Rachel Murray

Rachel Murray

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Rachel is a very shy and caring girl. She cares about the world around her and all living creatures in it. Rachel doesn’t eat meat. Each to their own, but as far as Rachel is concerned, it’s just not right. Rachel feels most comfortable at home with her family or best friend Sadie. Rachel’s diffidence also has an unfortunate consequence: she has never been able to tell her crush Finn that she likes him… And so she had to watch him get together with all sorts of other girls leaving Rachel heartbroken every time. Hopefully her luck in love will turn…


Age: Teen
Born: June 1987
Traits: Nurturing, vegetarian, good, shy


Father: Elliot
Mother: Hannah
Siblings: Seth, Ruby
Other family: Adrian (uncle)
Best friend(s): Sadie
Romance history: Rachel has had a crush on her classmate Finn for as long as she can remember. He’s just so dreamy… If only she had gotten up the nerve to tell him about it, who knows what could have been. But she didn’t, thinking he would never like her anyway. At summercamp in SimJuly ’03, Finn got together with Sadie’s sister Esme… Rachel was heartbroken… When Finn and Esme split in February 05, she figured she might have a chance again, but then a new girl moved to town and it seems it just won’t happen with Finn…


In bold where this sim plays a main part
July 03: Camp Windiwell
* June 04: School’s Out!
October 04: Is it Scary…?
January 05: Ice, Ice Baby
April 05: Spring Surprises
June 05: Growing Up
* August 05: Coffee and Ice Cream
* September 05: A Little Bit of Everything

September 05: A Little Bit of Everything (Pt. 1)

*** It’s been two and a half years since my last update. Real life took priority over, well, pretty much everything. Those of you who know me personally or follow me on Tumblr will know that since my last post on here, I’ve been pregnant and had a baby boy (July 2015). They say little babies sleep a lot, but this wasn’t true for mine. When he was a baby, he took short naps lasting 40 minutes tops. Since it takes half an hour to start up Honeycomb Valley, playing during naps was not possible and in the evenings I couldn’t concentrate on the game anymore. My son is now a walking and talking 1,5 year old who takes only one nap a day, but since this nap lasts around 2 hours now, I get a chance to play again. Expect slow progress, but yes, things will happen again. Hooray! ***

Did you know time is a strange thing in the Sim Universe? While time went on in towns like Sandy Valley and Bimlico, it was like someone had frozen Honeycomb Valley at the end of August 05. How very weird. And yet, the Sims of Honeycomb Valley had no idea of any of this and when September finally rolled around, they went about their business as if nothing had happened. As for that September, ah well, it was a little bit of everything.

The very first day

On the morning of the first day of the new schoolyear, Benjamin was making breakfast. This year it was a very special first day, as Ethan, who turned 5 in June, was finally starting school. Finally, because he had been looking forward to it for so long now.


And sure enough, Ethan was out of bed as soon as he had opened his eyes that morning. Yay! School!


The whole Anderson family enjoyed the breakfast dad had prepared and then it was off to school!


A big hug for mum Grace, as Benjamin would take Isa and Ethan to school, seeing how he had to go there himself as well anyway.


Ethan was proud to go to school on his new bike.andersons-off-to-school

SCHOOL!! Isa looks less excited… Maybe this has to do with the fact her friend Liam has moved on to Class 2, while she has another year in Class 1 ahead…


Another family getting ready for their very first day of school in Honeycomb Valley was the Quinn family.

While the kids had breakfast, Tiana said goodbye to her husband, who would be gone for a few days, flying abroad.


Jada put on her new clothes in her favourite colour and hoped she’d make a good impression on her classmates in Class 6.


Finn had offered to meet Jada in front of the school, so she wouldn’t have to go in by herself. Such a gentleman.


But Rachel wasn’t best pleased to see Finn and Jada together when she entered the class.


Thankfully Sadie was there so she could utter her frustration whilst Jada was chatting to Finn.


“Why, Sadie? Why do I always have to stand by and watch Finn with another girl? When he broke up with your sister I thought I’d finally get my chance. I mean, he put his arm around me for the school pictures back in May. And then at prom he chatted to me for at least ten minutes! And now she’s here and I’m back in second place…”


“Rach” Sadie sighed. “Finn is your FRIEND. And maybe, now we’re in Class 6, the time has come to accept the fact that that is what he is, your FRIEND. And also, from the looks of it, Jada and he are also just friends.”

It was unfortunate that only the last part of that sentence was the part that stuck with Rachel…


The youngest member of the Quinn clan had also started her day in Class 2. And look who she’s sitting next to…
The looks these two were exchanging can only mean trouble…


And it seemed Ruth had caught their eye…


When it was time for recess, Ruth went up to Ellie to ask her if she wanted to play with her outside. Ruth had only had boys in her class last year and figured now that there were finally some girls, she would have more playmates.
She soon learnt this assumption had been very wrong.

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to play with YOU, do you. I don’t play with girls in ugly skirts!”

Once she came downstairs, Ellie told Aliyah all about the crazy thing Ruth had just asked her. Aliyah thought it was quite hilarious indeed.


But Ruth wasn’t going to give up that easily. When she saw Ellie and Aliyah playing on the swing, she again tried to join them.


Aliyah would have none of it.


“Are you really that dumb? We don’t want to play with a girl who wears baby pigtails! Hahaha!”

Things were better over at the high school building. Malik and Logan were fast becoming great friends, spending their recess chatting and laughing together. And look, there’s Zoe on her first day as a high school student, reunited with her best friend Emily.


These two boys are meant to be best friends, I’m sure!


