June 05: Growing up (Part 1)

June in Honeycomb Valley was all about growing up. For some it even felt like the end of an era. And maybe it was…


The first one to grow up this month was Ethan. Ben and Grace were happy they managed to complete everything regarding the move before Ethan’s birthday. They were also happy to have that big field outside their house where they could celebrate their son’s fifth birthday party.


They had invited all the neighbours and of course their friends and family.


Benjamin had to get out his guitar to set the mood. Morgan seemed to really love it!


Cake time!
Ethan five

Just like his sister last year, Ethan was allowed to put on his new birthday clothes after blowing out the candles. And they all had cake.


One of Ethan’s first actions as a five year old was hitting Chloe with a water balloon. Way to make friends Ethan! (She laughed about it ūüėČ )Screenshot-185

Isa had a present for  her brother. A wildflower she picked herself earlier that day. He was very happy with it.prezzie

Isa wanted to play catch with cousin Esme.Screenshot-192But Esme threw the ball so fast, it hit Isa in the face each time.


She then decided it would be better to play with her brother.


The party on the field lasted all day. It was a lovely birthday.


The end of the school year was fast approaching and with it came final exams for all students whom were leaving this year. Last year, only two students in class 6 had been old enough to leave high school, but this year, the entire class 6 would graduate

And final exams meant a LOT of studying!

Friends James, Sarah, Daniel, Jill and Seth had a study day in the park.

Screenshot-16They did get interrupted by a certain little girl though…


Ellie! You can walk ANYWHERE! Why choose this place exactly?! *Sigh*…

After some time though, they did take a study break.

take a break

They threw water balloons (it was really hot!) and tossed a ball around


Hopefully, after this day they were fully prepared, because only a few days later, exam time was upon them…

It was long and hard…

examsAnd this is what they scored*:

Daniel: 1417
James: 1685
Jill: 1521
Sarah: 1630
Seth: 2010
Suzan: 1358

* Read more about what their scores mean in my Education post here.

Seth did amazingly well! Suzan didn’t do too great… Although she technically scored enough to both graduate and go to University, being the granddaughter of ex-principal Alice, more was expected of her. But then again, Suzan never really took school very seriously and her goal was to just score enough points to get out of there. She missed her partner in crime, Anna, who would be¬†-thank heavens- coming back to Honeycomb Valley this summer. Suzan had been part of her only little clique consisting of Wesley, Anna, Emmett and herself, but the others were all older and had left school in previous years. She totally did not fit in with this bunch…

***Note: a funny thing to mention is that all three “Hot Wings” boys scored full marks on the “arts” part of the test. Jill, who cooks a lot, also got full marks here and Sarah, who also cooks, scored 345 out of 400***

Last Day

While temperatures rose, the last day of the school year arrived. Last year, the kids of The Beehive had a party on the beach. This year they would have their celebration in the park again.


Ah! Look what we have here! Ellie’s favourite: apple bobbing!


Ellie was determined to win this year!

She was up against Nathan, Ruth and Riley.



Keep trying EllieBellie!

It was a fun morning of playing.

Screenshot-75Nathan demonstrated his seesaw trick which he learnt in Sandy Valley last summer.


While his brother played on the bee riders with little Isa.


Megan and Liam had a water balloon fight!fight

The last day wasn’t just fun for the kids though, the teachers enjoyed themselves too! That’s it girls, never grow up!Screenshot-79Meanwhile, classmates Zoe and Chantal were talking. It was almost time for them to get changed into their costumes and they were both getting a bit nervous…


Oh, you’re wondering what they are so nervous for and why they had to change? Well, this is such a story, it required its own part of¬†this¬†story. And so, let’s read all about it in…

part 2

December 04: Merry Christmas… (Pt. 1)

It’s December, and thus, the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas is upon us! Lots of things occurred in Honeycomb Valley in the weeks leading up to Christmas and there was also something quite exciting right¬†after Christmas. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first!

Two weeks until Christmas…

A birthday cake and a very excited looking Pierce can only mean one thing: the triplets are having a birthday!!

Happy birthday Brian, Chloe and Megan!


The Knights didn’t want a big party, so they just had a small celebration with cake after which the triplets gathered in the backyard so Loretta could take their birthday picture.

From left to right: Megan, Brian, Chloe.


Mouse wanted to wish Megan a happy birthday too. Or so she thought…Mouse

Bad kitty!!

