June 05: Growing Up (Part 2)

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The Play

Four kids of Lucy‘s class 3 were to leave for high school after summer. Zoe, Chantal, Ryan and Joshua. Because they were leaving, they had rehearsed a play which they were going to perform for their families and the younger kids of The Beehive.

A stage had been set up and the audience was gathered.

Screenshot-90Lucy opened:


“Welcome parents, brothers, sisters, boys and girls to our play: The Chest. A play about a brother and sister called Leon and Lisa. Leon and Lisa are two ordinary city kids spending a summer day playing hide and seek with some friends. But when they run into an alley, they find something unexpected…”


“Leon… Look… A chest…”
“Yeah… That’s weird, what is it doing here?”
“I don’t know, but let’s get in, it’s a good hidingplace!”
“Look Lisa, there’s buttons inside! I’m going to press one!”
“Don’t! …”
“Too la… – woahhh, what’s happening!”
—Music plays—


“Leon! Where are we?!”
“It looks like… The Old West…”
“It can’t be! You mean… We travelled through time? In THAT?!”
“It would appear so…”
-“What are you folks doing here?”


“Umm…. Hello, I’m Leon and this my sister Lisa, we seem to umm… have lost our way…”
“Hello there Leon, I’m Bill and this is my sister Clara. Where are you from? You look strange!”
“Yeah… umm… it seems we have come from… umm.. the future, I guess…”
“Bill…We don’t have time for all this! We’re¬†going to get in trouble if we don’t get all the hay scattered before sundown! And we’ve already lost too much time!”
“We can help!”


“So, how did you get here from the future?”
“My brother and I were playing and we stumbled upon that chest over there! we got in and pressed a button and then everything started spinning. When it stopped, we were here!”
“That’s impossible! We’ll have to see that to believe it, don’t we Clara?”
“Yes, we do! Time travel is not possible!”
“Come on Lisa, let’s show them.”


“So this is the chest”
“And all you do is get in and press a button?”


“Bye bye, travel safe!”
— Music plays —


“Where are we now Lisa…? Do you know?”
“It all looks very industrial…”

Screenshot-113“I read about this! This must be Victorian times! We landed in the middle of the Industrial Revolution!”
“Wow Lisa, you’re so smart!”
“Look Leon, two kids!”


“Good afternoon. Wow, you sure are dressed in peculiar attire, don’t you agree Thomas?”
“That’s because we traveled here from the future! I’m Lisa and this is my brother Leon!”
“From the FUTURE?! That’s simply impossible! Isn’t it Thomas?”
“I don’t know Matilda, strange things do happen. But we don’t have time for all this, we have to fix the steam machine”
“Oh, I can help with that! I’ve read all about it in my books! Just take that pin and put it there and it should work!”


“Wow! It worked! Did you see that, Matilda?”
“That’s incredible! Maybe you are telling the truth about this timetravel…”
“Yes! We came here in that chest!”
“Wow, can you show us?”


“Can we try to get back home now Leon? I want to go home…”
“We can try…”
—Music plays—

“This is not home…”
“No… it seems we’ve gone a bit too far ahead in time…”
“I’m scared Leon, let’s try to go back!”

“Umm… Lise… It’s not working anymore…

“Oh no! What are we going to do now!”


“Hello strangers, what seems to be the problem?”
“Oh… umm… hello… I’m Leon, this is Lisa, we umm… have come from the past, but our chest broke…”
“Your chest? You do your time traveling in a chest? Wow! I’m Romi, this is my brother Rogue by the way”


“Hey Leon, wanna know a secret…? We have different ways of time traveling here!”
“Really? You can get us back to our time?!”
“Sure, just walk through the portal!”

Screenshot-133—Music plays—

Leon! We’re back!”
Screenshot-136“We’re BACK!”


“Ladies and gentlemen! You’ve been watching Zoe as Clara, Matilda and Romi, Ryan as Bill, Thomas and Rogue and Joshua and Chantal as Leon and Lisa!”

Aww, well done kids!
The parents were very proud too!

well done

And Nick was proud of his mum!

Screenshot-160After their big performance, the stars deserved a nice piece of cake!Screenshot-140But before they had their cake, they needed to change out of their costumes (and look, they suddenly seem a bit older… ūüėČ )

new teens



You did it guys, you’re no longer kids! Hope you have great teenage years!