Since they were having so much fun, Logan invited Malik to come over after school so they could hang out some more. Malik of course agreed.new-best-mates

And so it happened. After school, Logan and Malik got together to read comics…


.. and play videogames! Geek heaven!nerd-fun

Henry’s big plan

It was known all around Honeycomb Valley that mayor Henry Newman was nowhere near finished with his project “Greenify Honeycomb Valley”. The Greenery had turned out to be a great success, both for the economy and for Henry’s reputation (and for the size of my save file) as had the renovation of the park. Further steps were now required. There had been talk of large buildings, such as the University and the hospital, being demolished and/or relocated elsewhere, but exact details were blurry and it also quite worried residents. Where would they go if they got ill? What would happen to their businesses? But Henry had a plan and in the second week of September he presented this plan to his council.


Not far from Honeycomb Valley, only right over the hill, lays a small town known as Stonehill. Despite it once being a great place to live, it suffered from the big economic crash that occured some 20 odd years ago and is now a deserted ghosttown full of rundown buildings. It seems there are still some people living there, but they’re up to no good.


Henry told his council he had been granted permission to annex the little ghosttown and make it part of Honeycomb Valley. The town would be renamed and cleaned up. henry-presentation-1

As Henry showed slides of the current state of the town, it became clear to everyone in the room a clean up was definitely necessary.henry-presentation-2

Deserted streets, overgrown parks and derelict buildings…


Henry further explained his plans for the town. It would be geared towards students and young professionals. The University would be placed there as well as lots of businesses now located in Honeycomb Valley.


After Henry was done with his presentation, the council got a chance to ask questions and give their view on things.


David wanted to know what the precise connection with Honeycomb Valley would be. Henry explained the town would be part of Honeycomb Valley in the sense it would share facilities “and a mayor!” He laughed. There would be a fast and direct underground line between the two towns, but the new town would be known by its own name.

greenify-meeting“Will there be schools for children and teens as well?”  Katie asked


“No,” Henry answered. “For now, The Beehive will provide education for children and teens from both towns. If we place a primary and high school in the new town as well as a University, there’s a chance more and more young families will move there, and we risk Honeycomb Valley becoming a town with only ageing population. A schoolbus service will run from the new town to The Beehive.”

Renovation work in the new town would soon start.

Students to be

Meanwhile, five students to be had no idea about the plans for the new town and the University to be build there. As far as Daniel, James, Seth, Sarah and Jill knew, next month they would start their student lives at HVU and they were very excited. Even though classes wouldn’t start until October, today they’d get a tour of the University by a current student.

But first, coffee!


Coffee in the park on a nice sunny autumn day.


The five friends arrived well on time and were chatting away rather excitingly while waiting for their guide to arrive. students-to-be

The guide turned out to be third year science student Narai Walker.


James immediately started chatting to Narai.


First stop was the library. While Narai told James about HVU’s music department, I caught Jill glancing their way… Still hung up on James, Jill, or could you have been checking someone else out…?university-library-tour

After their tour of the University, Narai took our prospective students to another very important student venue: The Bumblebee!


And even though Narai himself has visited The Bumblebee quite a few times over the past years, it seems he also spotted something new here today…


While Dan and Jill discovered the pub…


… Seth and Sarah found a very interesting place to have a little flirt…


Even more happened in September, find out in…

part 2

August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 2)

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part 1

Guess Who’s Back?

It was very early one late August morning when she returned…


Anna was home! After a year abroad, she had returned to Honeycomb Valley! Her parents were so privileged to have her back again! (Or so she felt, anyway)


But after talking to her father for ten minutes, Anna was already annoyed again. She had been home for ten whole minutes now and no one had yet offered to draw her a bath or anything. And what was all that crying in the background?


Oh. Right. You.
Awww, the love between a mother and her son is so touching, isn’t it?


After a bath and breakfast, Anna quickly rushed to the park to meet with the one person she knew would be happy she was back: Suzan.


The first thing Anna did when she saw her BFF again, was utter her annoyance.


“Has my father gone completely mad when I was away?! What’s this nonsense about ‘greenify Honeycomb Valley’? What do we need more trees for? We’re not freaking rabbits, are we? We don’t need to live in a forest! There’s not even one proper club in this town, and now he’s talking about taking down shops as well?! The man is crazy I tell you! And all for his ‘image’!”

Suzan let her friend rant and of course agreed wholeheartedly with everything she said. After Anna was done ranting about her father, the girls sat down for some coffee and Anna told Suzan all about her travels. Since mum and dad had paid for it all, Anna’s year had consisted of fine hotels, hot guys, lots of shopping, going out late and lying on beaches. Very much your typical gap year, right? Umm no.
Either way, it was done now, and in October, Anna too would have to start University… That had always been the condition…park catch up


After a few days in Sandy Valley at The Rock Festival, Sophie returned home again. Feeling sad and confused. She had phoned Ruby from the bus asking her to meet her at the busstation.


Thankfully, Ruby arrived soon.


“So, how was it, Soph? You sounded a bit off on the phone? Did something happen?”
“Let’s go to my house, I’ll tell you all about it…”


Once in her room, Sophie immediately told Ruby about the things that happened in Sandy Valley. About how she had not seen Jérémy at all and when she had asked him to meet her at the festival, he’d said he’d come, but he never did. chat about jeremy

“I’m worried Rub, what if he doesn’t like me anymore? I love him, you know, I really do, and I just don’t want to lose him!”
“There’s only one way to find out, Soph, you have to ask him. Call him up and ask him.”
“CALL him?! No, I couldn’t possibly! What if he says I’m right? What if he really doesn’t like me anymore, I’ll burst into tears on the phone! I don’t want that!”
“Then email him.”

