Nina Min

Nina Min

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Kind, caring and smart Nina can usually be found hiding in a book somewhere. Nina loves to read! Her older sister Lola is quite outgoing and social, but Nina is the opposite. Sure, she likes other people, but she totally doesn’t mind a bit of time by herself. Nina grew up in Appaloosa Plains and came to Honeycomb to start university. Nina’s lifegoal is to be a neurosurgeon.


Age: Young Adult
Born: February 1985
Traits: Family-oriented, bookworm, good, ambitious, friendly
Job: None, medicine student at HU


Father: Mr. Min
Mother: Mrs. Min
Siblings: Lola
Partner: –
Children: –
Other family: –
Best friend(s): –
Romance history: Don’t tell anyone, but Nina has never even kissed a boy…


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* November 05: To the Hills!


The students of the A-residence

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On the campus of Honeycomb University in Honeycomb Hills there are two student residences, the A- and B-residence. These are the students currently living in the A-residence. Click their names to visit their personal pages.


The A- and B-residence are identical, but located on different parts of the University campus. The A-residence can be toured here.