Ruby Murray

Ruby Murray

Murray, Ruby - t bordered

Ruby is the youngest of the Murray children. She’s as friendly as the rest of the family. Ruby is also somewhat of a tomboy. As a kid she loved climbing trees and she’s still braver than both her older siblings. She never really got all the fuss her sister and Sadie made over boys and eventually had to conclude she really preferred girls.


Age: Teen
Born: December 1989
Traits: Friendly, brave, disciplined, perfectionist


Father: Elliot
Mother: Hannah
Siblings: Seth, Rachel
Partner: Trisha
Other family: Adrian (uncle)
Best friend(s): Sophie
Romance history: Jeffrey showed interest in Ruby at summercamp in 03. But she had to tell him she doesn’t like boys in that way, really… In the spring of 05 Ruby received a text from a secret admirer, who turned out to be Trisha! The girls have been going out ever since.


In bold where this sim plays a main part

July 03: Camp Windiwell
July 04: Summercamp!
January 05: Ice, Ice Baby
March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival
April 05: Spring Surprises
* August 05: Coffee and Ice Cream
* September 05: A Little Bit of Everything

September 05: A Little Bit of Everything (Pt.2)

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part 1

Joseph and Martha

While the children were at school and John read a book in the autumn sun, Amy was busy making pumpkin pie. After all, it was a special day in the Edwards’ household…


Little Joseph had turned 1! Happy birthday Joseph! toddler-joseph

When the kids got home, everyone enjoyed a slice of mum’s pie.


But after they had finished, John had a bone to pick with his daughter Martha.


“Did you go to school in that outfit, Martha!? That’s unacceptable, young lady! You’re out of control and it’s high time you cleaned up your act!”

Frustrated, Martha called her best friend Esme and asked her to meet at the park.


Martha wasted no time uttering her frustration.


“I’m so sick and tired of it all, Es, seriously! I can’t stand living in that house anymore!”

The girls continued their chat on the swings.


“You know Marth, it’s only two more years until your 18th birthday, then you can leave.”
“Oh, believe me, I will!”
“And in the meantime, you can sleep over at mine any time you like!”

“Oh and Marth, did you see Finn today at school? That Jada girl never leaves his side. It’s like she’s obsessed with him. I mean, geez…”

Sophie’s news

Also at the park, was Sophie. It had been a while (probably weeks, but it felt like 2,5 years), since Sophie had sent that email to Jérémy. The one in which she had asked him what was going on and why he hadn’t met her during her visit to Sandy Valley, while he had said he would. She still hadn’t received a reply, but while she was walking through the park on her way home from school, suddenly her phone beeped. You’ve got mail…


Uh oh… shock-mail

“Hey Soph! Yep, sorry for the festival. I was busy with… stuff. You know, I’ve been thinking about us, and I think that… I don’t know. I need to move on. Nothing against you, Soph, but I don’t want to be stuck in a relationship, I need air. Sorry. You’re awesome, and I did enjoy every single minute we spent together, but I need new experiences. Kisses.”

Oh Soph…sophie-upset

*** Note: Anyone also reading Sandy’s stories will know that Jérémy has since become a young adult and moved on quite a bit. It’s one of the consequences of my hiatus, while life went on for my simfriends. Despite this, I felt Soph still deserved the know the answer we received from teen Jérémy after she had sent her email***

It was a busy month for the best friends in Honeycomb Valley, because Sophie now also needed hers to help her through this crisis.


Of course, Ruby was happy to help and met Sophie at the quiet little beach.


The girls first sat in silence…


Then Sophie started talking…in-need-of-advice

“I just don’t understand. I thought he loved me… I thought we’d get married one day…” good-advice

“I know Soph… And maybe he did love you… But long distance is hard… Not many people can do it… And look how long you’ve lasted! I mean, wow! You’ll find someone else, Soph, I’m sure you will. Someone who doesn’t stand you up in a foreign country…”

But Sophie didn’t want anyone else…


Ruby had another suggestion.


“You know what you need, Soph, some pancakes! My treat!”

And so the girls went for pancakes. But pancakes can’t mend a broken heart either…


Henry’s interview

Henry had decided the best way to present his latest plans to the public, would be through the media and so he had invited Honeycomb Gazette journalist Abigail to talk about it all.


They first had some coffee and some chitchat.


But soon, Abigail started her interview. Henry told her all about Stonehill and how he planned to renovate en rejuvenate the town to make it a suitable place for students and young professionals. He also told her the town would need a new name and asked her to mention a contest held for the residents of Honeycomb Valley. All residents were invited to drop their idea for a new name for Stonehill in an ideabox placed outside City Hall. The name should reflect the purpose of the town and its connection to Honeycomb Valley. In the third week of October a comity would pick the best idea. Aside from having their name be the new name of the town, the winner would also be rewarded with a goody bag full of goods from The Greenery.


After the interview, Abigail sat down at Foster’s to write her piece.article-writing

And the next day, this was the front page of the Honeycomb Gazette.newspapers-greenify


Mayor Newman’s initiative to “Greenify Honeycomb Valley” is already well known around town.
With projects like The Greenery and the renovation of the park in Honeybee Quarter already proving successful, the question on everyone’s mind is “what’s next”?
After all, despite most residents supporting the initiative, talk about how and where has been buzzing around town ever since The Greenery was opened and mayor Newman declared he was far from finished. Would this mean businesses would have to leave Honeycomb Valley? And if so, where would they go? And what’s more, how would that effect our economy?
Now, we’re getting our answers. Mayor Newman announced in an interview with this newspaper he has been granted permission to annex the nearby town of Stonehill and thus adding it to Honeycomb Valley.
Stonehill was once a happy, lively mountain town, but when the economy crashed about 20 odd years ago, more and more businesses were forced to close their doors and more and more people became unemployed. Poverty washed over the little mountain town and the crime rate went up. Little by little, people started to leave the town until soon it was almost completely abandoned. The only people occupying the town at the moment are those of unsavory behaviour.
Mayor Newman plans to renovate the town and bring business back to it. This means businesses now located in Honeycomb Valley might get a place in the new town.
The new town is meant to be young and youthful and will be geared towards students and young professionals. A direct underground link to Honeycomb Valley will be one of the first things to be put in place.
Stonehill will be renamed and  the renovation of the town will start over the next few weeks.
***Note:  The contest is mentioned in the column to the right***

A special visitor

On the very last day of September, John and Amy were expecting a special visitor.


Mother Marie-Thérèse had come from Sandy Valley upon John’s request. He wanted to discuss the possibility of a place in the convent of Saint Bibine for Martha, to set her straight again. From the look on Amy’s face it seems she had her doubts.
Mother Marie-Thérèse was convinced her convent was the right place for girls like Martha who had lost their way.


And there she was…


Sometimes a look is enough…


“Martha, I’d like you to meet Mother Marie-Thérèse. She’s come all the way from Sandy Valley and we feel it would be the perfect place for you to spend a few months…”

Martha couldn’t help but burst out laughing.


“You’ve got to be kidding me! Me! In a convent! Like HELL! There’s no way dad!”

Mother Marie-Thérèse was appaled by Martha’s behaviour.


As was John.


“It’s things like this Martha! This is why you need to go there. You can’t say things like that! You’re going, a week from today and that’s final! Until you’re 18, you’ll do as I say and I say you’re going.

This was when Martha turned to her mother.
“Why don’t you say something mum? You can’t seriously agree with this?!”how-mum-feels

“Well Martha…” Amy sighed. “You have to understand we’re only doing this in your best interest… With the way things are going now, you’ll never find a suitable husband… Just a little while in the convent will help set you straight again….”


“I can’t believe what I’m hearing mum! You of all people should know what it’s like to be suppressed! I’m not going! I’m not! No matter what either one of you says!”