“Yeah, I guess I will…”

And so it happened, Ruby gave her friend some privacy and Sophie wrote Jérémy an email…
the mail

Mail from Sophie

My dearest Jérémy,

What’s going on? I’m quite worried about you… 

I’m back home again and sad and worried because I didn’t see you at all during the days I was in Sandy Valley… I still don’t quite know why you said you’d meet me at the Rock Festival, but never came. You also didn’t respond to any texts. Does it have something to do with your family?

I hope it’s not anything I did… 

I miss you. I love you. Please write me back, I’m so worried…

Yours always,

Soph. ❤

And then it was gone… Now all that’s left is waiting for the reply. I know it’s hard Soph, I know…


New Kids on the Block

August was drawing to an end but the weather was still warm. On one of the last days of August, Esme headed out to meet Martha, when she spotted the big orange truck and the girl with the big hair across the street: new neighbours! She also noticed her ex boyfriend, walking up to girl with the big hair…


Yep, indeed, Finn had also noticed the new neighbours and decided to go and lend a hand.new neighbour

“Hi, I’m Finn Richardson, I live two doors down the street. Are you moving in? Need a hand?”
“Oh, that’d be great actually, thanks! I’m Jada Quinn, I’m moving in here with my parents and my brother and sister.”


“Sure! Just tell me what goes where!” And maybe later I can show you around town a bit? We have a great beach!”
“Yeah, that sounds nice!”

Esme, who had moved closer so she could eavesdrop on the conversation, decided to give Martha a call.

we have a situation

“Marth? Change of plans. Let’s meet at the beach instead. We have a problem.”

Esme wasn’t the only one who had noticed Finn talking to Jada. From across the street, Rachel was another silent witness to the scene…


The orange truck drew lots of attention. The house had been empty for a long time and Ellie often snuck into the garden to play there, and now someone had stolen her spot. She was not amused and quite determined to discover who was moving in right next to her.


And she was about to find out…


The girl walked straight up to Ellie.


“What are you looking at!?”


“What am looking at?! What are YOU doing here? This is my street! My dad is a policeman and he owns this whoooooooole street!”
“No, he doesn’t! We bought this house, so it’s my house, and I’m telling you you can’t look at it!”


“It’s a stupid house anyway, I don’t even want to look at it. Such a stupid house!”


“Yes, you’re right, it is stupid. I don’t even want to live here in this stupid house. My old house was waaaaaaay better and bigger and prettier and it looked just like a dollhouse and I didn’t have such a stupid neighbour!”


“I have a dollhouse, wanna come and play?”


“I’m Ellie.”
“I’m Aliyah”

Oh heavens help us, there’s two of them…

Ellie and Aliyah spent the rest of the day with Ellie’s dollhouse.dollhouse

After taking the boxes into the house, Finn and Jada went to the beach like they had agreed upon earlier.


And, surprise, surprise, they weren’t alone… It was clear to Esme; maybe she and Finn had broken up, but that didn’t give him permission to take other girls to the beach! But she had a plan!


Esme didn’t wait long to make her move.


“Finny! Darling! What a coincidence meeting you here!  And you’re getting all tan, I see. Yum.”

Martha found it very amusing…


Finn was still stunned by Esme’s demeanor and didn’t quite know how to respond. Esme on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing…


“Oh, forgive me, I’m being so rude! I didn’t even introduce myself to your friend. Hi, I’m Esme! So, you’re having a beach day with my Finny today? Isn’t he sexy in those trunks? Being the only one who knows what’s underneath them, I can tell you that… No, I shouldn’t tell you actually, I don’t want to embarrass him. *giggle* Well, we should go now. Bye Finny, call me!”

And then they were off.

“Was that your… girlfriend…? She’s quite… forward…” Jada asked Finn.
“Ex. Finn sighed. “It’s a long story. Come on, Iet’s go and have some ice cream”

And so they did.


Meanwhile, the last child of the Quinn family, 14 year old Malik, had discovered Honeycomb Valley had a comic book store and he couldn’t be happier.

And of course comic book stores are great places to meet fellow geeks. So, before long, Malik had found a new friend in Logan.


After a few hours at the comic book store, Logan and Malik walked home together. They had discovered they lived on the same street and agreed to hang out again soon.


The Quinn family ended their first day in Honeycomb Valley with pie in their back yard.evening pie

“So kids,” mother Tiana asked, “Do you think you’ll like living in Honeycomb Valley?”

***Note: The Quinn family is introduced here***

August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 1)

During the lazy summer month of August not a lot happened in Honeycomb Valley. Well, actually, no, that’s not true, quite a lot happened in Honeycomb Valley actually. But nothing too exciting. I guess it was just your typical summer month. You know those, with long, warm and busy days while you’re actually not doing a whole lot? In a nutshell it was all just coffee and ice cream.

Home Alone

bye mum and dadAs you may remember, Hannah had not been feeling well. She had been home with burn out symptoms for quite a while and now that her husband Elliot had free time too, they had decided to go on holiday. Just the two of them. Because Seth was in Sandy Valley performing at the Rock Festival with The Hot Wings, this meant Rachel and Ruby were to be home alone while their parents were away.


The girls first had some breakfast while deciding what they would do. Their father trusted them to not break the house down and he was right to, because the Murray sisters were quite responsible girls. Therefore Elliot had even allowed them to have friends stay over. Just as long as they put everything back the way it was afterwards.

A trip to the pool was first on the agenda though!