That night the kids brushed their teeth for the first time by themselves.Teeth

The next morning, it was an early breakfast, because the kids were eager to go outside: the first snow had fallen!


Matching Knight family slippers.


Yay, snow! While Brian and Chloe built a snowman, Megan made many snowangels!Snow

One week until Christmas…

The last day before the Christmas Holidays, the Beehive held their first annual Christmas Dinner. A “formal” event for all the teens and high school teachers of the Beehive.


The gym was transformed into a “restaurant” with lots of tables and buffets. The kids could sit where ever they wanted and get up to get something to eat as often as they liked.


Everyone came “in style” and of course Holly and Kyra found seats next to one another.


The teens and their teachers all seemed to have a great time.


Once everyone was finished eating, the tables and chairs were pushed aside and the floor was open for everyone who wanted to dance.


Most kids started out chatting though. Like bandmates Daniel and Sadie. He showed her a video she found funny…Sadie-Dan

…and they ended up talking for the rest of the night!


Meanwhile, James was engrossed in an interesting conversation about guitars with music teacher Benjamin.


Umm… Holly… When people find the darkest corner of a room for some one on one time, it’s not really appropriate to watch them… (the couple is Finn and Esme, by the way)


After a while, people actually did start dancing.do a little dance

Martha was having a discussion with her brother.


While everyone was busy dancing or chatting…


Sophie felt her book was more interesting…


Most of the dancing couples were quite likely matches, like Seth and Sarah


…and Esme and Finn…


…but¬†this was an unexpected turn of events!James-Jill

Yes, that’s James and Jill! Ex-lovers James and Jill who had a nasty break up at prom, in 03…


Jill, who never really got over James, judging by the look in her eyes when she watched him perform at her birthday party

flashback 2

…but despite that always giving him the cold shoulder whenever he so much as talked to her. And now here they were, dancing together. No,¬†slow dancing together even!

After the party was over, James even walked Jill home (such a gentleman) and they ended up having a snowball fight in her backyard.


Then it was time for James to say goodbye.

don't talk just kiss

Right… Not so much goodbye then.
And, you know what they say, one thing led to another…

make a little love

I hope you were being safe there, James. We don’t want Jill in the same state Ingrid is¬†in

Obviously, James couldn’t stay the night. Finn was staying at Esme’s, but Jill’s parents would be home any minute. Think of all the questions this would raise! So, now it really was time for goodbye.

one night only

Was this just a one night thing, are they getting back together? Time will tell…

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October 04: Is it Scary…? (Part 2)

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Halloween at The Beehive

For children, the scary part of October is the BEST part of October! And at the primary department of The Beehive, each class had its own way to celebrate autumn and Halloween.

Naomi and her class 2 had an afternoon of pumpkin carving.


First they had to empty the pumpkins and then they could, carefully, carve them.

Riley was the only one of the group to decide on carving a traditional Jack-O-Lantern. Nick wanted to make a silly one, Ruth opted for a cat and Nathan decided to created a ghost lantern.


In the end, Riley was the only one who succeeded. But no matter, we all had fun right?


While class 2 was carving pumpkins, Eva gathered her class 1 kids in the hallway to go on an autumn walk in the park.


Before long, they arrived.


They did some raking…rake

…and found a squirrel…squirrel

…and obviously Ellie had to give Isa a scare…


After about an hour or two, they all sat down to have a picnic. They were even joined briefly by Megan Knight who was very interested in what they were eating.

Lucy‘s class 3 had the afternoon off, because for the eldest pupils of the primary school, a special event had been set up. They got to come to school in the evening all dressed up!
Joshua and Miriam Edwards almost hadn’t been allowed to go, father John feels a celebration like Halloween is so very heathen and he didn’t want any children of his to be a part of it, but Lucy assured him no satan worshipping would be going on and big sister Martha gave her father a piece of her mind too. It was just a children’s celebration! In the end, John caved, but there was no way his children could dress up as witches or ghost pirates. So, Miriam went as a tiger, and Joshua as a hotdog.

First, the group had a very scary dinner…Spooky dinner

…Then, Lucy told a ghost story…¬†(Shhh… We’re not telling John…)


…and they had their picture taken…


And then it was time for the best part of the night; Trick or treat-ing! The school had send out letters to all the residents of Orange Blossom, Honeycomb Valley’s main residential area, to ask them to put out a lit pumpkin this night if the class 3 were welcome to ring their doorbell. And yay! Lots of people did!Trick or treat

At the Wyler residence Patty had gone all out!