That went well…


Martha then ran up to her bedroom and lay on her bed thinking of how to get out of this situation. And eventually she knew there was only one solution…


And so, that night, when everyone in the Edwards house was fast asleep, she snuck out of her bed, careful not to wake her sisters…sneak-out

… put on her coat, grabbed her backpack and tiptoed downstairs…


… quietly crept out of the house, through the gate…out-the-door

… and in the very early hours of October, Martha disappeared out of sight…


August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 2)

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Guess Who’s Back?

It was very early one late August morning when she returned…


Anna was home! After a year abroad, she had returned to Honeycomb Valley! Her parents were so privileged to have her back again! (Or so she felt, anyway)


But after talking to her father for ten minutes, Anna was already annoyed again. She had been home for ten whole minutes now and no one had yet offered to draw her a bath or anything. And what was all that crying in the background?


Oh. Right. You.
Awww, the love between a mother and her son is so touching, isn’t it?


After a bath and breakfast, Anna quickly rushed to the park to meet with the one person she knew would be happy she was back: Suzan.


The first thing Anna did when she saw her BFF again, was utter her annoyance.


“Has my father gone completely mad when I was away?! What’s this nonsense about ‘greenify Honeycomb Valley’? What do we need more trees for? We’re not freaking rabbits, are we? We don’t need to live in a forest! There’s not even one proper club in this town, and now he’s talking about taking down shops as well?! The man is crazy I tell you! And all for his ‘image’!”

Suzan let her friend rant and of course agreed wholeheartedly with everything she said. After Anna was done ranting about her father, the girls sat down for some coffee and Anna told Suzan all about her travels. Since mum and dad had paid for it all, Anna’s year had consisted of fine hotels, hot guys, lots of shopping, going out late and lying on beaches. Very much your typical gap year, right? Umm no.
Either way, it was done now, and in October, Anna too would have to start University… That had always been the condition…park catch up


After a few days in Sandy Valley at The Rock Festival, Sophie returned home again. Feeling sad and confused. She had phoned Ruby from the bus asking her to meet her at the busstation.


Thankfully, Ruby arrived soon.


“So, how was it, Soph? You sounded a bit off on the phone? Did something happen?”
“Let’s go to my house, I’ll tell you all about it…”


Once in her room, Sophie immediately told Ruby about the things that happened in Sandy Valley. About how she had not seen Jérémy at all and when she had asked him to meet her at the festival, he’d said he’d come, but he never did. chat about jeremy

“I’m worried Rub, what if he doesn’t like me anymore? I love him, you know, I really do, and I just don’t want to lose him!”
“There’s only one way to find out, Soph, you have to ask him. Call him up and ask him.”
“CALL him?! No, I couldn’t possibly! What if he says I’m right? What if he really doesn’t like me anymore, I’ll burst into tears on the phone! I don’t want that!”
“Then email him.”

“Yeah, I guess I will…”

And so it happened, Ruby gave her friend some privacy and Sophie wrote Jérémy an email…
the mail

Mail from Sophie

My dearest Jérémy,

What’s going on? I’m quite worried about you… 

I’m back home again and sad and worried because I didn’t see you at all during the days I was in Sandy Valley… I still don’t quite know why you said you’d meet me at the Rock Festival, but never came. You also didn’t respond to any texts. Does it have something to do with your family?

I hope it’s not anything I did… 

I miss you. I love you. Please write me back, I’m so worried…

Yours always,

Soph. ❤

And then it was gone… Now all that’s left is waiting for the reply. I know it’s hard Soph, I know…


New Kids on the Block

August was drawing to an end but the weather was still warm. On one of the last days of August, Esme headed out to meet Martha, when she spotted the big orange truck and the girl with the big hair across the street: new neighbours! She also noticed her ex boyfriend, walking up to girl with the big hair…


Yep, indeed, Finn had also noticed the new neighbours and decided to go and lend a neighbour

“Hi, I’m Finn Richardson, I live two doors down the street. Are you moving in? Need a hand?”
“Oh, that’d be great actually, thanks! I’m Jada Quinn, I’m moving in here with my parents and my brother and sister.”


“Sure! Just tell me what goes where!” And maybe later I can show you around town a bit? We have a great beach!”
“Yeah, that sounds nice!”

Esme, who had moved closer so she could eavesdrop on the conversation, decided to give Martha a call.

we have a situation

“Marth? Change of plans. Let’s meet at the beach instead. We have a problem.”

Esme wasn’t the only one who had noticed Finn talking to Jada. From across the street, Rachel was another silent witness to the scene…


The orange truck drew lots of attention. The house had been empty for a long time and Ellie often snuck into the garden to play there, and now someone had stolen her spot. She was not amused and quite determined to discover who was moving in right next to her.


And she was about to find out…


The girl walked straight up to Ellie.


“What are you looking at!?”


“What am looking at?! What are YOU doing here? This is my street! My dad is a policeman and he owns this whoooooooole street!”
“No, he doesn’t! We bought this house, so it’s my house, and I’m telling you you can’t look at it!”


“It’s a stupid house anyway, I don’t even want to look at it. Such a stupid house!”


“Yes, you’re right, it is stupid. I don’t even want to live here in this stupid house. My old house was waaaaaaay better and bigger and prettier and it looked just like a dollhouse and I didn’t have such a stupid neighbour!”


“I have a dollhouse, wanna come and play?”


“I’m Ellie.”
“I’m Aliyah”

Oh heavens help us, there’s two of them…

Ellie and Aliyah spent the rest of the day with Ellie’s dollhouse.dollhouse

After taking the boxes into the house, Finn and Jada went to the beach like they had agreed upon earlier.


And, surprise, surprise, they weren’t alone… It was clear to Esme; maybe she and Finn had broken up, but that didn’t give him permission to take other girls to the beach! But she had a plan!


Esme didn’t wait long to make her move.


“Finny! Darling! What a coincidence meeting you here!  And you’re getting all tan, I see. Yum.”

Martha found it very amusing…


Finn was still stunned by Esme’s demeanor and didn’t quite know how to respond. Esme on the other hand, knew exactly what she was doing…


“Oh, forgive me, I’m being so rude! I didn’t even introduce myself to your friend. Hi, I’m Esme! So, you’re having a beach day with my Finny today? Isn’t he sexy in those trunks? Being the only one who knows what’s underneath them, I can tell you that… No, I shouldn’t tell you actually, I don’t want to embarrass him. *giggle* Well, we should go now. Bye Finny, call me!”

And then they were off.

“Was that your… girlfriend…? She’s quite… forward…” Jada asked Finn.
“Ex. Finn sighed. “It’s a long story. Come on, Iet’s go and have some ice cream”

And so they did.


Meanwhile, the last child of the Quinn family, 14 year old Malik, had discovered Honeycomb Valley had a comic book store and he couldn’t be happier.

And of course comic book stores are great places to meet fellow geeks. So, before long, Malik had found a new friend in Logan.


After a few hours at the comic book store, Logan and Malik walked home together. They had discovered they lived on the same street and agreed to hang out again soon.


The Quinn family ended their first day in Honeycomb Valley with pie in their back yard.evening pie

“So kids,” mother Tiana asked, “Do you think you’ll like living in Honeycomb Valley?”

***Note: The Quinn family is introduced here***

August 05: Coffee and Ice cream (pt. 1)

During the lazy summer month of August not a lot happened in Honeycomb Valley. Well, actually, no, that’s not true, quite a lot happened in Honeycomb Valley actually. But nothing too exciting. I guess it was just your typical summer month. You know those, with long, warm and busy days while you’re actually not doing a whole lot? In a nutshell it was all just coffee and ice cream.