Unfortunately for Rachel, her best friend Sadie was in Sandy Valley as well, being the female voice of The Hot Wings. So she was left to hang out with Ruby’s friends as well. They were all very nice though, so it wasn’t a problem. Ruby had invited Trisha, Jeffrey and Logan to join them at the pool. Her best friend Sophie couldn’t come because she, yup, you guessed it, was also in Sandy Valley.


Ruby and Trisha had been spending a lot of time together since their first date and were very much enjoying each other’s company still.

We’ll check back with Rachel and Ruby and her friends later!


Surfing Lesson

Elsewhere in Honeycomb Valley, namely at newly established Surf Shack, Joel, Ryan and Joshua met up.


Joel and Ryan were quite excited, as today they would get their first surfing lesson! Joshua wasn’t going surfing. This type of activity was not allowed, his father had told him. But he did come to see how his friends would do!

Brody, owner of The Surf Shack and surf instructor, explained to the boys what would happen.

They had their lesson on the surfing station, which simulates waves.surfing lesson

Brody thought they both did well, but did tell them to make sure they wore suits next lesson.

After the lesson, the boys sat down for a drink.


“I was thinking”, Joel said, “remember how I had my birthday at the beach last year? That was fun, right? So, since I’m turning 13 next week, how about we do it again. But this time, here, at the shack. And without my parents and all that. Just us. And the class.”


“Which class?” Ryan asked. “Last year’s class of next year’s class?”
“Umm, both?”

Slumber Party

Meanwhile, back at the Murray household, Ruby and Rachel had decided to throw a little slumber party. After the swimming pool, Trisha, Jeffrey and Logan had gone home to get some stuff, including two sets of pyjamas, because there had been talk of a pyjama waterballoon fight, so they’d need a change of clothing.

Ruby and Rachel had made room in the living room and ordered food.


There was some dancing…do a little dance

…and a ghost story…ghost story

And after the pyjama water balloon fight* and a change of clothing, Ruby and Trisha had a few moments to themselves…Screenshot-95

And Ruby had a question to ask Trisha:


“I really like spending time with you Trish. We’re having a great time, right? So um… do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Yup, she did. 🙂


***Note: there actually was no pyjama waterballoonfight. What really happened was my game crashed halfway through the slumberparty and when I started back up, I had to replay it and they were all wearing different pyjamas, so I made up the waterballoon fight to have an explanation. Shhh, our little secret! ***

A few hours later, everyone was asleep.


The next morning, the Murray sisters had breakfast together, while the others were still sleeping. Although… breakfast? Ruby had a leftover hotdog and Rachel just drank some fruit juice, but oh well…


After the guests had left, the girls found out they had an email from their parents


“Oh no, not kissing pictures!”

Elliot mail

Hello girls!

How are things back home? Are you having fun having the house all to yourselves? We’d better find it back in the same condition! Have you heard from Seth?
Your mother and I are having a great time here in Monte Vista. She’s feeling a lot better already and she wanted me to ask you what you think of her new look. She went and saw an Italian stylist here.
I included a few pictures so you can get an impression of how we’re doing here.
We miss you! Give Seth our love when he calls.

See you soon!


Seems they’re having a good time!

Babybellies on the beach

Since their meeting at the hospital, Susie and Morgan had kept in touch and actually became rather good friends. It turned out they had a lot in common. They were both in their thirties and had both been dealing with an unfulfilled wish to be a mum for quite a while. Luckily, another thing they had in common, was the fact that they were both pregnant now. Even if Susie was just a tad further along than Morgan was.

Today, they planned to spend a day together. they started out with coffee in the park.


After which they went to the beach to catch some sun and enjoy the water.babybellies beach 1

Hey, look who also turned up at the beach! Susie was happy to see her niece again.Screenshot-112

Kyra often confided in her aunt when she had something on her mind, and therefore Susie knew how Kyra had been looking forward to Camp Windiwell and how she had been hoping Logan would finally really see her. So, naturally, Susie wanted to know how it had been.
small chat

“So, how are you? How was Camp Windiwell? Did a certain boy finally pay attention to you?”
Kyra giggled “A certain boy did, yeah, but it wasn’t at all like I expected…”
“Ohh!! Y
ou know what? Come to the ranch tomorrow morning and we’ll have breakfast and you can tell me all about it, okay?”
“Sure! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

After this meeting with Kyra, Susie and Morgan spent a few more hours at the beach.

babybellies beach 2

Being pregnant, the girls both had a bit of a backache, so they decided to end their day together at the spa, where they received a relaxing massage.massage

And then dazed off in the hot tub. spa bubbles

The spa had some great salads.salad

And then the day had come to an end. Both girls were tired, but had had a great day together.


Breakfast at Susies

Like they had planned, Kyra showed up at her aunts house the following morning. Luke was out on a long walk with Boy, so the girls would have time to chat.

While Susie made pancakes, Kyra went to cuddle with and feed Cinnamon.


Then the pancakes were ready, so Kyra and Susie sat down at the table.
breakfast at susies

“So honey, tell me, how was camp? What happened with Logan?”
“Well, not a lot… He didn’t actually show any interest in me. Not until Silas, that is…”

And so Kyra told her aunt everything about Silas. How much fun they had had together, about the kiss, about how she really likes him and about how Logan suddenly started flirting with her after she and Silas had kissed.