At 22:00 the kids and their teacher arrived back at school with lots of candy in their pockets. It had been a great night!


Esme’s plan

The last days of October marked the start of a week long autumn break for the kids and teens of The Beehive.
Esme had a great plan for the start of these holidays! She called up her friend Martha to invite her over and discuss the details.


Pretty soon, Martha arrived and Esme told her friend all about her plan: let’s invite the whole class and camp out for a night in the woods! We’ll bring some music and build a fire, it’ll be scary, but awesome!

the plan

Martha agreed. Well, her father would never agree to let her go, but who cares! She’d just sneak out! And so the girls immediately picked up their phones to call their classmates.


Aiden was in, Jeffrey was in, Sophie was in, Ruby was coming, Finn was obviously going to be there, Esme asked her sister face to face and when Rachel heard Sadie was going, she agreed to come too.call

And so, they gathered in the woods that night. Of course, Esme and Finn were immediately all over each other again, which made Rachel wonder why she agreed to come…

To understand what’s going on between Esme, Finn and Rachel; read the story of Camp Windiwell 03 here)


“Oh leave them be”, Sadie told her best friend. “I’ve moved on and forgave her, Rach, I think you should really try to move on too…”


All Rachel could think was that it was easier said than done and how she had always loved Finn more than Sadie had, but she said nothing and welcomed a hug from her best friend.


It was a fun night. They built a fire, had a dance…


… sent texts to romantic interests in foreign countries….text

… And Esme and Finn had lots of making out sessions…


I was starting to wonder if Esme hadn’t planned this whole night just for her own benefit, and when I saw her entering a tent and Finn following, I knew I was right…


Right… Let’s hope Rachel wasn’t near that tent…
Meanwhile Jeffrey and Sadie tossed a ball around.


A few hours later, everyone had found a tent to sleep in. Although, in Esme and Finn’s tent there wasn’t much sleeping going on it seems….
Sophie was being tough and decided to sleep outside. But maybe this was just so the beeps of her phone when her texts came in wouldn’t wake anyone else up…


Halfway through the night however, it started to hail. This was too much for Sophie.


She quickly went for cover in Martha’s tent.


Yes, Sophie, nights are certainly getting colder. It’s getting close to November, after all…

Also this October…

Look, it’s Miss Anna, all packed. Where is she going, you wonder? Anna is going abroad for a year. What about Matthew, you wonder? Why? What about him? He has a nanny, doesn’t he…?

September 04: Brand New (Part 2)

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First Day of School

The next brand new thing was the start of the brand new school year.

Joel was a bit nervous for his first day as a high school student that morning as he had breakfast with Rosalie.


He and Emily had agreed to meet at the school early so they could be there before the crowd.Joel and Emily

And it turned out that was a smart decision, because ten minutes later, it got very busy at The Beehive!


It was an exciting day for Isa (and her mum) as well, as she was going to school for the very first time! Thankfully miss Eva seemed lovely.Welcome Isa

Pretty soon, Isa’s classmates Ellie and Liam also arrived.
Class 1 started the day with a bit of free playing before getting down to serious business.Class 1

Naomi‘s class 2 was soon hard at work. Newcomer Riley had some questions, but Ruth, who was also new to class 2, dived into the work immediately.
Class 2

Lucy‘s class 3 had a good day as well. They loved their new room and their new teacher was nice too. Lucy obviously knew to keep an extra eye on Chantal though, since she’s not the brightest crayon in the box.Class 3

Over at the high school building, the kids started off with their own class mentors, who first gave them an introduction explaining what to expect this year and then moved on straight into the first lesson.
Class 4 started with music. Benjamin was real excited to get started, but it seems half of class 4 isn’t paying much attention…Class 4

Class 5 had IT first and were soon hard at work.Class 5

For class 6 things were really getting serious this year. This year all of class 6 students were entering their final year of high school and the pressure was on. They all seem very motivated at least.Class 6

Headmaster Elliot also had business to tend to. He had a job interview!
Elliot had told his primary school team during the meeting they had over summer, that he really needed someone to tend the registration desk. Lucy had immediately thought of her sister! Of course, Susie had different dreams, but it would at least be a good job until something else were to come along. Elliot thought it was a good idea and asked Susie if she would be interested. Of course she had come interview first.


