November 03: Autumn Happenings

It’s been a while, I know. Sometimes this thing called “real life” gets in the way. Shocking, I know. ūüėČ

Either way, here we are again. During the last month of my SimSummer (August), I made a post with all sorts of little stories about things that had happened during the summermonths. Because that worked rather well, I decided to do the same again with for the autumnmonths when the last month of autumn (November) arrived.

Here’s what (some of) my simmies have been doing during the autumn of 03.

An afternoon and an evening with the Masons

Colin, Naomi and Liam are a happy family, but everyone who knows them will be able to tell you the one thing they really¬†really want: another child. However, wanting a child doesn’t always mean getting a child. Especially not in the case of Naomi and Colin. So one Septemberday, Naomi went off to the hospital yet again for another fertility treatment…

Screenshot-115She sat in the waiting room, not all that happy… The treatments didn’t make her feel well and so far it hadn’t worked yet… They had been trying since Liam was only two years old, and by now her boy had already started school! How long would this have to go on for?

Thankfully, Naomi had a great doctor in Aaron Harvey. He always made her feel at ease.


After the treatment, Naomi went home to lie down for a while before Liam would come home again. She was glad for the fact that Alice had not given her her own class at school this year. Working as a substitute for a year meant it was a bit easier to take a step back every now and then when she felt she needed it.

When the evening fell, she felt a bit better and prepared a nice meal for her family.

Screenshot-166After dinner she helped Liam with his homework…


Screenshot-169…while Colin did the washing up and cleaned the counters. He’s a firefighter¬†and¬†he cleans! *Sigh* Hold on to this man, Naomi, hold on!


When Liam had finished his homework, it was time for bed. He brushed his teeth and mum read him a bedtimestory.



Screenshot-173Later that night, Naomi and Colin decided to put yet another fertility treatment to the test… It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it…

And! It WORKED! Naomi is pregnant! Hooray! The little Mason baby is expected to arrive in March 04!

A whole bunch of babies for the Robinson sisters

You may remember me mentioning somewhere how sisters Annabel and Evelyn were both pregnant. Annabel for the third time and Evelyn for the first time. Annabel was due in early autumn (September), her sister in November.

For the Griffiths family, a new addition meant they had to move house. Their old home was quickly sold and they bought a very nice new place on the next street over.

The whole family quickly settled in their new home.

Screenshot-37 (2)

Screenshot-38 (2)

Screenshot-40 (2)

Screenshot-43 (2)

The girls each got their own bedroom, they had shared one ever since Ellie was born.

Screenshot-44 (2)The move came just in time…

Screenshot-58 (2)

Meet Justin and Vicky!




Two months later, Justin and Vicky had a little cousin…

Screenshot-40First time dad-to-be Zach rushed his girlfriend off to the hospital immediately.

Screenshot-42A few hours later, they came out again, carrying…


They took her home where new mum Evelyn put her in her brand new crib.



Julian’s 1st birthday

In October there was a little party at the Marshall residence. Baby Julian was no longer a baby! It was his very first birthday!



After cake and presents, Erin took her son for a stroll.



The weather was quite good this October, so they walked all the way through to Bumblebee Quarter, where Erin had a great idea; wouldn’t it be nice to have their family picture taken? She quickly called up her husband and asked him to come meet her at the photostudio.

Screenshot-13Kyle seemed umm… excited to have found the place?

Even though Kyle apparently had a problem with the place, photographer Gareth Magee knew what he was doing and took this familyportrait:


Jasper and Eva

Just to show it wasn’t all baby this past autumn, here are two pictures to show what happened between Jasper Adams and Eva Wyler


“Jasper, how would you like it if…”


“…my house became your house too?”

It turned out Jasper liked that very much actually!

And with that, the autumn came to an end. Despite the warm autumn weather, snow started to fall the moment December came knocking. But more on that another time!

May 02: Kyle and Erin’s Wedding

Please excuse the poor picture quality. This was before the installation of the new graphics card.

Kyle Marshall and Erin Stewart have known each other all their lives. They went to school together from the age of 5. Kyle used to pull Erin’s pigtails every chance he got and she would give him a push when he turned his back. When they got older, Erin would not push anymore when Kyle turned his back, she would instead just giggle with her friends. They started dating for the first time when they were about 15. Through out their teenage years, they had an on again/off again relationship, but from the time they were about 20, on stayed on.

On holiday to Champs Les Sims in ’01 Kyle got down on one knee and proposed. Erin joyfully accepted. They each had their own bachelor(rette) party and very soon it was May ’02 and the big day was upon them.

