. I know it’s hard Soph, I know…


New Kids on the Block

August was drawing to an end but the weather was still warm. On one of the last days of August, Esme headed out to meet Martha, when she spotted the big orange truck and the girl with the big hair across the street: new neighbours! She also noticed her ex boyfriend, walking up to girl with the big hair…


Yep, indeed, Finn had also noticed the new neighbours and decided to go and lend a hand.new neighbour

“Hi, I’m Finn Richardson, I live two doors down the street. Are you moving in? Need a hand?”
“Oh, that’d be great actually, thanks! I’m Jada Quinn, I’m moving in here with my parents and my brother and sister.”


“Sure! Just tell me what goes where!” And maybe later I can show you around town a bit? We have a great beach!”
“Yeah, that sounds nice!”

Esme, who had moved closer so she could eavesdrop on the conversation, decided to give Martha a call.

we have a situation

“Marth? Change of plans. Let’s meet at the beach instead. We have a problem.”

Esme wasn’t the only one who had noticed Finn talking to Jada. From across the street, Rachel was another silent witness to the scene…


The orange truck drew lots of attention. The house had been empty for a long time and Ellie often snuck into the garden to play there, and now someone had stolen her spot. She was not amused and quite determined to discover who was moving in right next to her.


And she was about to find out…


The girl walked straight up to Ellie.


“What are you looking at!?”


“What am I looking at?! What are YOU doing here? This is my street! My dad is a policeman and he owns this whoooooooole street!”
“No, he doesn’t! We bought this house, so it’s my house, and I’m telling you you can’t look at it!”


“It’s a stupid house anyway, I don’t even want to look at it. Such a stupid house!”


“Yes, you’re right, it is stupid. I don’t even want to live here in this stupid house. My old house was waaaaaaay better and bigger and prettier and it looked just like a dollhouse and I didn’t have such a stupid neighbour!”


“I have a dollhouse, wanna come and play?”


“I’m Ellie.”
“I’m Aliyah”

Oh heavens help us, there’s two of them…

Ellie and Aliyah spent the rest of the day with Ellie’s dollhouse.dollhouse

After taking the boxes into the house, Finn and Jada went to the beach like they had agreed upon earlier.


And, surprise, surprise, they weren’t alone… It was clear to Esme; maybe she and Finn had broken up, but that didn’t give him permission to take other girls to the beach! But she had a plan!


Esme didn’t wait long to make her move.


“Finny! Darling! What a coincidence meeting you here!  And you’re getting all tan, I see. Yum.”

Martha found it very amusing…


Finn was still stunned by Esme’s demeanor and didn’t quite know how to respond. Esme on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing…


“Oh, forgive me, I’m being so rude! I didn’t even introduce myself to your friend. Hi, I’m Esme! So, you’re having a beach day with my Finny today? Isn’t he sexy in those trunks? Being the only one who knows what’s underneath them, I can tell you that… No, I shouldn’t tell you actually, I don’t want to embarrass him. *giggle* Well, we should go now. Bye Finny, call me!”

And then they were off.

“Was that your… girlfriend…? She’s quite… forward…” Jada asked Finn.
“Ex. Finn sighed. “It’s a long story. Come on, Iet’s go and have some ice cream”

And so they did.


Meanwhile, the last child of the Quinn family, 14 year old Malik, had discovered Honeycomb Valley had a comic book store and he couldn’t be happier.

And of course comic book stores are great places to meet fellow geeks. So, before long, Malik had found a new friend in Logan.


After a few hours at the comic book store, Logan and Malik walked home together. They had discovered they lived on the same street and agreed to hang out again soon.


The Quinn family ended their first day in Honeycomb Valley with pie in their back yard.evening pie

“So kids,” mother Tiana asked, “Do you think you’ll like living in Honeycomb Valley?”

***Note: The Quinn family is introduced here***

June 04: School’s Out! (Part 3)

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Parent-Teacher Meetings

After summer, eleven kids would proceed to the next class (Read all about my education system here). At the Beehive it is customary for all parents of kids moving up a class to have a talk with their child’s teacher before summer. All parents of kids staying with the same teacher would have a talk with the teacher in September. Teens moving up a class were invited to join their parents for the chat, whilst the parents of the children came alone. Because not all teachers had kids in their classes who were moving up a class, not all teachers had to be present during this evening either.

Alexis was the first to start by having a chat with Lorenzo and Jeffrey about Jeffrey’s progress.


She told Lorenzo how proud she was of Jeff for getting such good grades. Lorenzo didn’t seem fazed. Jeffrey is moving up to class 5 with a B.

Then, Alexis had a chat with Avery and Sophie. It’s always a bit awkward to have to have this kind of chat with your sister, especially when your niece is performing under her abilities.

Screenshot-1021Sophie is going to class 5 with a C which would be perfectly acceptable if it weren’t for Sophie being an ambitious genius. Was it the exchange with ChloĂ© that drew her attention from her schoolwork or does Sophie have something else on her mind?