The interview went really well and afterwards it was clear; Susie had a job!Interview Susie

Meanwhile, Grace needed to fill the day now that Isa was in school and since the weather was still great (it was 27 degrees), she took Ethan to the beach. She wasn’t the only one! Loretta had brought the triplets there as well!


First the mums played with their kids in the ocean.Toddlers in ocean

Then mothers and toddlers got acquainted. They found out their husbands worked together and their kids were all very close in age! It seems a new friendship was made.


Babies and Birthdays

More brand new things came in the form of brand new people!

First up were two brand new toddlers. It was September so that meant it was birthday time for Justin and Vicky Griffiths! The Griffiths family decided to have the birthday celebrations early in the morning, before the girls had to go to school. Annabel and Max don’t seem too happy about the idea of having two toddlers running around the house…


Their sisters were excited though! Even grumpy Ellie!


Peek-a-boo! Hello little Justin and Vicky!  (New pictures of Justin and Vicky have been added to the Griffiths family post!)


After two brand new toddlers, it was time for a brand new baby! Lexie Brown was due to give birth to her second child. ¬†Since Christopher thought it would still be a while yet, he hadn’t made plans to take days off work yet.

So… you can imagine his surprise when he came home from work one day to find he had another son! Quite a surprise… Welcome Noah Brown!

(What really happened was this; I knew Lexie was about to have her baby so I activated the Brown household thinking I would play out the birth story. As it turned out; I was too late! The baby had already been born! Oops! So, I guess Chris and I were both too late. Oh, and babies who are born when you’re not there are named by the game, so, you know, obviously the Browns suddenly had a son called Bobby. Bobby Brown. *Rolls eyes* )Surprise baby

There was another brand new baby yet to be born though and no one would be late for that one!

The Edwards family were still eight and having dinner.


After dinner, Amy didn’t feel too well and figured tonight might very well be the night. Having had 6 kids already, she kind of knew the signals…
She decided to lie down for a while.


And yes, that night it was clearly time for Edwards baby number seven to arrive.


The delivery went quickly. And pretty soon Amy and John were the proud parents of new baby Joseph!
Although… proud…JosephAnd with the arrival of baby Joseph, September was ¬†through. The trees were starting to shed their leaves and the nights were getting colder. It was clearly autumn now and that meant it was time for… Oh well, that’s a story for another time.

September 04: Brand New (Part 1)

Goodbye Alice, Hello New School

September in Honeycomb Valley was very much a month of brand new things. The first brand new thing was the new Beehive! Elliot Murray was very excited for this day. It would be a great event because not only would the new school be officially opened, it was also a goodbye party for Alice, who was now officially retired. This meant it would be Elliot’s first formal appearance as headmaster of The Beehive.

He met with Samuel quite early in the morning to see if everything was set up properly.Samuel

Samuel did a great job so Elliot had plenty of time to practice his speech.


Before long, people started to arrive. Elliot welcomed mayor Henry and his wife Jacqueline.Mayor

And then it was time.
Elliot spoke of the difference Alice had made in the lives of many, how much she had meant to the school and how honoured he was to be following in her footsteps.Speech

After the speech for Alice, the audience moved on to the next event: the opening of the new school. Abigail was there on official Honeycomb Gazette business. Of course the opening of the school was a front page event.Opening

And thus The Beehive was reopened!


The residents of Honeycomb Valley had been very curious about the new school and it soon got very busy inside the primary school…


…and outside the high school!
So many people wanted to go in here, there were queues at the door!
(YOU don’t have to get in queue to tour The Beehive, you can do so right here!)


But for Elliot the job was not yet done! He met with Abigail for an interview.


She asked him about his reasons for building three separate buildings, what his plans for the future of The Beehive were and if there were any more changes on the horizon.Interview

Meanwhile, people had a chance to say goodbye to Alice outside. And they did. In great numbers. Alice was showered in gifts and flowers from thankful parents and (ex-)pupils for her years of hard work and leadership.


Patty was of course there as well. She’s always present at every event and wouldn’t miss this one for the world.


Patty is also head of the parent committee and has been ever since Eva first went to school. She offered Alice a gift on behalf of all the parents.Gift for Alice

And after all the other parents and students had left, Patty was still there chatting to Alice… Poor Alice…Patty

When the evening fell, the party was still going strong. The kids tried out the new playground equipment. ¬†Of course, we can always count on our Ellie to add a bit of grumpy to any event. She also didn’t give little Isa a chance to go on the bee-rider. Typical.Grumpy Ellie

Meanwhile, Abigail was home writing her article. She had a deadline to catch.