“But now I’m just so confused aunt Susie… I really like Silas. I do. He’s so cute and sweet and he really likes me. But he lives very far away. And Logan… I’ve liked Logan for years, that doesn’t just completely disappear, you know, and he’s finally paying attention to me! What should I do…?”
“Hmmm, darling, I don’t think you should stop living your life waiting for one boy… I did that, remember? And therefore I know it’s not a good idea. If he’s truly interested in you, he’ll let you know. You’re not married yet! Who knows, you might still end up with him, but for now, you’ve had a good summer with Silas, right? And if this still works for you over distance, that’s good! Planning ahead is great, Kyra, but life can throw you some interesting curveballs, I’ve learned that the hard way. And before you know it, you find yourself nearly 40 and alone. Don’t wait for life. Take it as it comes. But hey, I’m just your old auntie, right? Maybe you’re better off taking advice from someone your own age. What does Holly have to say about all this?”
“Pffft, don’t even get me started on Holly…”
“Uh oh, I guess this calls for some tea…”

And so they headed outside to have some tea. And Kyra told Susie all about how Holly had ignored her most of the summer because she’d been hanging out with Molly instead.
But Susie reassured her and told her not to worry. This new girl might have been interesting for the summer, but it takes a lot to break up a friendship that’s been going strong for ten years. It was probably just a phase.


Kyra felt really relieved after this talk with her aunt. 🙂


Joel’s Party

Halfway through August, Joel turned 13. Like he told Ryan and Joshua earlier, he organised his birthday party at the beach. At first it was just supposed to be balloons and a stereo, but Chantal had told him her brother Wesley had started deejay-ing and would be willing to play at Joels party. For a fee of course. Theo and Samantha (Joel’s grandparents who pretty much raised him for the first 10 years of his life and now miss him dearly) agreed to pay for it and even rented equipment and lights so Joel could have a great party.


The first thing Ryan did was ask Zoe to dance.


Of course Joel also had a go at being the DJ himself for a while.


Holly was quite happy to be at the party. She felt it absolutely rocked.


When Zoe sat down in the sand for a moment, Ryan immediately joined her to have a chat.

***Ever since they turned teens in June, Ryan has been getting the wish to “kiss Zoe for the first time” the moment they start talking to one another. She has no such wishes towards him though, which to me is very in keeping with how I see them: Zoe is still very much a child at 12, while Ryan has already been hit with the effects of puberty. So, for now, Ryan has a crush on Zoe, while she is totally oblivious.***


It may have been a party, but Kyra rather had a nap on a towel.

When evening approached, Joel made some hotdogs on the barbecue by The Surf Shack.


Everyone really seemed to enjoy Wesley’s music. He might have a career in something after all.


Jessica, the girl who sells ice cream at the beach, also liked Wesley’s music. And Wesley liked Jessica’s…. ummm… “eyes”, so he took a little break to try and charm her. For some reason they were closely watched by Emily.dj flirt

But Wes had a job to to do, so before long it was back to the music!
***Note; if anyone knows how to make it so my Sims are more eager to dance to the DJ’s music than to just stand there and watch him, I’d love to hear…***


Around midnight, the party ended. The kids all felt it had been “epic” (even though I thought it had been quite dull and disappointing, but then again, I’m not 13 anymore)

Wes was now off duty, but still had some unfinished business.  (Go home, Emily!)


“Sooo, you liked my music? How about we make a little music together?”

Jessica’s silly grin was all the incentive Wesley needed to make his next move. Wes is never one to waste time…


Since Jessica didn’t object to the kiss, Wes had another idea he wanted to run by her…


“You know, I have my own jacuzzi, care to join me?”

Even though I think a hot tub behind the trailer where he lives with has parents and siblings can’t have been what Jessica had in mind when Wes said “my own jacuzzi”, she still got in…


Apparently Jessica doesn’t have very high standards…wanna see my jacuzzi

More August in…
part 2

October 04: Is it Scary…? (Part 2)

Click to go back to…
part 1

Halloween at The Beehive

For children, the scary part of October is the BEST part of October! And at the primary department of The Beehive, each class had its own way to celebrate autumn and Halloween.

Naomi and her class 2 had an afternoon of pumpkin carving.


First they had to empty the pumpkins and then they could, carefully, carve them.

Riley was the only one of the group to decide on carving a traditional Jack-O-Lantern. Nick wanted to make a silly one, Ruth opted for a cat and Nathan decided to created a ghost lantern.


In the end, Riley was the only one who succeeded. But no matter, we all had fun right?


While class 2 was carving pumpkins, Eva gathered her class 1 kids in the hallway to go on an autumn walk in the park.


Before long, they arrived.


They did some raking…rake

…and found a squirrel…squirrel

…and obviously Ellie had to give Isa a scare…


After about an hour or two, they all sat down to have a picnic. They were even joined briefly by Megan Knight who was very interested in what they were eating.

Lucy‘s class 3 had the afternoon off, because for the eldest pupils of the primary school, a special event had been set up. They got to come to school in the evening all dressed up!
Joshua and Miriam Edwards almost hadn’t been allowed to go, father John feels a celebration like Halloween is so very heathen and he didn’t want any children of his to be a part of it, but Lucy assured him no satan worshipping would be going on and big sister Martha gave her father a piece of her mind too. It was just a children’s celebration! In the end, John caved, but there was no way his children could dress up as witches or ghost pirates. So, Miriam went as a tiger, and Joshua as a hotdog.

First, the group had a very scary dinner…Spooky dinner

…Then, Lucy told a ghost story… (Shhh… We’re not telling John…)


…and they had their picture taken…


And then it was time for the best part of the night; Trick or treat-ing! The school had send out letters to all the residents of Orange Blossom, Honeycomb Valley’s main residential area, to ask them to put out a lit pumpkin this night if the class 3 were welcome to ring their doorbell. And yay! Lots of people did!Trick or treat

At the Wyler residence Patty had gone all out!


At 22:00 the kids and their teacher arrived back at school with lots of candy in their pockets. It had been a great night!


