January 06: Life and Death (Pt. 1)

After an eventful 05, January 06 was quite slow paced. Not a lot happened. The things that did happen though, were rather lifechanging for some Honeycomb residents. For them, January 06 was either all about life or all about …

The passing

In the very first hours of 06, while outside the fireworks were still lighting up the sky, lovely grandmother Phyllis felt it was time to leave this world…

When Thomas came down to check on his mother, like he did most nights, he soon realised she had passed… Lauren immediately realised something was wrong and rushed down to console her husband.2

Once the initial shock wore off, Thomas knew he had to inform his sister, she’d want to know.3

Olivia had just gone to bed that New Years Eve and was able to answer her phone quickly. Will was already sound asleep.4“Hey Livvy, it’s Thom… Listen.. umm.. I’m afraid mum has… umm… left us…”

Olivia, feeling distraught, couldn’t contain her emotions and burst out in tears, waking her husband.5Will immediately embraced his wife.

“Will… It’s mum… She… she… she di…”7“Oh honey, I’m so sorry… At least she’s at peace now, right?”

Olivia knew he was right…

The baby

Despite 06 starting off on such a sad note for the Adams en Richardson family, elsewhere the year was about to begin much happier.
A few days into the new year, Morgan woke up feeling “different”. She immediately knew what this meant; her baby was coming!

Knowing births can take a while, Morgan first made herself some waffles.8

After she had finished her breakfast, she gave the dads-to-be a call to inform them of her current status.9

“The baby is coming?!” David uttered on the other end. “We’ll be right over!”
“Don’t rush, it could still be hou…” Morgan didn’t even get to finish her sentence, because David had already hung up.

And indeed, Morgan just barely had enough time to get dressed and there they were.

“Are you okay? Are you in pain? Should we go to the hospital?!”
– “Relax! I’m fine! Contractions are only mild so far, this could really still be quite a while.. Have a seat…”

11“It’s really not like in the movies, guys, I don’t have to rush to the hospital straight away. I’d rather just sit on my exercise ball for a while. Apparently that helps.”

And so she did.

But a few hours later, contractions suddenly got a lot more painful…13

Causing Bradley and David great distress…14

Clearly, the time to go to the hospital had now come.15

Four hours after arriving at the hospital, little Jonah was born. Named after Morgan’s great love, Jonas. Even though the dads were still quite in shock from the whole ordeal they had just witnessed, little Jonah had three, very happy parents!16

Morgan, Bradley and David had already agreed Jonah would spend his first months living solely at Morgan’s house with his dads paying him frequent visits.
Since the birth had been rather uncomplicated, Morgan was soon able to take her son home. Her dream had finally come true.

A week later, Susie and Louise came to visit and Jonah got to meet “his future bride”, or so mums Morgan and Susie joked. 18

From pregnant friends to mum friends…
19“We did it, Suse…”
“We sure did…”

The funeral

While Morgan was busy adjusting to new life as a mum, the Adams and Richardson families were gathering to say goodbye to their mother and grandmother.


Thomas and Olivia were still quite upset…21

But for the rest of the family, it was a chance to catch up again.22“So Finnegan, I hear you have a new girl?” Lucas said to his cousin.
“I do! Her name is Jada, she’ll join us later.”

After a ceremony in the church, Phyllis was buried at the cementery. 23

Remembering their mother and grandmother moved the family more than they had thought.24

Once everyone had said their goodbyes, the family went back to the Adams’ house.
Lucas played with the chicks for a bit. 25

Eva consoled her father-in-law…26
Lauren had made a delicious pumpkin pie which the youngsters of family especially enjoyed. Including Jada, who had come to support her boyfriend.27
After the pie, Lucas spoke to Finn.28“Wow man, you sure did well, Jada is hot!”
“Bit too young for you though!”

