March 05: The Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival (Pt. 3)

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Day 4: Basketball, Swimming and goodbyes

The last day of the Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival started with basketball. As had been the case the previous day, the teens started the day. Also similar to football was the fact that everyone had been coupled up. Each couple had a hoops contest in which they each got three shots at the hoop. The one of the pair with the most baskets would proceed to the next round, which was dunks. The person winning that round would have their points from both matches added to decide whether they won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

But they started off with hoops.
Martha lost her match against Joel, which was unsurprising as immediately afterwards she fell asleep on the bench…

basketball teens

When Finn was up against Silas, Rachel couldn’t stop looking at him. *Sigh*, he’s still so dreamy, and,most importantly, single again!


Meanwhile, Esme had made a new friend. Ah yes, I can totally see why these girls hit it off!


Allison was good at more than just giggles and gossip, which she proved by beating Finn in the dunking round.dunks

Rachel fell during her match against Seth, but still managed to beat him.


In the end, Allison won first place, Billy came in second, and Rachel got third place.

Then the sims aged 18 or over had their turn. basketball over 18

Both Seth and Sarah made it to round 2, where they ended up playing each other. Despite Seth being really good, Sarah won this match. Maybe Seth let his girlfriend win…?


Two very serious women in round 2…


Evelyn won! Amy landed a silver medal, and Sarah got bronze. Well done, ladies!

The next event of the day was swimming.
Joel was up against Ruby and Allison. He really wanted to win this, since he hadn’t won anything yet.


And he did! He reached the end of the pool, before Allison had even gotten into the water. Maybe she felt her golden basketball medal was enough?


The next match was between Emily, Trisha and Jérémy. Emily won this match.


Then it was Ofelia, Sophie and Jeffrey battling it out.


After Ofelia’s unfortunate slip on the diving board (she wasn’t hurt), Jeffrey won.Screenshot-495

And so, the final was between Jeffrey, Emily and Joel.

swim final teens

It may not be very clear to see in this picture, but Joel beat Jeffrey by a slight margin. Finally, gold for Joel!


Soon after, the adults were ready for their matches.
Mary, David and Wendy were up first. Nice dive Mary!jump

Whether it had been that great dive or something else, Mary was on a roll and easily won her match.


Then it was her husband’s turn. Joshua was up against Erika and Kai.


He didn’t land in the water as gracefully as his wife had done though…fall

But it didn’t matter, despite that awful landing, Joshua still won!


Annie got to battle it out with her ex boyfriend and Eva.


As you can see, Rémi won, but I’m still doubting whether he didn’t cheat at the start…


And so, the final was between Mary, Rémi and Joshua.


And they’re off!


Oooooh… this is going to be close…


Rémi won, but only just. Joshua ended in second place and Mary brought home her second bronze medal.


Of course Emily, Joel and Jeffrey also received their medals.


As did the basketball winners.



And so, all the sports had been played. The time to close the festival had come. And for this occasion, a party had been organised on the football field.
Even when it was still early, people already started to gather on the field.


Sophie and Jérémy had a little dance, but hey, look who’s interfering again…


Joshua is not one for parties, so he read his book instead.


No Honeycomb Valley event is complete without a performance by The Hot Wings.

Screenshot-566 concert

People seemed to enjoy their performance.


Lucas tended the bar again.


He was really loving it, just as he had at his aunts anniversary a month ago and was starting to wonder if maybe bartender would be a better profession for him than kitchen scullion…


The party ended before the evening fell, because in the evening the buses to Bimlico and Sandy Valley would come in to take the visitors back home again.


The bus to Bimlico came in first. Patty bid the guest farewell.


And Holly came to say goodbye to her new friend as well. Maybe they’ll see each other again soon? There’s this great summercamp coming up again next summer?bye bye friend

After the Bimlico residents had left, it was the bus to Sandy Valley which rolled into the station.
Xandra came to say goodbye to Rémi. I’m not sure what Annie was thinking witnessing her ex boyfriend cheating on yet another girlfriend…


Sophie had LOVED having Jérémy this close for a while and really didn’t like having to say goodbye to him again. You’ll probably see him again soon though, Soph. I’m sure of it!


Allison and Esme said goodbye by doing what they do best: gossiping!


Luke also had a few goodbyes to take care off. Goodbye to his new friends Butter and Prince Noir!goodbye horses


And with Luke riding off to take the horses back to where they belong, the festival was really over. It had been good, but the residents of Honeycomb Valley were also looking forward to calmer times…

January 05: Ice Ice Baby (Pt.1)

January in Honeycomb Valley consisted of hardly anything but snowmen, skating and romances, so in other words: Ice ice baby!