There’s even more in…
part 3

***Note: I’ve been wanting to do an “end of primary school” play for a long time. In The Netherlands, where I live, it’s tradition for primary school children in their last year to perform a musical for their families upon leaving primary school.
I don’t really like how much older sim kids suddenly look when they turn into teens. I try to make them looking as much as 12 year olds as I can, but Ryan, like his sister Holly before him, immediately looked like he was 17. Chantal also looks more mature, but this is partly by choice, as I figured Chantal is the kind of girl who’d wear make up etc at a young age.***

June 05: Growing up (Part 1)

June in Honeycomb Valley was all about growing up. For some it even felt like the end of an era. And maybe it was…


The first one to grow up this month was Ethan. Ben and Grace were happy they managed to complete everything regarding the move before Ethan’s birthday. They were also happy to have that big field outside their house where they could celebrate their son’s fifth birthday party.


They had invited all the neighbours and of course their friends and family.


Benjamin had to get out his guitar to set the mood. Morgan seemed to really love it!


Cake time!
Ethan five

Just like his sister last year, Ethan was allowed to put on his new birthday clothes after blowing out the candles. And they all had cake.


One of Ethan’s first actions as a five year old was hitting Chloe with a water balloon. Way to make friends Ethan! (She laughed about it ūüėČ )Screenshot-185

Isa had a present for  her brother. A wildflower she picked herself earlier that day. He was very happy with it.prezzie

Isa wanted to play catch with cousin Esme.Screenshot-192But Esme threw the ball so fast, it hit Isa in the face each time.


She then decided it would be better to play with her brother.


The party on the field lasted all day. It was a lovely birthday.


The end of the school year was fast approaching and with it came final exams for all students whom were leaving this year. Last year, only two students in class 6 had been old enough to leave high school, but this year, the entire class 6 would graduate

And final exams meant a LOT of studying!

Friends James, Sarah, Daniel, Jill and Seth had a study day in the park.

Screenshot-16They did get interrupted by a certain little girl though…


Ellie! You can walk ANYWHERE! Why choose this place exactly?! *Sigh*…

After some time though, they did take a study break.

take a break

They threw water balloons (it was really hot!) and tossed a ball around


Hopefully, after this day they were fully prepared, because only a few days later, exam time was upon them…

It was long and hard…

examsAnd this is what they scored*:

Daniel: 1417
James: 1685
Jill: 1521
Sarah: 1630
Seth: 2010
Suzan: 1358

* Read more about what their scores mean in my Education post here.

Seth did amazingly well! Suzan didn’t do too great… Although she technically scored enough to both graduate and go to University, being the granddaughter of ex-principal Alice, more was expected of her. But then again, Suzan never really took school very seriously and her goal was to just score enough points to get out of there. She missed her partner in crime, Anna, who would be¬†-thank heavens- coming back to Honeycomb Valley this summer. Suzan had been part of her only little clique consisting of Wesley, Anna, Emmett and herself, but the others were all older and had left school in previous years. She totally did not fit in with this bunch…

***Note: a funny thing to mention is that all three “Hot Wings” boys scored full marks on the “arts” part of the test. Jill, who cooks a lot, also got full marks here and Sarah, who also cooks, scored 345 out of 400***

Last Day

While temperatures rose, the last day of the school year arrived. Last year, the kids of The Beehive had a party on the beach. This year they would have their celebration in the park again.


Ah! Look what we have here! Ellie’s favourite: apple bobbing!


Ellie was determined to win this year!

She was up against Nathan, Ruth and Riley.



Keep trying EllieBellie!

It was a fun morning of playing.

Screenshot-75Nathan demonstrated his seesaw trick which he learnt in Sandy Valley last summer.


While his brother played on the bee riders with little Isa.


Megan and Liam had a water balloon fight!fight

The last day wasn’t just fun for the kids though, the teachers enjoyed themselves too! That’s it girls, never grow up!Screenshot-79Meanwhile, classmates Zoe and Chantal were talking. It was almost time for them to get changed into their costumes and they were both getting a bit nervous…


Oh, you’re wondering what they are so nervous for and why they had to change? Well, this is such a story, it required its own part of¬†this¬†story. And so, let’s read all about it in…

part 2

February 04: Just a Sunday

February in Honeycomb Valley was like most Februaries in most places; rather uneventful. Children don’t need big events to have a happy day though. A free sunday is enough for them. And so it was that we spent a February sunday with the children of Honeycomb Valley.

9:00 am

Joel‘s dad had told him that, according to the weather forecast, thaw would set in today. So Joel wasted no time and called his friend Ryan to enjoy the snow for one more day.


The boys had snowball fights, played tag and rode their bikes all around town…


…even in the middle of the street! Luckily the streets of Honeycomb Valley aren’t very busy on sunday mornings.



11:00 am

Jeffrey took his sister to the park behind their house. Or umm.. trailer… Chantal however seemed confused about what to do there…


She did find a very pretty early spring flower, which she took home to put in water.