Esme’s plan

The last days of October marked the start of a week long autumn break for the kids and teens of The Beehive.
Esme had a great plan for the start of these holidays! She called up her friend Martha to invite her over and discuss the details.


Pretty soon, Martha arrived and Esme told her friend all about her plan: let’s invite the whole class and camp out for a night in the woods! We’ll bring some music and build a fire, it’ll be scary, but awesome!

the plan

Martha agreed. Well, her father would never agree to let her go, but who cares! She’d just sneak out! And so the girls immediately picked up their phones to call their classmates.


Aiden was in, Jeffrey was in, Sophie was in, Ruby was coming, Finn was obviously going to be there, Esme asked her sister face to face and when Rachel heard Sadie was going, she agreed to come too.call

And so, they gathered in the woods that night. Of course, Esme and Finn were immediately all over each other again, which made Rachel wonder why she agreed to come…

To understand what’s going on between Esme, Finn and Rachel; read the story of Camp Windiwell 03 here)


“Oh leave them be”, Sadie told her best friend. “I’ve moved on and forgave her, Rach, I think you should really try to move on too…”


All Rachel could think was that it was easier said than done and how she had always loved Finn more than Sadie had, but she said nothing and welcomed a hug from her best friend.


It was a fun night. They built a fire, had a dance…


… sent texts to romantic interests in foreign countries….text

… And Esme and Finn had lots of making out sessions…


I was starting to wonder if Esme hadn’t planned this whole night just for her own benefit, and when I saw her entering a tent and Finn following, I knew I was right…


Right… Let’s hope Rachel wasn’t near that tent…
Meanwhile Jeffrey and Sadie tossed a ball around.


A few hours later, everyone had found a tent to sleep in. Although, in Esme and Finn’s tent there wasn’t much sleeping going on it seems….
Sophie was being tough and decided to sleep outside. But maybe this was just so the beeps of her phone when her texts came in wouldn’t wake anyone else up…


Halfway through the night however, it started to hail. This was too much for Sophie.


She quickly went for cover in Martha’s tent.


Yes, Sophie, nights are certainly getting colder. It’s getting close to November, after all…

Also this October…

Look, it’s Miss Anna, all packed. Where is she going, you wonder? Anna is going abroad for a year. What about Matthew, you wonder? Why? What about him? He has a nanny, doesn’t he…?

June 04: School’s Out! (Part 1)

Please note; the “School’s Out” story consists of three parts. 

June in Honeycomb Valley! June meant summer, warm weather, long days, swimming in the ocean, and, the last weeks of school!

For the kids and teens of Honeycomb Valley this was an exciting month, for the teachers of The Beehive it was mostly a very busy month. Two kids had to take their final exams, eleven kids would move up a class after summer and then there was the organisation of the prom for the teens and the last day of school for the kids. A busy, busy month!

The exams

With the start of June, the time had finally come for Anna and Wesley to take their final exams. Wesley wasn’t too bothered, but there was a lot of pressure on Anna. She HAD to do well. Her teen pregnancy had already smudged her father’s good name, if she failed her exams too, she was bound to be disowned. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here)

Wes Anna examsFind out how they did later on!

The Prom

A week later, it was time for the most exciting night of the year of the teens of Honeycomb Valley: The prom!

Rachel rang her best friend Sadie to ask her if she wanted to come over to get ready together. Because obviously, getting ready for the prom is one of the best parts!


Sadie soon arrived and the girls quickly got to work.

Make up and hair…




…and a hug!


Rachel’s sister Ruby wasn’t too fussed about this whole getting ready part, she was done in a jiffy.

Ruby getting ready

Side note: Last year I got all excited about Sandy‘s idea to have all the girls wear the same dress to prom, so I decided to copy this plan. This year, we both repeated this, and it became once again clear how much we think alike when we turned out to have picked the exact same dress for our girls without knowing it! I thought about changing the dress for my girls when Sandy posted her prom non-story and I saw she used the same dress, but she talked me out of it saying the dress was too pretty not to be used. Anyway, back to the prom!

The oldest child of the Murray clan was gone before his sisters were even finished to pick up his prom date like a real gentleman.


At 8, the prom started and the teens started to arrive.

Prom startAnna apparently felt a high school prom was beneath her now she was almost leaving and was annoyed with her best friend Suzan who did seem to have a good time.


But Suzan was right to have fun, because it was fun!

There was dancing…


And more dancing…

Screenshot-863 Wait a minute… Is that Jill and James dancing?! Wow, after last year’s prom drama, I really wasn’t expecting this…

James and Jill’s dance didn’t last long though, because James had to get up on the stage (and by stage I mean a small platform with some instruments) for The Hot Wings‘ first ever performance with Sadie!

If she was nervous, she hid it very well!

Prom Hot WingsThe crowd seemed to enjoy it too! (Wesley! Stop perving on Kyra! The girl is 13!)

Prom Hot Wings close upAfter the band’s performance it was time for a bit more romance. Finn and Esme were the first to take the floor.


And were soon followed by others. There were some very unexpected combinations… (and also quite a lot of girls leading… Sims…)

Prom slowdancing

Of course every high school prom has its wallflowers…

Screenshot-894…and some girls who tell themselves they’re too good to dance with high school boys….


Much too soon the prom came to an end and it was time for the group pictures.


Screenshot-912And with that the school year was very nearly over for the teens of Honeycomb Valley! The kids however, had their own party still ahead. More on that in part 2!