Home Alone

bye mum and dadAs you may remember, Hannah had not been feeling well. She had been home with burn out symptoms for quite a while and now that her husband Elliot had free time too, they had decided to go on holiday. Just the two of them. Because Seth was in Sandy Valley performing at the Rock Festival with The Hot Wings, this meant Rachel and Ruby were to be home alone while their parents were away.


The girls first had some breakfast while deciding what they would do. Their father trusted them to not break the house down and he was right to, because the Murray sisters were quite responsible girls. Therefore Elliot had even allowed them to have friends stay over. Just as long as they put everything back the way it was afterwards.

A trip to the pool was first on the agenda though!


Unfortunately for Rachel, her best friend Sadie was in Sandy Valley as well, being the female voice of The Hot Wings. So she was left to hang out with Ruby’s friends as well. They were all very nice though, so it wasn’t a problem. Ruby had invited Trisha, Jeffrey and Logan to join them at the pool. Her best friend Sophie couldn’t come because she, yup, you guessed it, was also in Sandy Valley.


Ruby and Trisha had been spending a lot of time together since their first date and were very much enjoying each other’s company still.

We’ll check back with Rachel and Ruby and her friends later!


Surfing Lesson

Elsewhere in Honeycomb Valley, namely at newly established Surf Shack, Joel, Ryan and Joshua met up.


Joel and Ryan were quite excited, as today they would get their first surfing lesson! Joshua wasn’t going surfing. This type of activity was not allowed, his father had told him. But he did come to see how his friends would do!

Brody, owner of The Surf Shack and surf instructor, explained to the boys what would happen.

They had their lesson on the surfing station, which simulates waves.surfing lesson

Brody thought they both did well, but did tell them to make sure they wore suits next lesson.

After the lesson, the boys sat down for a drink.


“I was thinking”, Joel said, “remember how I had my birthday at the beach last year? That was fun, right? So, since I’m turning 13 next week, how about we do it again. But this time, here, at the shack. And without my parents and all that. Just us. And the class.”


“Which class?” Ryan asked. “Last year’s class of next year’s class?”
“Umm, both?”

Slumber Party

Meanwhile, back at the Murray household, Ruby and Rachel had decided to throw a little slumber party. After the swimming pool, Trisha, Jeffrey and Logan had gone home to get some stuff, including two sets of pyjamas, because there had been talk of a pyjama waterballoon fight, so they’d need a change of clothing.

Ruby and Rachel had made room in the living room and ordered food.


There was some dancing…do a little dance

…and a ghost story…ghost story

And after the pyjama water balloon fight* and a change of clothing, Ruby and Trisha had a few moments to themselves…Screenshot-95

And Ruby had a question to ask Trisha:


“I really like spending time with you Trish. We’re having a great time, right? So um… do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Yup, she did. 🙂


***Note: there actually was no pyjama waterballoonfight. What really happened was my game crashed halfway through the slumberparty and when I started back up, I had to replay it and they were all wearing different pyjamas, so I made up the waterballoon fight to have an explanation. Shhh, our little secret! ***

A few hours later, everyone was asleep.


The next morning, the Murray sisters had breakfast together, while the others were still sleeping. Although… breakfast? Ruby had a leftover hotdog and Rachel just drank some fruit juice, but oh well…


After the guests had left, the girls found out they had an email from their parents


“Oh no, not kissing pictures!”

Elliot mail

Hello girls!

How are things back home? Are you having fun having the house all to yourselves? We’d better find it back in the same condition! Have you heard from Seth?
Your mother and I are having a great time here in Monte Vista. She’s feeling a lot better already and she wanted me to ask you what you think of her new look. She went and saw an Italian stylist here.
I included a few pictures so you can get an impression of how we’re doing here.
We miss you! Give Seth our love when he calls.

See you soon!


Seems they’re having a good time!

Babybellies on the beach

Since their meeting at the hospital, Susie and Morgan had kept in touch and actually became rather good friends. It turned out they had a lot in common. They were both in their thirties and had both been dealing with an unfulfilled wish to be a mum for quite a while. Luckily, another thing they had in common, was the fact that they were both pregnant now. Even if Susie was just a tad further along than Morgan was.

Today, they planned to spend a day together. they started out with coffee in the park.


After which they went to the beach to catch some sun and enjoy the water.babybellies beach 1

Hey, look who also turned up at the beach! Susie was happy to see her niece again.Screenshot-112

Kyra often confided in her aunt when she had something on her mind, and therefore Susie knew how Kyra had been looking forward to Camp Windiwell and how she had been hoping Logan would finally really see her. So, naturally, Susie wanted to know how it had been.
small chat

“So, how are you? How was Camp Windiwell? Did a certain boy finally pay attention to you?”
Kyra giggled “A certain boy did, yeah, but it wasn’t at all like I expected…”
“Ohh!! Y
ou know what? Come to the ranch tomorrow morning and we’ll have breakfast and you can tell me all about it, okay?”
“Sure! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

After this meeting with Kyra, Susie and Morgan spent a few more hours at the beach.

babybellies beach 2

Being pregnant, the girls both had a bit of a backache, so they decided to end their day together at the spa, where they received a relaxing massage.massage

And then dazed off in the hot tub. spa bubbles

The spa had some great salads.salad

And then the day had come to an end. Both girls were tired, but had had a great day together.


Breakfast at Susies

Like they had planned, Kyra showed up at her aunts house the following morning. Luke was out on a long walk with Boy, so the girls would have time to chat.

While Susie made pancakes, Kyra went to cuddle with and feed Cinnamon.


Then the pancakes were ready, so Kyra and Susie sat down at the table.
breakfast at susies

“So honey, tell me, how was camp? What happened with Logan?”
“Well, not a lot… He didn’t actually show any interest in me. Not until Silas, that is…”

And so Kyra told her aunt everything about Silas. How much fun they had had together, about the kiss, about how she really likes him and about how Logan suddenly started flirting with her after she and Silas had kissed.

“But now I’m just so confused aunt Susie… I really like Silas. I do. He’s so cute and sweet and he really likes me. But he lives very far away. And Logan… I’ve liked Logan for years, that doesn’t just completely disappear, you know, and he’s finally paying attention to me! What should I do…?”
“Hmmm, darling, I don’t think you should stop living your life waiting for one boy… I did that, remember? And therefore I know it’s not a good idea. If he’s truly interested in you, he’ll let you know. You’re not married yet! Who knows, you might still end up with him, but for now, you’ve had a good summer with Silas, right? And if this still works for you over distance, that’s good! Planning ahead is great, Kyra, but life can throw you some interesting curveballs, I’ve learned that the hard way. And before you know it, you find yourself nearly 40 and alone. Don’t wait for life. Take it as it comes. But hey, I’m just your old auntie, right? Maybe you’re better off taking advice from someone your own age. What does Holly have to say about all this?”
“Pffft, don’t even get me started on Holly…”
“Uh oh, I guess this calls for some tea…”

And so they headed outside to have some tea. And Kyra told Susie all about how Holly had ignored her most of the summer because she’d been hanging out with Molly instead.
But Susie reassured her and told her not to worry. This new girl might have been interesting for the summer, but it takes a lot to break up a friendship that’s been going strong for ten years. It was probably just a phase.


Kyra felt really relieved after this talk with her aunt. 🙂


Joel’s Party

Halfway through August, Joel turned 13. Like he told Ryan and Joshua earlier, he organised his birthday party at the beach. At first it was just supposed to be balloons and a stereo, but Chantal had told him her brother Wesley had started deejay-ing and would be willing to play at Joels party. For a fee of course. Theo and Samantha (Joel’s grandparents who pretty much raised him for the first 10 years of his life and now miss him dearly) agreed to pay for it and even rented equipment and lights so Joel could have a great party.


The first thing Ryan did was ask Zoe to dance.