Meanwhile, Eva and Jasper had gone for a walk through the house. After all, it had always the plan they’d get the house after Phyllis would have passed. And while she didn’t say it out loud (and hated herself for even thinking it), Eva felt the timing had been sort of just right, as they were about to get married in May…29

Eva and Jasper had always loved this house and had discussed what they’d do with it several times before. They agreed they wanted to keep the original details and feel of the place, but would still make some small changes…30“We need lots of light, Jas! So light walls and …” 
Eva rambled on for quite a while…

More excitement for Eva in…
part 2

The Harrison/Evans family

harrison famKai Harrison is a military man. He used to live in the apartment building at the end of Rosalie’s street. Purely by chance (really!), they ran into each other one evening when they were both going for a run. They started talking and decided to take a run together. They enjoyed each other’s company so much, that running together soon became a regular thing. One night Kai decided the time had come to ask Rosalie out on a proper date. She accepted and the rest is history. Soon they were inseparable.
Kai also has a son, from a previous relationship. Joel lived with his mum and his grandparents for a long time. Kai’s ex, Joel’s mother, Xandra, never let go of her party animal ways and still goes clubbing every night. She still lives with her parents, just because she finds it “easy”. She sleeps with many men, as long as they meet her standards. At least these are quite high. Joel used to stay with his dad two nights a week (tuesday and friday). This arrangement was already set and going strong when Kai lived alone, and when Kai and Rosalie moved in together, it remained the same for a while. Soon, Kai and Rosalie started the process of trying to get full custody of Joel. It wasn’t a hard struggle. Even though Joel’s grandparents are lovely, responsible people, it was clear as day that his dad was far more suited to take care of him than his mum was. As of July ’03, Joel lives with his dad and Rosalie.

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: November 1968
  • Traits: Disciplined, family oriented, athletic, neat, brave
  • Job: Military
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Father: Mr. Harrison
  • Mother: Mrs. Harrison
  • Siblings: Morgan
  • Children: Joel, Jayden
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: Kai had a relationship with Xandra whom he met in a club one night. They went out for a while and she got pregnant. It did not last… In Rosalie he found his true love.

Rosalie Evans had a rough childhood, in a way. She was raised in Bridgeport by a loving mum, but her dad walked out on his family when Rosalie was still very little. Her mum, Wendy, had to work long hard days in order to provide for herself and little Rosalie. This resulted in Rosalie having to spend most of her time in old broken down daycare centers or, when she got older, at home helping with the housework. She never had much of a childhood and promised herself that, when she got older, she would make sure other kids would be better off than she had been. Rosalie had always been artistic and loved creating and designing things. She has no one favourite colour and just loves doing up rooms and creating things in all the colours of the rainbow. When Rosalie was in her early twenties, her life suddenly changed. Her deadbeat dad, Tim Jessop, who had become a successful and ruthless Honeycomb Valley businessman, had passed away after suffering from a terminal illness. Apparently, after being diagnosed with his illness, Tim had taken a long hard look at the path he chosen and felt remorse for what he had done to his family. He couldn’t bring himself to seek contact with Rosalie and her mum, but instead tried to use his will to make things right again. He had left Rosalie a lot of money, AND his Honeycomb Valley office building. Rosalie and her mum moved to Honeycomb Valley, where Rosalie bought her mum a house along the boulevard. She had big plans for the building her dad had left her and started tearing down indoor walls, putting up new ones, painting, sewing and decorating and eventually created her own daycare center, with a big apartment on the upper floors for her to live.

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: March 1975
  • Traits: Family oriented, nurturing, friendly, handy, artistic
  • Job: Daycare owner
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Father: Tim Jessop
  • Mother: Wendy
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Joel (stepson), Jayden
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): Loretta
  • Romance history: Rosalie never really had time for big romances growing up, having to help her mum out all the time. But once she lived in Honeycomb Valley, she just bumped into Kai on a jog one night. The rest is history.

Joel Harrison is pretty much your average boy. He’s often found outside with his best friends Joshua and Ryan. He loves his grandparents, but doesn’t have much of a bond with his mum. He and Rosalie get along great and he’s crazy about his dad. Joel loves being in the water. Whether it’s the pool or the ocean. He really wants to learn how to surf!

  • Age: Teen
  • Born: August 1992
  • Traits: Friendly, athletic, good sense of humor, loves to swim
  • Job: –
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Father: Kai
  • Mother: Xandra (stepmom: Rosalie)
  • Siblings: Jayden (halfbrother)
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Theo (granddad), Samantha (grandma), Lexie (aunt), Morgan (aunt), Jamie (cousin), Noah (cousin)
  • Best friend(s): Joshua, Ryan
  • Romance history: –

Jayden Harrison is a happy toddler who loves to laugh. The fact that his mum runs a daycare is perfect for him, there’s always other kids around to play with!

  • Age: Toddler
  • Born: February 2004
  • Traits: Artistic, disciplined
  • Job: –
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Father: Kai
  • Mother: Rosalie
  • Siblings: Joel (halfbrother)
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Wendy (grandmother), Morgan (aunt)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: –

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.
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