The night before the big day, Kyle slept over at his best friend Max‘s house, while Erin’s BFF Annabel came to stay with Erin.

The girls had some nectar and watched a soppy romantic film on tv before going to bed.

The next morning they were up early to get ready.

Since Erin is a great designer and stylist, she did her own hair and make up and wore a dress she designed herself.

At 11.00 the doorbell rang. The groom had arrived to pick up his bride. Erin waited nervously at the top of the stairs…

…while Kyle waited equally nervous at the bottom. (Nope, this is not posed, since I don’t like posing my sims for stories. Kyle just stood there and I took the opportunity to take a picture.)

He got a bit teary eyed when he saw his beautiful fiancée walk down the stairs.

Erin gave him a quick kiss to calm his nerves, and Kyle remembered he was supposed to hand her the bouquet.

Since Erin and Kyle both love red, I made red the accent colour of the wedding.

They got into the car specially rented for this occassion and went on their way to City Hall where the wedding room was reserved for their wedding.

Kyle and Erin had only invited their closest friends and relatives to attend the ceremony.  Other friends and co workers had been invited to the party at the beach later on.

Little Ellie Griffiths found it all a bit too overwhelming and was glad she had her mum there. To her sister Zoe it was all magical.

Max sat next to Erin’s brother Bradley.

Then, it was time for the bride to enter…

Erin’s brother in law David performed the ceremony.

And then they were married!

After the ceremony, Erin and Kyle went to a secluded place with the wedding photographer to have the wedding pictures taken, while the rest of the wedding party went on to the beach where the party would take place to get everything ready.

Erin was excited to see a wild horse at their photo location and had to have a picture taken with the horse.

Of course she had many pictures taken with her husband. (Unfortunately, I didn’t think to also screenshot the scenes after I had the photographer take the pictures. So Erin and Kyle have many beautiful weddingpictures hanging around their house now, but I can’t show them here, unless I take pictures of the pictures. Which I shall do at some point)

Around 17.00 (5pm) Erin and Kyle joined their weddingparty (Annabel had taken Ellie home to granddad, it had been a long day for her) at the beach. The photographer took a picture of the group, which they now all have in their house. (the one the photographer took, which is whom they’re facing)

They enjoyed wedding cake and good conversation.

And of course congratulations were in order.

A dancefloor had been lain down for the occassion. Of course Erin and Kyle were the first to take the floor.

More and more guests arrived and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

The party went on rather late.

And after an amazing weddingnight, Erin Marshall closed off the weddingchapter by writing her thank you notes to all the people who had attented her special day.

The Marshall family

Marshall fam

Kyle and Erin have known each other nearly all their lives. They’re both very into their looks and outward appearances. They’re rather nice too though.

Kyle Marshall is a firefighter. And boy, does he love his job. He’s pretty much always at the firestation. Even when it’s not his workday. He loves his wife and son very much too, although he’s still getting the hang of being a dad.

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: August 1969
  • Traits: Adventurous, brave, charismatic, hopeless romantic, athletic
  • Job: Firefighter
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Father: Mr. Marshall
  • Mother: Mrs. Marshall
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: Julian
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): Max
  • Romance history: Dated Erin since high school. On again, off again at first, but more steadily later on.

Erin Marshall-Stewart always wanted to have a job where she could “make people pretty”. So she became a stylist. She did a fashion design course as well, which eventual led her to have her own salon; Erin’s Elegance. Here she gives people make overs and fashion advice and she sells her own designs.

  • Age: Young adult
  • Born: September 1970
  • Traits: Hopeless romantic, easily impressed, charismatic, good, friendly
  • Job: Stylist
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Father: Mr. Stewart
  • Mother: Mrs. Stewart
  • Siblings: Bradley
  • Children: Julian
  • Other family: –
  • Best friend(s): Annabel
  • Romance history: Even though Kyle made her cry a lot as a teen with his constant break ups, she is now happy he finally settled down.

Julian Marshall¬†is a cheeky toddler. He clearly inherited his parents’ charm!

  • Age: Toddler
  • Born: October 2002
  • Traits: Brave, friendly
  • Job: –
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Father: Kyle
  • Mother: Erin
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: –
  • Other family: Bradley (uncle)
  • Best friend(s): –
  • Romance history: –

In bold where (one of the sims in) this family has a main part.

* May 02: Kyle and Erin’s wedding
* November 03: Autumn Happenings