Of course Joel also had a go at being the DJ himself for a while.


Holly was quite happy to be at the party. She felt it absolutely rocked.


When Zoe sat down in the sand for a moment, Ryan immediately joined her to have a chat.

***Ever since they turned teens in June, Ryan has been getting the wish to “kiss Zoe for the first time” the moment they start talking to one another. She has no such wishes towards him though, which to me is very in keeping with how I see them: Zoe is still very much a child at 12, while Ryan has already been hit with the effects of puberty. So, for now, Ryan has a crush on Zoe, while she is totally oblivious.***


It may have been a party, but Kyra rather had a nap on a towel.

When evening approached, Joel made some hotdogs on the barbecue by The Surf Shack.


Everyone really seemed to enjoy Wesley’s music. He might have a career in something after all.


Jessica, the girl who sells ice cream at the beach, also liked Wesley’s music. And Wesley liked Jessica’s…. ummm… “eyes”, so he took a little break to try and charm her. For some reason they were closely watched by flirt

But Wes had a job to to do, so before long it was back to the music!
***Note; if anyone knows how to make it so my Sims are more eager to dance to the DJ’s music than to just stand there and watch him, I’d love to hear…***


Around midnight, the party ended. The kids all felt it had been “epic” (even though I thought it had been quite dull and disappointing, but then again, I’m not 13 anymore)

Wes was now off duty, but still had some unfinished business.  (Go home, Emily!)


“Sooo, you liked my music? How about we make a little music together?”

Jessica’s silly grin was all the incentive Wesley needed to make his next move. Wes is never one to waste time…


Since Jessica didn’t object to the kiss, Wes had another idea he wanted to run by her…


“You know, I have my own jacuzzi, care to join me?”

Even though I think a hot tub behind the trailer where he lives with has parents and siblings can’t have been what Jessica had in mind when Wes said “my own jacuzzi”, she still got in…


Apparently Jessica doesn’t have very high standards…wanna see my jacuzzi

More August in…
part 2

April 05: Spring Surprises (Pt. 2)

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part 1

Blind Date

That night, Rachel helped her little sister get ready. As the day had progressed, Ruby actually did get excited for her “blind date”. Who would it be? Many names and faces had already gone through her head, but she just couldn’t figure it out.

best sisters

When she was all done, Ruby got on her brother’s bike (hers was lost again…) and rode to the park.


As she walked over the bridge towards the island, she saw her and immediately recognised her…




Ruby was pleasantly surprised. She didn’t know Trisha all that well, but from the couple of times they’d hung out, she seemed like a lovely, cheerful and funny girl.


“I didn’t expect it to be you!”
“Hehe, I hope it’s not too big a disappointment!”

“No! No, not at all…”

Ruby and Trisha spent the entire evening hanging around in the park chatting and getting to know each other better.

hanging out

Time flew by and before long, it was time to say goodbye.


“Thank you for meeting me, Ruby. I had a really nice time tonight!”
“No, thank YOU for being brave enough to text me. This has been wonderful!”

Trisha sure was brave. Brave enough even to try…


And Ruby was surprised to find her heart do a little jump…

Back home she told her big sister all about her night.


Rachel was very happy for her little sis!


And Ruby just couldn’t stop talking about it all…


…Until they were interrupted by their mum… Screenshot-129

Hannah needs a hobby to get through this burn out…


While Trisha was with Ruby at the park, her brother went to Foster’s to meet Morgan


They sat down and ordered a drink and Morgan explained the details of her plan to Gareth.


She was soon interrupted by him though…
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I said, I’d LOVE to help you out! So, how about we get to it? Your place or mine? I’m a healthy guy, I can go all night long and as many times as is needed!”

Morgan was appalled…


“What?! No! We do this at the hospital!”
“The hospital? Okay, not my first choice, but hey, they have beds there. Or are you a public place kinda gal? All fine by me baby, we can do it anywhere you like!”

Morgan had heard enough and got up to leave before their drinks had even arrived. Gareth stopped her though.


“Aww baby, don’t go, we’re just getting started. Look, maybe I came on a bit strong, it’s just you’re so fiiiiine I can’t control myself y’know. Let’s just do this baby, it’s win-win, right? You get something, I get something.”

At this point Morgan just got angry.


“Just get out of my way ,okay! You’re disgusting and wish we’d never met!”


“Oh, that’s how it is? First you say you want a baby and then I come and graciously offer to help you and then suddenly you get all prudish? Fine! I’ll go then! Some mum you will be if you aren’t even willing to put in the effort to MAKE a child!”

And with that, Gareth left.

Morgan was left feeling distraught. It seemed this donor search would never end well. All she attracted were creepy men…

After another week of no more emails, Morgan was really feeling down and decided to treat herself to a new outfit to feel better…


Yes, at least she looked good…


And there was more good to come as she would go to City Hall tomorrow to sign the buyers contract which would make her owner of a lovely little house in The Greenery. Although she was starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just return to Bridgeport…

But when she got back to the hostel and opened her laptop to work on her book a bit more, she found she had an email, subject: donorsearch.sim


Anxiously, Morgan opened it… It was long…

David mail

“Dear Morgan,

How are you? And how is your book coming along?
My name is David Stewart and I write to you in response to your ad on donorsearch.sim. My husband Bradley and I immediately liked you, but we’ve put off writing to you as I figured we’re probably not what you’re looking for. However, my ever persuasive spouse eventually convinced me there’s no harm in trying. 😉

Let me start of by telling you a bit more about us. I’m 28 and Brad is 32. We’ve been married for 4 years now. I work as a desk clerk at City Hall and Bradley is in the military. We have a dog, Voice, who we love, but our family isn’t quite as complete as we’d like it to be yet. We would love to be dads, even if it’s just part time.

With this wish in mind, we started searching on donorsearch.sim for a woman who was looking for someone to co-parent with. So far we haven’t been able to find someone who’d be a good match. They either live too far away or aren’t really a match for us.
And then there was you! Funny, sweet, beautiful and living in Honeycomb Valley on top of that! Like I said, we were immediately excited to have found you. And then we saw you clicked the box saying you were looking for a donor and not a co-parent… You can imagine our disappointment…

So I guess I’m writing you in hope you might reconsider. I know this is a big decision and not something to take lightly, but we can tell you up front we’re willing to work out an arrangement which makes all three of us happy. Together, we could make three wishes come true and give this baby three parents who will love him/her to the moon.

Thank you for your time to read this email either way. We hope to hear from you. You can reply to this email, send us a message through donorsearch or call us on 634-713905.

Good luck with your adventure.

David (and Bradley) Stewart

Ps: Attached you find a picture of us. I’m the dark-haired one.”

The email left Morgan speechless… True, she wasn’t looking for a co-parenting situation because of all the hassle that gave. What to with birthdays and Christmas? And she also didn’t think she could bare to be without her child frequently… But these guys… They seemed so sweet and kind. And did it say Bradley was in the military? Maybe Kai knew him then! It was worth asking about…

After a lot of thinking, Morgan decided to give David a call. At least it couldn’t be worse than the meeting with Gareth had been…


David also sounded nice on the phone and was extremely excited Morgan called him. They decided to meet the next day after Morgan’s appointment about the house.

Residents for The Greenery

The next morning Morgan was first to arrive in Henry‘s office.


Usually, when Sims bought houses in Honeycomb Valley, they had to go through estate agent Leonard, but in this case, Henry dealt with everything considering The Greenery himself. It was his project after all.


Soon, Colin and Grace arrived as well, as both the Mason and the Anderson family had also decided to go for it.Screenshot-244

Henry explained what living in The Greenery meant for its residents. Sims wanting to live there had to sign a contract saying they agreed to living entirely eco friendly, which meant they weren’t allowed to own cars and dryers (washing machines were allowed) and had to always be conscious about separating their trash and rules

Everyone agreed to this and they all signed their contracts. Congratulations! You are now neighbours!