And sure enough, the next morning, the re-opening of The Beehive was the Honeycomb Gazette’s top story. Alice also got the opportunity to write a guest column to thank everyone for all the years of faith in her.¬†newspapers

Moving Day

The next brand new thing was Lucas Adams‘ brand new apartment! He went to view it in June and now it was finally time to move in. A lot still needed to be done, but hey, all in good time.

Lucas had rented a moving van and on a rainy september morning, loaded all his stuff in the van while grandma kept asking him every five minutes where he was going.


After everything was in the van, Lucas said goodbye to grandma and then drove off to his new apartment. Grandma wondered where he was going and figured she should have asked him…


When Lucas arrived at his new apartment the rain had cleared up. This was lucky since the boxes already got a bit wet when he was loading them in. Screenshot-151

Yep Lucas, there’s still a lot to be done, but it’s home.


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The Beehive (School)


What is it?
The school!

Who works here?
Elliot (headmaster)
Lillian (RT and assistant headmaster)
Eva (Class 1 – Primary school)
Naomi (Class 2 – Primary school)
Lucy (Class 3 – Primary school)
Benjamin (Music and class mentor Class 4 – High school)
Zach (IT and class mentor Class 5 – High school)
Olivia (Science and class mentor Class 6 – High school)
Pierce (Maths – High school)
Samantha (World sciences – High school)
Alexis (Art – High school)
Theo (Physical Education)
Samuel (Janitor)

The Beehive. A name very fitting for a school in Honeycomb Valley. A beehive, after all, is a place where little bees live and are taught all a bee needs to know. The same thing has happened at The Beehive in Honeycomb Valley for years. The school used to be located in one big building, where the kids were taught on the ground floor and the teens were taught on the upper floor. But a fresh wind is blowing at The Beehive. Headmistress Alice Foster-Knight retired in 04 and Elliot Murray was taking over. His first order of business was a new schoolbuilding. Or, actually, three new schoolbuildings; one for the Primary School, one for the Gym and one for the High School.  Come and take the tour with us!

The Primary School

At the Primary school the children from 5 to 11 years old are taught in three classes. They have one teacher for all their subjects. You can read more about the Honeycomb Valley Education System here.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size. Also, be sure to read the captions, as those will give you more information about the school.

High School

At the High School the teens from 12 to 20 years old are taught in 3 age groups. They have a class mentor, but get lessons from specialised teachers. You can read more about the Honeycomb Valley Education System here.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size. Also, be sure to read the captions, as those will give you more information about the school.

The Gym

Physical Education is important, so The Beehive gym is located centrally between the high school and primary school building. This way it’s at equal distance for both the teens and the children.

The pictures below work as a gallery. Clicking the first one will open a gallery where you can easily view them all in a nice size. Also, be sure to read the captions, as those will give you more information about the school.

Thank you for visiting The Beehive!


August 04: Meanwhile, in Honeycomb Valley… (Part 1)

While some of Honeycomb Valley’s residents went on holiday in August, many also stayed home. And a lot happened! But we’ll start at the beginning…


Susie was slowly getting settled in in her old hometown. Even though she was still hurt from the break up, she decided to try and look on the bright side. At least now she was back home and she could go riding again! She remembered Luke had told her she was always welcome to take one of his horses out, so she decided to take him up on that offer and went to the ranch.


Luke was happy to lend Susie Snow, the horse her niece rides on during lessons as well. Since it was a very hot day the ranch had no visitors. “Hey“, said Luke, “why don’t I go with you!” Susie had actually been looking forward to riding alone, clearing her head, but Luke had been so nice as to lend her a horse for free, so she felt it would be rude to tell him this.
And thus; Susie and Luke (and Boy) went for a ride together.Going for a ride

When they reached a clearing they stopped for a drink of of water.


Look what I can do!” Luke boasted. Susie thought this act was quite dangerous actually and not at all something to boast about…

Side note: Luke standing on his horse like this seemed to be a glitch, but it made me laugh nonetheless and it was very fitting considering the situation.


After their break, Luke and Susie rode on to the top of the hill.Going for a ride 2

They stopped at the monument for a look out over town.


Then they galloped back to the ranch.


Susie stayed for a last cup of coffee.


And then thanked Luke for the day. “Oh, of course!” he said. “Come back any time. Really. ANY time!”