12:00 pm

The Edwards children had no time to play. It was sunday, so of course Joshua, Miriam and Ruth, along with their older sisters, brother and mother, spent most of the day in church listening to their father.


It was a busy service too.


Naturally, the Edwards family occupied the first rows.


After the service, the family headed home for a hot sunday lunch. Dad’s favourite, of course.


The kids seemed to like it too though.


2:00 pm

In the afternoon, the snow really did start to melt away. Best friends Zoe and Emily met up in the park.


Like their classmate Chantal, they too found some early spring flowers which smelled and looked lovely.


Screenshot-403:30 pm

While her sister was picking flowers in the park, little Ellie found a different way to have some fun and set a little trap…

Her dad had no clue and when he went to wash his hands, got soaking wet.

He did not find that amusing…Screenshot-47

…And Ellie had to mop up the puddle she created herself.Screenshot-51

5:00 pm

Brothers Tyler and Riley had been bored all day, but when it got close to dinner time, finally decided to dress up as fearsome dinosaurs…


…and go on a hunt through the neighbourhood.

Screenshot-60 6:00 pm

At the Mason household, mum got help from Liam preparing the meal for the evening. Spaghetti!

First wash your hands!


Liam and his mother prepared a great meal. Dad Colin loved it very much too.


8:00 pm

Twin brothers Nick and Nathan were allowed some time on the game console they got for Christmas, before it was time for bed…


…Just so long as they also read a bit before sleeping! Lucy encourages her kids to read daily and sunday is no exception.Screenshot-79


And then, at 9:00 pm, the day really was over for Nick, Nathan and all the other children of Honeycomb Valley. Goodnight everyone, sleep well…



In other February news…

Welcome to the world, little Jayden Harrison!


It might have felt like spring when Zoe and her friend Emily went flower picking in the park, but apparently it was still chilly enough to catch a cold. And even though you may be 11, but when you’re home ill from school, there’s no better companion than your favourite teddybear!

Zoe ill

August 03: Those Summer Days

I took many pictures this SimSummer, while visiting many different families. But none of them gave me enough pictures for a full story, so I decided to combine them and instead of giving you many small stories in many small posts, give you many small stories in one big post!

So here’s what the summer of 03 brought my simmies.

Warm days at the Abbott trailers

August 03 in Honeycomb Valley was a hot one. For the Abbott family this wasn’t much of a problem, since they needed to spend most of their time outside either way. So, the hot weather was appreciated.

Chantal and Jeffrey enjoyed the waterslide

And when Jeffrey was getting sick of his family, he went on fishing trips with his best friend Logan.

The eldest child of the Abbott family spent the summer days practicing his hobby too: picking up girls on the beach

Yes, that¬†is another girl…

Evenings at the Abbott trailers were spent with barbecues, beer and tv in front of the trailer. Carmen of course attented too.

Obviously the hottub got put to use as well…

You better make sure little Matthew isn’t getting any half siblings there, Wes

The Newmans in France

While Wesley was hopefully making sure of that indeed, his son was in France. Along with Anna, Henry, Jacqueline and family butler Regina.

The Newmans spent their summer at the house in Champs Les Sims. It was great seeing old friends again.

Regina got to come along because¬†someone¬†needed to cook…

…and take care of ¬†Matthew.

While the rest of the family spent their time swimming…


…horseback riding… (Anna and Jacqueline brought their horses)

…and of course getting friendly with the locals…

Yes, localS, plural…

…even the ones in steady relationships!

Esme and Finn

Back in Honeycomb Valley there were two teens who were not yet in a steady relationship, but had spent a great few weeks at Camp Windiwell earlier that summer: Esme and Finn.

Back home they continued to meet and they obviously still liked each other as much as they did before. Finn even got a bit of a romantic thing going and offered Esme flowers. Awww….

They did many fun things together. Like visit the new pool.

The new pool was very popular with other members of the Stevens family too. Esme’s dad Dylan decided to have his 40th birthday party there.

And Finn and Esme continued to meet. At the aquarium for instance.

At the end of this day, Finn decided to ask Esme if she wanted to actually be his girlfriend. She gladly accepted. Her sister was less amused by this news…

Alice and Simon

The youngsters of the town weren’t the only ones in love. Alice and Simon were enjoying their time together so much…

…they decided to move in together!

Ellie’s birthday!

Across the road from Alice and Simon’s home, Simon’s granddaughter Ellie had a birthday! She was turning 5 in August and was ready to start school soon. But first it was birthday time!

The family was very happy to be celebrating her birthday!

Especially uncle Zach

And 3, 2, 1…


Crossed eyed toddler growing up to be…

…umm no.

That’s better!¬†

Of course a birthday means cake!

And presents!

And some little girl dancing!

Hope everyone had a happy summer!