Morgan’s exciting day had not come to an end yet though, as she headed to the pancake house to meet David and Bradley…

co parent meeting

The boys were as nervous as Morgan was, and they all decided to have some pancakes to calm their nerves.


After they had all finished eating, they discussed their hopes and dreams. Morgan told them about her concerns with a co-parenting situation and the boys told Morgan about their wish to be dads and how they really wouldn’t mind if this was only part time. They were willing to work out any kind of arrangement Morgan felt comfortable with.

Morgan had a lot to think about, but she was really starting to warm to the idea of co-parenting with these men. They were just so lovely and they wanted this so badly!
If Morgan actually does decide to go for it with David and Bradley, we’ll see that in May… For now she has a lot to consider!


Sometimes images speak louder than words…



daddy to be



April 05: Spring Surprises (Pt. 1)

After the busy month of March, the Honeycombers were looking forward to a peaceful and relaxed April. For some of them this month had a few spring surprises in store though…


Early April 05 a bus arrived in Honeycomb Valley. A woman with a suitcase and a backpack got off. Her name was Morgan and she had a message to send…


“Hey bro, you’d never guess where I am! At the Honeycomb Valley bus station! Care to meet me for a cup of tea later?”

But the brother in question was so surprised to hear his sister was in town, he texted her back saying he would not meet her for tea later, he would come pick her up at the bus station right away!

About ten minutes later, Kai arrived to meet his sister whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.


“What are you doing here?! And a suitcase? Are you staying?”
“Yeah, I booked a room at the hostel. Only for a little while though, I hope to find a place soon!”
“A place?! You mean, to live? You’re actually moving here? But I thought you liked living in Bridgeport?”
“Let’s go for that tea, big brother, I’ll explain all…”

And so Morgan and Kai sat down at The Tea Cosy where Morgan had big news to share with Kai.

telling kai

“So you know how my biggest wish has always been to be a mum? But how I haven’t been able to find anyone to settle down with after losing Jonas? Well, I’m not getting any younger, so I decided I’m going to do it by myself. I didn’t want to raise a child in the city though and I also think it’s important for him or her to have family around. Therefore I’m moving here!”

This was a LOT of information for Kai to process all at once it seemed.
But after he had a chance to let it all sink in, he was happy for his sister and asked her if she wanted to come with him to the playground, where he was going to meet Rosalie and the boys later on. Obviously Morgan agreed, she couldn’t wait to see her nephews!

It was a warm reunion between Joel and his aunt.


And Morgan and Jayden hit it off straight away too, despite having only met once before after Jayden had been born.


While Joel taught his brother how to walk…

walk little brother…Morgan told Kai and Rosalie a bit more about her plans.

She told them about how she had read about this new project started by mayor Henry Newman. A project to make Honeycomb Valley more “green”. Part of this project was the building of a whole new, eco friendly district called “The Greenery“. There would be three tiny houses up for sale in this district and Morgan, being very environmentally conscious, was really hoping she would be able to get one of those houses where she could then live with her son or daughter.

The Greenery

Morgan wasn’t the only one who excited about these houses in The Greenery. Naomi and Colin had also been discussing moving there. They had always been all about nature and living in a district like this would be perfect! Especially since their current home was really just too expensive now that they also had Isla and Prince. Moving did mean they would have to get rid of a LOT of stuff because their new house would definitely be a whole lot smaller. After a lot of thinking, they decided to go for it anyway. And thus, they had to tell Liam.

we shall move

Liam didn’t mind having to get rid of some stuff, just as long as he could bring Prince.
“Of course you can!” his parents told him. “And did we tell you they have cows there?”
“No way!?”
“Yes! Tomorrow we are invited to come and see it all. Do you want to come?”
“YES! But what about Isla’s birthday then?”
“Well, we were thinking we’ll bring a cake and have Isla’s birthday there?”

They took the cake, Isla and a birthday candle the next morning and headed to The Greenery.


Happy first birthday Isla Mason!
I think she wanted cake too though…

cake at the greenery

After having had cake on the field, the family headed over to the first house which was going to be shown by estate agent Leonard.


Colin and Naomi weren’t the only ones interested in buying a small house in The Greenery. Other interested Sims had also signed up for the tour by Leonard.
Morgan was obviously there and the outdoor loving Anderson family was also interested.

Leonard told them all about The Greenery.

house viewing

“The houses are small, yes! A smaller home means you have to make conscious decisions about what you bring into your home. Only buy what you truly need, which helps the environment. All houses have been isolated and electricity is provided by natural resources.
The Greenery also holds a yard where all residents can plant, grow and harvest their own produce. Over at the farm we have cows and chickens to provide milk and eggs.
The organic supermarket sells only organic stuff and is open to the whole of Honeycomb Valley, not just the residents of The Greenery.
Then we have the field and the garden. The field can be used for all kinds of get togethers. The garden is a place to just relax in. You can go here to unwind from a…”

By this point, Liam was getting bored of it all and joined his classmate Isa outside.


“Hey! Are your parents also looking to buy a house here?”
“Yeah… But I don’t want to move… So I’m not even gonna go in there.”
“Oh. —- It might not be so bad though, you wanna know a secret?”
“What is it…?”did you know

“They have COWS here!”
“Wow!!! My parents said nothing about COWS! Are you sure?!”

“YES! Come on, I’ll show you!”



“Told you.”

Liam and Isa stayed on the farm to play and feed the animals for a while.


Meanwhile the adults went to check out the supermarket.
Annabel Griffiths, though not looking for a new place (there’s no way the Griffiths family could fit in one of these houses), had also come to see this supermarket.

eco market

After the tour, everyone was convinced this would be a GREAT place to live.
Even Isa, who spent the rest of the afternoon playing tag with Liam on the field.tag


After her visit to The Greenery, Morgan was even more excited about her plans. She already had an appointment at the hospital to discuss her course of action the next day, but she also had something else to take care off.
See, Morgan wanted to become a single mother, but since she’s no plant, she knew she would need some help to make this wish come true: a donor.
To Morgan it was important this donor would be a man her future son or daughter could eventually meet. At least once. The idea of an entirely anonymous donor didn’t appeal to her. She knew what she wanted so she sat down with her laptop at Fosters and logged onto a site called donorsearch.sim and created a post:


“Hello good samaritans! My name is Morgan, I’m a 35 year old single girl living in Honeycomb Valley. All my life I’ve know I wanted to be a mum and I even met the guy who’d be dad in that equation. Unfortunately fate had other plans and I lost him years ago. Since then, Prince Charming 2.0 hasn’t entered my life and me and my eggs don’t want to wait for him anymore.
But my eggs alone can’t make a baby, so we need your help! I’m looking for someone who’d be willing to donate his best swimmers to make my dream come true. I’m not asking you to be daddy though, don’t worry! Quite the contrary actually. I’m more than happy to raise this child by myself, but I am looking for someone who’d be willing to meet him or her at least once, when they get older. It’d be great if your appearance matches mine somewhat, so my child won’t have to spend his/her entire life wondering where their blond curls come from, but it’s not a dealbreaker. I myself have black wavy hair and deep brown eyes.
Maybe you’d like to know more about me. Well, like I said, I live in Honeycomb Valley, but I’ve only recently moved here. I’m hoping to get a house in The Greenery, this new eco-friendly district they’ve built here as taking care of our earth is important to me. I also moved here to be closer to my family. My brother and his girlfriend also live here with their sons, my darling nephews who are 12 and 1. I work from home as I am an author. I mostly write children’s books. Only two have been published so far, but I’m working on a new one as we speak. In my spare time I like to read, go on walks, paint or play the violin.
Contact me if you think you can help me out! I’m already truly excited to hear from you!”