All Alexis’ other talks went off without a hitch. PTA Alexis

Esme, Ruby and Martha (who didn’t join her mother) all moved up with a B. Well done, girls!

Eva had a less busy night than Alexis. She only had two kids moving up a class. First up was Amy, to talk about her youngest child, Ruth.


But… What’s that…? Amy is pregnant!? Again!? Eva tried to hide her surprise as best she could, but it sure was a surprise!

She proceeded with a chat about Ruth. Ruth tries her best, but still has a bit of trouble focusing on her work sometimes, moving up with a C average.

Screenshot-1015Next for Eva was Andrew who had to come to school for talks about both his sons, since Lillian had parent-teacher meetings with the parents of her own students.

Screenshot-1030Riley is very much the class clown, which is fun, but can also be distracting for other kids at times. He’s doing well in his schoolwork though and is going to class 2 with a B average.

Meanwhile, Lillian was having chats with Kai about Joel and then with Charlotte and Aaron about Emily. Lillian took out some extra time for both these chats since Joel and Emily are not just moving up a class, but also moving up a floor: after summer they will both be starting high school!

PTA Lillian

Lillian told Kai how proud she was of Joel. Despite him having a very eventful school year, with the custody hearing, moving to his dad’s house and his new baby brother, he excels at his schoolwork and Lillian thoroughly enjoyed being his teacher for the past few years. Joel is starting highschool with an A average.

Emily was also a joy to have in class and Lillian emphasised that both Zoe and she would miss her very much. Emily is smart and hardworking and will also start highschool with an A average.

Finally, we turn to Carson. Carson also had two children to discuss with parents. I personally feel he could have tidied up the classroom for this occasion at least…

PTA Carson

Carson told Andrew how open and spontaneous Tyler is and told Amy that he felt Miriam should come out of her shell a bit more. Amy didn’t agree, she felt that this is just who her Miriam is, but was too shy to say so. Tyler and Miriam are both entering Lillian’s class after summer with a B average.

At 9:30, the teachers finally went home.


The last day of June, it was time for graduation. Wesley got up early and had a “healthy breakfast” with his sister first.

Screenshot-1056Yes, surprise surprise: Wesley is graduating! Barely, but still. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here) 

Wes got 1126 out of 2400 on his final exam which equals a C-. Which is basically the equivalent of an Abbott family A+! Since neither of his parents graduated high school, this is obviously extraordinary.

Anna also passed, with 1688 out of 2400, which equals a B, or, in other words, a Newman family F. So her parents were less pleased.

Nevertheless, they showed up at City Hall for her graduation. Along with Anna’s brother Harry, his fiancĂ©e Lily and Anna’s best friend Suzan. Matthew was not invited to see both his parents graduating…

Cheryl and Lorenzo put on their fanciest clothes and sat front row to watch their son getting his diploma. Of course Jeffrey and Chantal were there (Jeff was apparently not amused with Chantal’s constant chatting) and grandma Carmen was invited too, but she rather read a book… *rolls eyes*

Olivia, being Anna and Jeffrey’s final class mentor was of course present as well.

Screenshot-1059Alice held a speech about growing up, opportunities and responsibilities and Wesley and Anna tried their best to look interested.

Graduation speech

After Alice’s speech (which seemed to go on forever), it was finally time to sign the diplomas!

Graduation signingAnd with that, Anna and Wesley were graduated! While their families had a drink and a chat (hopefully without much mingling, because since the birth of Matthew, the Abbotts and Newmans aren’t exactly the best of friends…) Wes and Anna were invited outside for a graduation picture.

Screenshot-1068There was a hug…

Screenshot-1071And Wesley wouldn’t be Wesley if he didn’t try to get a bit more out of it…

Screenshot-1072And even though Anna feels way too good for someone like Wesley by now, he’s still the father of her child, and a hell of a kisser, so for old times sake; she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back!

Graduation kiss

Right, I guess it’s safe to say: School’s definitely out!

June 04: School’s Out! (Part 1)

Please note; the “School’s Out” story consists of three parts. 

June in Honeycomb Valley! June meant summer, warm weather, long days, swimming in the ocean, and, the last weeks of school!

For the kids and teens of Honeycomb Valley this was an exciting month, for the teachers of The Beehive it was mostly a very busy month. Two kids had to take their final exams, eleven kids would move up a class after summer and then there was the organisation of the prom for the teens and the last day of school for the kids. A busy, busy month!

The exams

With the start of June, the time had finally come for Anna and Wesley to take their final exams. Wesley wasn’t too bothered, but there was a lot of pressure on Anna. She HAD to do well. Her teen pregnancy had already smudged her father’s good name, if she failed her exams too, she was bound to be disowned. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here)

Wes Anna examsFind out how they did later on!

The Prom

A week later, it was time for the most exciting night of the year of the teens of Honeycomb Valley: The prom!