Click button to continue to…

part 2

July 03: Camp Windiwell (Part 2)

To follow this story you should read part 1 first. 🙂

The following morning the group went out for a bikeride through Appaloosa Plains

They ended up at the beach. (Another really ugly EA lot, if you ask me… I shall be making some quick minor changes to AP lots before I send another group of kids on summercamp next SimYear…)

It wasn’t long before people started to catch on to the fact there was something between Esme and Finn. (No surprise since they were kissing it up in the middle of the beach). Sadie confronted her sister with what an awful terrible thing she did.

Esme was not impressed. It wasn’t her fault that Finn liked her better, now was it?

But Sadie still felt that Esme had done the most awful thing she could ever have done. She KNEW Sadie liked Finn. She KNEW it and went after him anyway! Sadie immediately went to find Rachel to tell her the bad news…

She did not take it well…

“But I thought he liked me…” 😦

Knowing they would from now get used to seeing views like this one…, they decided to snub Esme until further notice.

After this bit of drama, the group had a picnic.

After which, Don decided to play some music for everyone. But Sadie apparently had other plans…

While Don happily played his music…

…in the background THIS happened…

:O Sadie, you minx!

And Esme saw it too! War was ON!

Meanwhile, Jeffrey played some catch with Ruby.

Remember he rolled the wish to have a first kiss with her? Well, he tried and tried to make the relationship better and better, but all his attempts to flirt or do anything romantic, while not being shut down by Ruby, were always met by things like friendly hugs from her end… Maybe she’s just not ready yet…?

Back at the camp the group had dinner.

After which they made a fire outside to sit by, tell stories and roast marshmellows.

What’s that, Sophie? You’re not telling me there’s yet another girl crushing on Finn…

And Rachel burned her marshmellow. 😦 It was clearly not her day…

When it got too cold outside, Rachel, Sadie and Sophie decided to play a game of scrabble indoors.

Jeffrey decided to take another chance with Ruby and asked her to watch the stars with him.

Even though she accepted, it still wasn’t the romantic moment he had imagined.. So he decided to just be forward and ask her if she liked him.

Her answer was surprising.

“I’m sorry Jeff, you’re a really nice guy and everything, but I think… I just… I don’t know… I think… I maybe… don’t really like boys in that way… I think…”

(Because Ruby wasn’t flirting back at all, and she didn’t have any personality traits fitting that behaviour, I decided to check MC to see if it could maybe be a gender preference thing. It was. I decided to keep it that way. I usually go with the gender preference they “naturally” have.)

Ruby hadn’t told anyone that before, not even her best friend Sophie. Even though Jeff was disappointed, he was happy she confided in him and they had a heart to heart which only strengthened their friendship.

Esme and Finn meanwhile had a moment in what Sims seem to think is the most romantic place on earth…

VERY risky close embrace for a teenage boy in only boxers Finn… Be careful there…

Weeks flew by, and before long, it was the last day of camp already.

Kylie and Don decided to bring some culture to the summer and took the group to the art gallery.

After which the kids got to venture out into AP on their own.

Rachel and Sadie went shopping, Ruby and Sophie went to the gym and Finn and Esme found a place almost as romantic as the camp bathrooms…

Jeffrey went to the horse ranch, where he met Benni, who immediately started flirting with him…

They apparently hit it off really well, cause they decided this…

I guess Jeffrey REALLY wanted a summerkiss…

Back at the camp, he told Finn during a moment of fishing…

Jeff: “And then she just kissed me! Do girls usually do that?”

Finn: “Yeah man, girls are wild! Oh look, a fish!”

With it being the last night, the kids had some pizza. (Except for vegetarian Rachel, who had some autumn salad. Don’t worry, she wasn’t disappointed, it’s her favourite meal)

After pizza, it was time for karaoke night.

Don kicked the party off with what he felt was a great performance.

Then Esme and Sophie had a go. It was not very pleasant…

Finn seems to disagree though.

The boys did a song too. Mostly just for laughs.

Esme seems to be less impressed by Finn than he was by her…

But then Sadie and Ruby took the stage. (Rachel is WAY too shy for this sort of thing)

They rocked!!!

The next morning, it was time to pack.

Finn and Esme returned once more to the place where it all began…

And Jeffrey invited Benni over for a goodbye kiss… (To be honest, Jeff, I think she’ll just be eagerly waiting for the next group of townboys to come to camp, but we’ll see..)

Much too soon, the bus rolled round to take them all back…

The parents gathered at the Honeycomb Valley busstation were happy to see their kids again.

Rachel and Ruby immediately started telling their parents about their adventures, while there was an awkward silence between the Stevens sisters…

Soon, the kids said their goodbyes. (Mum and dad Murray wondered if there might be something going on between Jeffrey and their youngest daughter…)

Back home, things quickly returned to normal.

After spending only 30 minutes with his sister, Finn wished he was back at camp…

…while Jeffrey was actually happy to see his! (Chantal is the only member of his family he actually gets on with…)

Sadie and Esme visited their mum at her toystore. She immediately sensed something was up between her girls…

Sophie was just happy to be back home with her books.

And while dusk settled over Honeycomb Valley, the Murray sisters reminisced about camp on the park swings…

July 03: Camp Windiwell (Part 1)

SimJuly came round and the school closed its doors. Summer! The time of picnics, barbecues, late night family gatherings, pool parties with friends, going on holiday and, for some Honeycomb Valley teens: summercamp! Such an exciting time, both for the teens and youth workers Don and Kylie.

Side note; when I was a kid, there was this youth organisation in my town called Don Bosco which organised camps and games for kids. I never actually went, but it was the first thing I thought of when creating my summercamp. So I decided to call one of the youth workers Don Bosco. 😉

Seven teens between the ages of 13 and 16 packed their bags and went down to the busstation, accompanied by their parents. Except for Jeffrey Abbott, who had to go by himself.