The next day Morgan had her hospital appointment.
She told Aaron about her plans and he was very excited! He had personally never had a patient with this wish, although he had done artificial inseminations before.


Aaron told Morgan all about how this would work and ran some basic tests on her. She seemed completely healthy and okay, so Aaron wished her the best of luck in her donor search and told her to contact him when she’d found her donor.

When she arrived back at the hostel, Morgan was very excited indeed to find she already had a mail!


Nervously she opened the message…

Onslow mail


My name is Onslow Mills. I saw ur ad and figured I’d help this yong lady out. Becuse I’m a nice guy, u know. I wud luv 2 meet u. Can u cum c me? Then I can cum 2 if u no what I mean… 😉

Call me on 634-098568


Wow… Morgan closed her laptop in horror… THIS was certainly not what she was looking for…

Spring at the Ranch

Spring in Honeycomb Valley also meant there was lots to be done. Luke and Susie took care of their garden together. Boy obviously “helped” too.

garden work

They say being outdoors makes a man hungry, but in Luke’s case being outdoors made a man… well, you know…



Ah… Yes… See… We’ll umm… leave you to it…


A few days after that horrible email, the initial shock had worn off and Morgan was hopeful again. Okay, that man had been a bit dumb and a lot creepy, but that didn’t mean there was no good donor to be found.


And yes, about a week later, she indeed had another email:

Gareth mail

“Hello Morgan,

I saw the ad you placed on donorsearch.sim and I hope I can help you out.
First, let me introduce myself. My name is Gareth, I’m 28 years old and I’ve lived in Honeycomb Valley for a couple of years now.
I’m a professional photographer and I own my own studio in Bumblebee Quarter. I live here with my 15 year old sister whom I took in after our mother died.
I’m single and don’t have any children yet.
Maybe we can meet for a drink soon?

Give me a call at 634-209754

Kind regards,


Well, that actually sounded hopeful! He wasn’t gorgeous or anything, but Morgan wasn’t looking for beauty, just someone nice with good swimmers.

So, Morgan gave Gareth a call and they agreed to meet the next day. “Love Day”, Gareth reminded her. Morgan didn’t know what that had to do with anything, but fair enough…

Ruby’s Secret Admirer

Gareth was right though, the next day was Love Day. One girl who wasn’t expecting this day to be any kind of special, received a text that morning…

secret admirer“Happy Love Day Ruby, I wouldn’t normally do this, but I had to tell you I quite like you. Xxx, a secret admirer…”

Ruby found it all a bit scary to be honest. It also brought back memories of that time when Jeffrey had told her he liked her and she had to disappoint him by telling him she wasn’t into boys, that way. Jeff hadn’t taken it badly and they were still close friends, but Ruby didn’t like having to do that, and now she might have to do it again…
Even though she was a bit spooked, she still decided to text back. The sooner she got this over with, the better.


“Hi… Look, I suppose I’m flattered you think of me that way, but I think you should know I’m not into boys… I like girls…
“Hehe, what makes you think I’m a boy…?”


“You’re not…?”
“Nope! :D”

Things just got interesting…

“So… ummm… How did you get this number…?”
“You gave it to me!”
“We know each other…?”
“Yup! I’m texting you from a different phone though, wouldn’t be a very good secret admirer otherwise right?”
“I guess… So how well do I know you…? Are we friends…?”
“Hmm… I don’t know if we’re friends. We hung out in a bigger group a few times. I would certainly like to be friends though!”
“I have to admit I’m very curious as to who you are now, lol!”
“Well… How about we meet then… Say, tonight around 7:30? You can choose the place. I promise I’m not creepy or anything!”

Ruby had to think about this for a while. She was very intrigued to find out who this girl was. But meeting was also a bit scary… After thinking about it for a while, she decided she would meet her, but it would have to be somewhere public!

“Okay. Do you know the tiny island in the middle of the park lake? I’ll be there at 7:30.”
“Awesome! I can’t wait! See you tonight then!”
“Okay, see you tonight…”

To be continued in…
part 2

March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt.1)

The residents of Honeycomb Valley grew more and more excited by the day when March rolled around. March meant it was finally time for the long awaited Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival in which local and foreign residents of all ages would compete in various sports.

Day 1: Arrivals of the foreign athletes

Mayor Henry had asked Honeycomb Valley’s biggest busybody most social resident, Patty, to welcome the foreign athletes to Honeycomb Valley and show them around town.
Patty being Patty took this job very seriously and dressed in the Honeycomb Valley’s town colours of orange and white, headed to the bus station early that March morning.


It was a good thing she left home early, because the bus from Bimlico was early as well and pulled in just as Patty arrived.


If any of the Bimlico residents was startled by the chattering blob of orange welcoming them to town, they didn’t show it. Instead they gracefully shook Patty’s hand and nodded their heads when she told them where the hostel was and that she would be there at 2:30 to start the tour around town.


Next, the bus from Sandy Valley arrived. Annie must have been surprised when this lady-in-orange welcomed her with two kisses on the cheek but she didn’t say.
(I was surprised, Annie and Patty had never met, but Patty greeted her with kisses. I’ve only seen this happen one time before and it was when Jacqueline greeted someone in Champs les Sims. It was like she knew Annie was originally French!)

SV arrivals

Jérémy also got welcomed with kisses, but these kisses were very much appreciated! Although, not so much by Erika, it seems. Maybe she doesn’t like public displays of affection?Jeremy arrival

Molly Hayes had not been on the bus from Bimlico. Luke and Susie had driven to Bimlico to pick up Molly’s horse Butter in the trailer, and Molly, not wanting to leave her horse with strangers, had been allowed to join them on the drive back.
Luke had also picked up Prince Noir from Sandy Valley a day earlier.


Aww, Molly and Butter are such good friends! Screenshot-24

Now that Molly had seen her horse was going to be well taken care of during their stay in Honeycomb Valley, Susie took her to the hostel where she’d be staying too.
Here, the athletes from Sandy Valley were already getting acquainted with the athletes from Bimlico. Allison seemed very interested in Billy..get acquainted

At 2:30 exactly, Patty gathered everyone in the lobby of the Rainbow Hostel to start her tour of Honeycomb Valley. “Make sure you keep an eye on me!” she told them. Well, Patty, you’re pretty hard to miss…


Molly was happy and excited to be here, even if she had to go on a tour with a lady in orange.


Johnathan and Rémi were less amused… But I think they hoped Patty would show them to the pub!


The first stop on the tour wasn’t a pub though, it was the City Hall. Patty shouted a bit of Honeycomb Valley history at the guests, but not everyone seemed interested.


Then, the group walked to the Parks of the Separated Sisters.


Here, Patty took the time to tell the urban legend of the sisters and how they got separated.parks

This story proved to be a bit too scary for Billy, who passed out. (He said it was because it was boring though, but I think he was just a bit of a coward 😉 )


Molly was still very happy and excited.


And Annie got totally caught up in the story.


Once the story was over, the group walked to the underground station to travel to Bumblebee Quarter.metro

Once there, Patty told them a bit about the history of this part of town, after which she left them to their own devices.


Ofelia immediately started mocking Erika. Don’t let her get to you too much, Erika, she can’t help it…


Joshua and Mary, neither of them sims who appreciate big groups of strangers, wandered off for some one on one time by the canals.


Rémi quickly found The Bumblebee and was so happy, he had a dance with bargirl Veronica.


Jérémy never even went along on the tour. For him, part of the whole purpose of coming to Honeycomb Valley was so he could hang out with his Sophie. They met in the playpark, where Esme and her cousin Isa were also hanging out.


This was unfortunate for our lovebirds, because Esme obviously immediately interfered in their rendezvous.