Carson and Natascha

On a warm friday night, Carson and Natascha headed for Honeycomb Valley’s only nightclub and their favourite place; the Watermill Nightclub. Natascha’s best friend and roommate¬†Jasmine¬†would join them there after work.


It was busy at club. While Natascha danced by herself, Carson and Jasmine did a little dance together.Dance

Umm… Wait a minute… This is not dancing…
Carson and Jasmine had gone downstairs to the club bathrooms and apparently with a plan…

Meanwhile, Natascha was dancing with Wesley, unaware of what was going on one floor beneath her…


Unaware, until she went to the bathroom herself, that is…


Jasmine tried to smooth things over: “I’m so sorry Tash! We didn’t mean for you to find out this way!

Wait… Hold on… “Find out”? What was there to “find out” exactly?
And yes, Jasmine and Carson had no choice but to confirm Natascha’s suspicions… They had been seeing each other behind her back for MONTHS! Natascha was furious!Caught

Because the club closed at that point (at 3:00 am… *rolls eyes*), they took the rest of their fight outside.
Natascha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her boyfriend of 4 years! And her¬†best friend since they were 5 years old!Take it outside

Well, it’s safe to say that friendship is over!Slap

And so is that “relationship”!


Natascha then got in her car and drove off. Carson and Jasmine stayed behind. And after soothing their cheeks they realised that maybe this was for the best. Now they could finally be together. But not here. No, no way, not in Honeycomb Valley! Jasmine would not have a home to return to and moving in with Carson was no option, since his home was in the same building as Natascha’s. Furthermore, Carson worked with Natascha’s sister Naomi and was really not looking forward to facing her either!


So, they made a decision. They would leave Honeycomb Valley. This very instant. Carson had a friend in Bridgeport who was subletting his apartment and all it took was a phonecall. And so it happened. They got in a taxi and left. After a 4 hour drive they arrived at the apartment in Bridgeport. There, Carson got out his phone and called his boss…Runaway


It was an exciting summer for Elliot Murray. This September, Alice would officially retire as headmistress of The Beehive, making Elliot the new headmaster. On top of that, a whole new school, consisting of three buildings, was being build over summer. A brand new school for a brand new headmaster. So naturally, Elliot was a very excited man indeed.

And then, one August morning, he got a phonecall.


Elliot’s happy smile soon turned sour… Carson was calling to quit his job! Only two weeks before the new year was to start! Elliot told Carson this was not done, and asked him if he had any idea what kind of pickle he was leaving him with. But Carson couldn’t care less. “Sue me then“, he said. “I’m still not coming back, I can’tDisturbing call

Elliot discussed the problem with his wife and daughters (Seth was still in Sandy Valley) over breakfast. ¬†They didn’t know what to tell him either.


And as if Elliot didn’t have enough on his plate already, then the dishwasher broke! Luckily Elliot is very handy and has very helpful children. (Although I’m not sure splashing water around while your father is working with electrics is such a good idea, Ruby…)Dishwasher

After fixing the dishwasher, Elliot called his primary department team for an emergency meeting at his home (since the school was not finished yet). Eva couldn’t come, she was on holiday in Monte Vista, but luckily Lillian had just come home from her trip to Isla Paradiso. After calling the ladies, Elliot made a note of how the primary department was originally meant to be manned after summer… Hmmm… now that changes had to be made anyway, maybe this was a good opportunity to change some other things too.

Plan Beehive

Lucy and Lillian were first to arrive. Elliot gave them a cup of coffee while they waited for Naomi.


When she arrived, Elliot told the ladies what happened. Lucy for one was not surprised. She never got along with her messy colleague. Naomi, having already heard the reason Carson left from her sister, was just really angry at him.
Aside from having to fill the blank left by Carson, Elliot had something else he wanted to discuss with the ladies. With the two buildings, he needed someone to manage the primary department. Someone who could be assistant headmaster actually. “And”, so he said, “I was thinking of you, Lillian…”

problem solved

Lillian was honoured and said she was happy to do it! But that meant she would not have time for her teaching duties anymore. After a bit of puzzling, the problem was solved! Only small issue was that there wouldn’t be a substitute anymore. But Elliot felt that having the classes covered was the main thing at this point.

Plan Beehive new

Elliot thanked the ladies for helping him solve the problem. Well done Elliot! You’re off to a good start!


Oh, you think that was it for August? No no, there’s more!

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