After a quick last hug with mum, it was time to get on the bus and go.

Upon arrival at camp Windiwell in Appaloosa Plains, the kids quickly decided who would share a cabin. BFFs Rachel and Sadie shared one, classmates Sophie, Esme and Ruby shared another and the two boys of the bunch obviously had to bunk together.

Rachel and Sadie broke in their cabin by having a pillowfight…

… while Rachel’s younger sister Ruby explored the camp

After everyone was settled in, Don and Kylie called the group together for a quick camp briefing. No nighttime wanderings, make your own beds, everyone gets a turn to do the washing up; that sort of thing.

But it seemed that Finn was more interested in something (or better yet, someONE) else…

After the briefing, Kylie took a group picture of the bunch. Here are small brief introductions, clicking their names will take you to their full bios!
From left to right:

Sadie Stevens; Sadie turned 16 in SimMay. She and her sister Esme had a big sleepover together to which they both got to invite their entire class. She’s best friends with Rachel Murray with whom she giggles and gossips a lot. Sadie and Rachel both have a HUGE crush on their classmate Finn. You may have heard me talking about teenage girls stalking a boy they had a crush on once? Yep, that’s them.

Esme Stevens; Sadie’s younger sister Esme turned 14 in SimApril. She’s a lot feistier than her big sister. At the sleepover it was Esme who actually spent a lot of time talking to Finn…

Sophie Wilson; 14 year old Sophie is a smart cookie. All this business with boys is not something Sophie is very into (yet?), she would rather explore the world around her and learn new things all the time.

Ruby Murray; Ruby is the benjamin of the group. She’s 13 and mighty glad her best friend Sophie isn’t as hung up on boys as her sister Rachel and Sadie are. She really doesn’t see the appeal…

Rachel Murray; Ruby’s older sister Rachel just turned 16 in June. She’s a sweet, shy and quiet girl. She wasn’t sure she’d like something like “summercamp”, but Sadie went too. And, more importantly, so did Finn. *sigh* Finn… Rachel loves Finn *sigh* What’s that? She should tell him? No way, she couldn’t possibly…

Finn Richardson; Finn is 15 and totally oblivious to Sadie and Rachels dreamy stares. To be totally honest, Finn always thought girls were rather weird creatures. Having an older sister at home (Jill, whom we met in the previous story), he felt he had more than his share of female hormones around and often retreated into the woods to search for collectables or to go fishing. However, lately, he’s starting to reconsider his opinion on the ladies…

Jeffrey Abbott; If you’ve read the full post on trailerpark family The Abbotts, you will already have read about Jeffrey, who’s 14. The middle child of the Abbotts is rather different than the rest of his trailerpark family. Every chance he gets to get away from them for a while, he’ll grab with both hands. Summercamp was perfect for Jeffrey. No family around AND he gets to be outside in nature. Pure bliss.

Gameplay note; I felt like summercamp was the best time for some teen romances, but I didn’t want to meddle too much in this. I sometimes like when they decide for themselves who they fancy. So I set SP -> allow romance to “true” for this household. We shall see…

After the picture, the kids had the rest of the afternoon to themselves to explore some of the things camp Windiwell had to offer. (I actually did let them decide for themselves. It was fun to just watch them to see what they’d get up to)

Jeffrey decided to go fishing…

Ruby played catch with Sophie…

and Finn had a game of Gnubb with Esme.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Kylie (who is a natural cook) cooked the meal for the first evening; grilled cheese and mac and cheese (okay, if that’s the kind of thing a natural cook brews, then I must be a natural cook too…). Apparently she has an affection for cheese.

The kids (and Don) seemed to enjoy it either way.

Rachel and Jeffrey were the first on washing up duty. I think Jeffrey is not really doing anything though Rach… C’mon, be assertive!

After the meal, they had some nighttime activities of which all the pictures came out too dark. Better luck next time.

Around 10 (nice early first night 😉 ) the kids brushed their teeth and went to bed.

The girls giggled and chatted for a while, and the boys had a pillowfight.

The next morning over breakfast, Finn decided he was definitely NOT doing the washing up today.

He didn’t have to. Soon after breakfast they all headed out to visit the Appaloosa Plains ranch and after that, the swimmingpool (since they can’t swim in the lake at camp…)

Time for another gameplay note; I didn’t change anything in AP. I just felt it was a great location for a summercamp, so I built the camp. Other than that, it’s still a town full of ugly EA buildings. I really did NOT like the swimmingpool but was in no mood to change it, I just wanted to play.

While they were at the pool (and I sat back and just let them do their thing again), I suddenly saw this happening….

An amorous hug. Initiated by Esme. Finn didn’t seem to mind though. They both rolled wishes to have a first kiss with the other person soon after.

Back at camp, later that day, Finn and Esme met up behind the cabins for some more chatting and flirting. (Still entirely their decision…)

Meanwhile, Rachel and Sadie gossiped some more, completely unaware of what their crush was up to at that moment…

Since Finn and Esme seemed to hit it off so well, the controller meddled a bit after dinner and sent them up to the platform over the water. (Hey, I remember someone (Sandy) mentioning it would be a perfect place for a first kiss…? 😉 )

This is how it went…

First there were some more flirts… And some more looks…

Oh, and Esme telling Finn she’s bisexual, apparently. Which got this look:

That was more of a turn on than a turn off, it seemed, cause after another brilliant facial expression from Finn…:


(Okay, okay, I might have meddled there a little bit more… 😉 )

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has rolled the wish to have a first kiss with Ruby. More on that in part 2 of the Camp Windiwell stories!