Thankfully, they were able to shake her off and spend some time together.


Day 2: The Honeycomb Valley Run

The next morning marked the start of the festival. The very first event would be the Honeycomb Valley Run. A run divided over three distances for three different age groups. The children, 5-11 years old, were up first. As you may remember from the apple bobbing at the last day of school past June, Ellie is very competitive and she was determined to win this run today. She got up early to make sure she was well prepared and finished her breakfast before her sister had even started.


Lots of people gathered for the opening of the festival. It was still quite cold this early spring morning, but hopefully the weather would pick up.


Mayor Henry opened the festival and introduced the judges/referees for the coming events:
Amelia Ward, professional swimmer, would judge swimming.
Dylan Stevens, professional football player, would judge football and basketball.
Christopher Brown, professional football player, would judge football and martial arts.
Luke Bennett, professional rider, would judge the equestrian event.


The rules of the event were as follows:
* Professional athletes are not allowed to compete in the sport they specialise in, but are allowed to compete in other sports.
* Any form of favouring of family members or loved ones by judges will be punished with a substantial fee.
* All sports will be played out as individual matches. This means that, even in team sports such as football and basketball, the games will be played by shootouts/contests between two sims.
* Any athlete caught cheating will immediately be disqualified.
* Walking out of a match for whatever reason will be considered forfeiting the game and the athlete in question will not be allowed to re-enter the match.

Then, the children gathered at the start for their run.


And they were off! And look who it is in leading position? It’s Ellie!!ellie ahead

The run for the little ones wasn’t very long, it stretched from the stadium, down the hill, to the corner at City Hall and then back up again to the stadium. So after about a half hour, the children were appearing again, heading for the finish line. Who would win it…?


And the winner is… ELLIE! She did it! The Chapman brothers also made the podium, with Riley coming in second and Tyler coming in third.ellie wins

Once all the kids were in, it was the teens’ turn. Jérémy was the first foreigner to participate in an event.


The teens had to run a bit further and soon the distance between them grew. When Trisha was still on her way to the corner where they had to turn back, Jérémy was already on his way up again.trisha jeremy

After 48.08 minutes, the first runner made it across the finish line. It was Ruby!


She was followed by Logan and then Jérémy.


Ellie seemed to think it was only right she won gold.


Jérémy wasn’t too bothered about this medal. After all, he came to win one in martial arts!


When the evening started to fall, all participants over 18 gathered at the start. It was a big group! Mary seemed very determined!


There they went! Abbey started off at slow abbey run

Andrew was very fast! He was already at the fire station…


…when the others were still making their way down the hill.


And when the others arrived at the firestation, Andrew was already at the beach…


It was no wonder Andrew was the first to cross the finish line, with a time of 46:06!


Lillian was very proud of her husband!


While Andrew was already putting on his coat, the rest of group had finally made it to the beach.


The race for second place was to be more exciting than the race for first. In the end, it was Evelyn who came in second, at 1:23:45.


And Mary was third, at 1:24:20.


Then the rest of the group followed quickly. Abbey was last, because she walked the entire way.


Of course, the winners of this run also got a medal. Mary was very excited about hers!


And so, the first event of the festival had taken place and everyone went home excited for what the next days would bring!

More sports in
part 2


It was a lot of fun to play the run. It really was all fair, all the runners started at the same time. But sims will be sims, so along the way, some stopped for a bit because there was another sim in front of them. Eventually they all continued. It was good to see Ellie win, even though she’s a blob of pixels, I really think she wanted this ;). Andrew was a HUGE surprise. He really was MILES ahead of the rest. And I hadn’t given him any other instructions! He just ran faster. Afterwards, I found out he has 10 athletic skills, probably from all those water sports he did in Isla Paradiso. Abbey made me laugh. I had told her to “jog here”, just like the rest of the group, but she refused to run. She just kept on walking, no matter what I did. It was probably a glitch, but it was funny regardless. Abbey doesn’t run. Hmmm, not sure this is a good quality for a cop…

January 05: Ice Ice Baby (Pt.2)

Go back to…
part 1

In the next few weeks there were more and more people all over town who tried on their ice skates. This was not without reason! At the end of the month there would be an ice skating event on the canals! Lots of people, such as Lexie, wanted to gain some skills before this day.


After School

Two and a half weeks into January there was something buzzing at The Beehive. Someone, in some class had the idea to visit the lake at the waterfall this afternoon. Apparently it was frozen over. That hardly ever happened! So the news went round and more and more people adopted the plan to visit the lake after school that afternoon.

It sure was busy!


Groups of friends, parents with young children, couples, it almost seemed like everyone was there!


Seth was being very careful…


…but he still needs a bit of practice…

stumbling seth

The highschool seniors, Seth, James, Daniel, Jill and Sarah, have been this group of friends ever since they were 5. Suzan is also a highschool senior, but she has always been part of a different “group” and is quite a different type of person anyway. But these five have been friends (and as we all know, in some cases a bit more than that) for ages. This year is the last year they’ll enter as teens, as they’ll all graduate high school this June. But it’s not June yet, it’s January. And after the afternoon on the ice, this group of friends decided to spend a bit more time together and go out for pizza.

pizzaJill took the fact James sat next to her to mean something, but he seemed to just have a fun night of food and chats.


After pizza they also went to the cinema. Seth had to go home though, which was too bad.
It was very quiet in the cinema. Probably because it was so cold outside.


When they chatted for a bit after the movie, Daniel seemed very distracted by his phone…


The Ice Skating Contest

On the last saturday of January it was time for the Ice Skating Contest on the canals. We meet Daniel again, as he and Sadie had agreed to meet early that morning on the playpark halfway between their houses, before going to the canals. Whatever it was between them was still just between them (well, and Esme and Martha, who saw them kissing on NYE and obviously Rachel, who Sadie had already told, but hey) and so they still met in secret.


They were happy to see each other.morning date

Daniel was so happy even, he felt his dream came true. Awww…
(Isn’t this just the cutest moodlet?) 


Down by the canals it soon got very busy. Stands had been put up where people could help themselves to hot chocolate or soup to keep warm.
busy canals

Dylan and Amelia, being the town’s most “famous” sports personalities, were going to judge the event.

Everyone was allowed to skate on the canals freely, but Dylan and Amelia would be watching closely and choosing winners in three categories:
– Best spin
– Best backwards skating
– Best couples spin


Soon, lots of people were skating. Some  really good, others not so much, but at least everyone was having fun.

everybody skate

After 2 hours of watching the skaters, the judges headed over to the pancake house at the top of the canals to discuss what they had seen.Screenshot-193

Meanwhile, I caught a certain young lady destroying a snow angel by the side of the canal… Oh Ellie


The scores are in! People gathered in front of the pancake house to hear Dylan announce the winners…


In the category “Best spin”, the winner is…


Luke Bennett! For both his skill and the fact that he wasn’t distracted by people falling all around him.

In the category “Best backwards skating”, the winner is…


Ruby Murray! For daring to skate backwards even on busier spots of the canal and doing so without bumping into anyone!

And finally,in the category “Best couples spin”, the winners are…


Brother and sister Jake and Abbey Atkins! For being fluent and synchronised!

Winners group picture time!


In the midst of all this business, Sarah pulled her cousin apart.

“Look Dan”, she said, “I have to ask you. You’ve been acting a bit… weird lately. You’re so distracted and sometimes we just can’t reach you at all. I was beginning to get worried, but earlier this afternoon I saw you talking to Sadie on the bridge and I couldn’t help but think, is there something going on between you two…?”

cousin heart to heart

Well, what’s a boy to do when asked so straight forward… So yes, Daniel confirmed there was indeed “something” going on between him and Sadie.
“So”, Sarah asked, “is she your girlfriend now?”
“No… I mean, I don’t know… We haven’t really talked about it…”
“Well, do you want her to be your girlfriend?”
“Yes, I really do…”
“Then make it happen! And no more of this secretkeeping!”