Rachel rang her best friend Sadie to ask her if she wanted to come over to get ready together. Because obviously, getting ready for the prom is one of the best parts!


Sadie soon arrived and the girls quickly got to work.

Make up and hair…




…and a hug!


Rachel’s sister Ruby wasn’t too fussed about this whole getting ready part, she was done in a jiffy.

Ruby getting ready

Side note: Last year I got all excited about Sandy‘s idea to have all the girls wear the same dress to prom, so I decided to copy this plan. This year, we both repeated this, and it became once again clear how much we think alike when we turned out to have picked the exact same dress for our girls without knowing it! I thought about changing the dress for my girls when Sandy posted her prom non-story and I saw she used the same dress, but she talked me out of it saying the dress was too pretty not to be used. Anyway, back to the prom!

The oldest child of the Murray clan was gone before his sisters were even finished to pick up his prom date like a real gentleman.


At 8, the prom started and the teens started to arrive.

Prom startAnna apparently felt a high school prom was beneath her now she was almost leaving and was annoyed with her best friend Suzan who did seem to have a good time.


But Suzan was right to have fun, because it was fun!

There was dancing…


And more dancing…

Screenshot-863 Wait a minute… Is that Jill and James dancing?! Wow, after last year’s prom drama, I really wasn’t expecting this…

James and Jill’s dance didn’t last long though, because James had to get up on the stage (and by stage I mean a small platform with some instruments) for The Hot Wings‘ first ever performance with Sadie!

If she was nervous, she hid it very well!

Prom Hot WingsThe crowd seemed to enjoy it too! (Wesley! Stop perving on Kyra! The girl is 13!)

Prom Hot Wings close upAfter the band’s performance it was time for a bit more romance. Finn and Esme were the first to take the floor.


And were soon followed by others. There were some very unexpected combinations… (and also quite a lot of girls leading… Sims…)

Prom slowdancing

Of course every high school prom has its wallflowers…

Screenshot-894…and some girls who tell themselves they’re too good to dance with high school boys….


Much too soon the prom came to an end and it was time for the group pictures.


Screenshot-912And with that the school year was very nearly over for the teens of Honeycomb Valley! The kids however, had their own party still ahead. More on that in part 2!

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part 2

August 03: Those Summer Days

I took many pictures this SimSummer, while visiting many different families. But none of them gave me enough pictures for a full story, so I decided to combine them and instead of giving you many small stories in many small posts, give you many small stories in one big post!

So here’s what the summer of 03 brought my simmies.

Warm days at the Abbott trailers

August 03 in Honeycomb Valley was a hot one. For the Abbott family this wasn’t much of a problem, since they needed to spend most of their time outside either way. So, the hot weather was appreciated.

Chantal and Jeffrey enjoyed the waterslide

And when Jeffrey was getting sick of his family, he went on fishing trips with his best friend Logan.

The eldest child of the Abbott family spent the summer days practicing his hobby too: picking up girls on the beach

Yes, that is another girl…

Evenings at the Abbott trailers were spent with barbecues, beer and tv in front of the trailer. Carmen of course attented too.

Obviously the hottub got put to use as well…

You better make sure little Matthew isn’t getting any half siblings there, Wes

The Newmans in France

While Wesley was hopefully making sure of that indeed, his son was in France. Along with Anna, Henry, Jacqueline and family butler Regina.

The Newmans spent their summer at the house in Champs Les Sims. It was great seeing old friends again.

Regina got to come along because someone needed to cook…

…and take care of  Matthew.

While the rest of the family spent their time swimming…


…horseback riding… (Anna and Jacqueline brought their horses)

…and of course getting friendly with the locals…

Yes, localS, plural…

…even the ones in steady relationships!

Esme and Finn

Back in Honeycomb Valley there were two teens who were not yet in a steady relationship, but had spent a great few weeks at Camp Windiwell earlier that summer: Esme and Finn.

Back home they continued to meet and they obviously still liked each other as much as they did before. Finn even got a bit of a romantic thing going and offered Esme flowers. Awww….

They did many fun things together. Like visit the new pool.

The new pool was very popular with other members of the Stevens family too. Esme’s dad Dylan decided to have his 40th birthday party there.

And Finn and Esme continued to meet. At the aquarium for instance.

At the end of this day, Finn decided to ask Esme if she wanted to actually be his girlfriend. She gladly accepted. Her sister was less amused by this news…

Alice and Simon

The youngsters of the town weren’t the only ones in love. Alice and Simon were enjoying their time together so much…

…they decided to move in together!

Ellie’s birthday!

Across the road from Alice and Simon’s home, Simon’s granddaughter Ellie had a birthday! She was turning 5 in August and was ready to start school soon. But first it was birthday time!

The family was very happy to be celebrating her birthday!

Especially uncle Zach

And 3, 2, 1…


Crossed eyed toddler growing up to be…

…umm no.

That’s better! 

Of course a birthday means cake!

And presents!

And some little girl dancing!

Hope everyone had a happy summer!