Sometimes, Sarah can be a bit like her mother
But Daniel appreciated his cousin’s advice and was glad he no longer had to hide.


There was only one thing left to do:


“So I guess what I’m asking is… do you want to be my girlfriend?”


Of course she wanted that!

And with that, the first month of 05 was over. Well nearly….

Surprise, surprise

On the last day of January there was a little surprise at the Bennett household: Spider and Snow became parents to a little foal! Awww! His name is Cinnamon and Susie couldn’t be happier.


Bring on February!

July 04: Summercamp! (Part 3)

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Another day! Goodmorning guys!


Sophie and Seth took care of the dishes this morning (I’m sorry, I just love these kitchen pictures, I don’t know why 😉 )


After which, Seth went outside to flirt some more with Holly. In front of Ofelia. Again. Wow.Seth Holly flirt

Ofelia wasn’t happy at all, but instead of going to Kylie, this time she confronted Holly herself. Although, “confronted”? She made fun of her, more like. Holly didn’t appreciate it.Ofi Holly fight


The day was going to be all about activities on the water. The group rented boats or paddleboats.  Jérémy got in a rowboat with, of course, Sophie. Screenshot-84

They went for a dip in the water too!


The rest of the group had rented paddleboats to explore the river with.Paddleboats

The rest of the group, except for Ruby, that is. She preferred to try the climbing wall at the beach.Screenshot-104

Before long, Jérémy and Sophie were back again. And they found themselves alone…. So they decided to do this…Jeremy Soph flirt beach

And then… this…Jeremy Soph kiss beach

Yeah, that was bound to happen!


Time flies when you’re having fun, so before they knew it, it was the last night already. They had a leftover buffet for dinner, but they still seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.


After dinner, Seth tried to make things right with Ofelia again. At first, she wanted none of it and laughed in his face. But he was so charming, that after a while she allowed him to hold her hands again.

Side note: Ofelia and Seth came to camp Windiwell as friends. After their kiss, they were romantic interests. But with all Seth’s flirting with Holly, their relationship bar had dropped to below 0 by this point and they were no longer romantic interests and not even friends anymore. Because Seth is persistent though, Ofelia eventually allowed his flirts again, and their relationship bar rose to just a tad above 0. Even though the bar is still low, they are romantic interests again now. Pffft, Sims… (or maybe, teens…)Ofi Seth mixed signals

Last night traditionally means Karoake Night at Camp Windiwell! Don and Kylie kicked things off!Screenshot-109

The audience seemed to enjoy it.karaoke audience 1

Although some people only had eyes for each other….Screenshot-122

Ruby went next! Last year she performed with Sadie and they rocked! Sadie is now singing with The Hot Wings, but Ruby proved she could hold a note on her own as well!Screenshot-119

Next up were Jeffrey and his new friend Benjamin! They… didn’t sound good… But at least they had fun!Screenshot-124

I’m not sure the audience was very enthusiastic about their performance though…karaoke audience 2

Kyra and Holly felt they could do this too! And they could. Just as well as Jeffrey and Ben!Screenshot-130


They all went to bed quite late that night and the next morning they spent most their time packing. Benjamin still found some time to enjoy fishing though.


And Sophie and Jérémy still found some time to enjoy each other….


Of course they had to take a romantic picture to remember this summer by!Jeremy Soph phonepicture

And then the bus arrived…


Sorry guys, it’s time to go!Screenshot-154

Back in Honeycomb Valley (the first stop on the route) the parents, siblings and dog were already waiting for the bus.


And there they were! Even though camp had been great, it was also nice to be home again!Home again

The kids from Sandy Valley and Bimlico got off the bus to say goodbye to their new friends too, but they still had a longer drive ahead of them.
For Sophie and Jérémy, the pain of saying goodbye was lessened by the fact that they’d be seeing each other again next week, when Sophie was to come to Sandy Valley to stay with her friend Chloé again. GoodbyeIt was an amazing summercamp!

July 04: Summercamp! (Part 2)

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As the days progressed, the weather got increasingly warmer, so a trip to the beach was most appreciated by all the kids. They must all have felt it was too hot to do anything, because pretty soon, they were all sunbathing.


Although, not ALL of them were. Logan played in the water with Kylie.


And Seth and Ofelia copied this idea. The water of the Appaloosa River was quite refreshing!

Ofi Seth Oceanplay

Ah, look who found a place along side one another to catch some sun…


Turning back to Seth and Ofelia, there was a surprise! Ofi Seth kiss

Despite already having flirted with both Sophie and Holly, Seth had now decided to take things to a whole new level with his friend Ofelia. Knowing his twin brother Silas likes her, I’m not sure how this will go down back in Bimlico… Ofelia didn’t seem to mind though! They saw each other as romantic interests after this.

Meanwhile Jérémy had gotten up from his towel and was trying some windsurfing.


And, he was not alone…Screenshot-1220

Holly also wanted to try the water and went snorkeling.Screenshot-1224

Because the weather was so nice, they decide to have a meal on the beach.Screenshot-1227

And a nice refreshing drink of course!Screenshot-1228

When it got dark, everyone got on their bikes and went back to camp. Jérémy didn’t feel like he had to put on his everyday clothes just to ride his bike, apparently.


That night, they had marshmellows by the fire. Jeffrey didn’t seem to like his burnt ones much!Screenshot-1242

Wow, I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Sophie and Ofelia, sitting together without a bad word between them? Maybe these girls will be friends after all!Marshmellows

Ofelia was showing her good side more as the days went on. She even put in extra effort when it was her turn on kitchen duty with Jeffrey. Jeffrey wasn’t too pleased about this job though!Screenshot-1252 Kitchenduty Jeffrey Ofi

That day the group got on their bikes again and headed off to…Bikes

..the sports field!Screenshot-1275

Since Seth loves being active, he immediately went to the goal!Seth football

And then, a bit further down the field, I saw this happening…


Kyra rolled the wish to kiss Logan right after this, but he didn’t have any wish like that, so I decided to let it be for now.

Seth took a break from football. To flirt. With Holly. IN FRONT OF OFELIA! This guy is so bad!Seth Holly flirt 2

She went straight to Kylie to “complain about Holly”.Screenshot-1282


The following days, the hot weather persisted, so a visit to the Appaloosa Plains pool was a great idea!


Logan always jumps at a chance to read his book! Even at the pool!Screenshot-1284

Ruby and Benjamin loved the diving board. Benjamin is clearly more skilled in this!Dives

Sophie, just because she’s pretty. 😉


Logan had been forced to get up when Kyra, Ofelia, Ruby, Jeffrey and Holly decided to use the field for a water balloon fight. So, he decided to participate!Screenshot-1302

Ruby has a strong arm…Screenshot-1310

…as Holly experienced!Holly waterfight

They had a lot of fun!


When it started to get dark, the group went back to camp. Benjamin stayed behind a little longer though, to try one last dive…Ben awesome dive

WOW! I guess swimming is in his genes!

Ben arrived back at camp a little later because of his dives, but there was still some dinner left for him.


That night, Jérémy and Holly had kitchen duty.


And then they were off again! There were going to be summer fireworks at the beach, so they went to have a look. Some of the kids even got to light fireworks themselves!Lighting fireworks PRETTY!! Screenshot-45 Pretty fireworks Back at camp, everyone turned in for the night. Everyone, except Logan and Kyra! He asked her if she wanted to watch the stars with him. Awwww… Of course she did!Logan Kyra starsDespite the flirts and him asking her to watch the stars, Logan still didn’t seem to have any wishes to take things further. He had made Kyra’s night with this though!

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