The Morning After…

After what, you ask? Well, after New Years Eve of course. There were few loose ends to tie here and there… Instead of the morning after, we could just say new years day, yes. Same difference. 🙂 Say what? You don’t know what happened on New Years Eve? Then read this first.

Seth and Sarah

Awww, Seth is such a lovely boyfriend! First he gave Sarah a necklace for their anniversary and now he made her pancakes for breakfast as well. Which his dad and sisters enjoyed too. But where is Hannah…?


Still in bed? And she didn’t even have a big NYE party… Hannah has not been well lately… We’re not sure what’s wrong with her though. Hopefully she’ll get better soon. Elliot brought her breakfast up to her for when she’d wake up…


Daniel and Sadie

Dan‘s new years kiss had had a good response from Sadie, but after that moment they both had to go home quite quickly, so the first thing Daniel wondered when he woke up was if it had just been for the night or if Sadie actually felt the same way about him as he did about her.

So he sent her text, saying “Goodmorning beautiful girl, did you sleep well? 🙂 Xxx”


Sadie was just up as well and was actually contemplating if she should text Daniel when her phone beeped.

Texts to Sadie

Oh happy day! She sent a text back: “Hey :)) Yeah, thanks. I had a dream about you… ❤ xxxxxxx”


Daniel, happy to get her text, decided to give her a call and ask her out on a date.


Sadie of course said yes, which pleased Dan to no end.


We’ll check back with Daniel and Sadie later!

Luke and Susie

Susie had a bone to pick with her boyfriend about last night.


“And I just felt really old… And you were talking to and dancing with all these younger girls… Now, I don’t want to be the jealous girlfriend, but I’m just scared you’ll like them more than me, because they’re not so old…”

about last nightLuke let Susie rant for a while and when she got up to clean the dishes and finally stopped talking, he managed to get a word in.

don't worry“First of all, you’re not old. Secondly, you were the most beautiful girl at that party. Hey, you’re the most beautiful girl at any party! And I’m sorry if I didn’t pay enough attention to you, I really am. I just get caught up and don’t realise these things.”

move in with me“And then another thing, you’re here all the time anyway, how about you move in?”

Susie was overjoyed by this question!


Hmm, we’ll leave them be for a second and go see someone else this morning after…

Emmett and Abbey

After last night, Emmett thought his changes with Abbey might actually be turning. So like Daniel, he too sent a text the next morning. His was far less romantic though and just said “Awesome party :D”


Upon receiving this text, Abbey sent back :”Thanks. I’m glad you came.”


Wow, Emmett, you may be right…

***Note: Since both Emmett and Lucas have shown interest in Abbey, I decided to let her wishes decide who, if anyone, she’ll end up with. After the New Years Eve party she suddenly had the wish to “kiss Emmett”. Well, well, well…***

How the Day Went On…

Daniel and Sadie

From the moment they met later that morning, it was clear to both Daniel and Sadie it had not been just a New Years Eve kiss…


They started their date by skating on the canal


And even tried a spin (and failed)

sd skateThey then had some hot chocolate at the pancake house

drinks and cakeThey built a snowman


And had a snowball fight


Around 2, they needed to go back to Daniel’s house, because they were to have rehearsal with the band later.

While Seth and James weren’t there yet, Daniel and Sadie used the garage/rehearsal space for a different purpose…

make out

Seth and James arrived together and were let in by Dan’s dad, Oliver, who sent them straight through to the garage.


Daniel and Sadie were able to pull away from each other just in time. They didn’t want anyone to know about them yet -it was still so soon- and were especially unsure how their bandmembers would respond. For now, let’s keep it between us.Screenshot-48

And The Hot Wings rehearsed just like they always did. Here’s hoping you’ll get lots of gigs in 05, guys!


Luke and Susie

Susie’s day was already made after Luke asked her to move in with him, but it got even better when they decided to take Spider and Snow out for a winter-y ride.

They went to one of the lakes where they first built a snowman

ls snowmanAww, it’s beautiful! Very deserving of a picture! Under the watchful eye of Boy of course.


Boy also watched when Susie and Luke tried the ice.


Susie was a bit wobbly.


But Luke turned out to be a real pro!

Luke awesomeSo it was only natural he would help Suse out.


It seems Boy was a bit jealous though… Judging by the way we found the snowman…


When it got dark, Luke, Susie, Spider, Snow and Boy headed back home (and I’ve never seen those signs on the rocks before…)


Boy apparently needed some one on one attention, so when they got home, Luke took Boy out to their favourite place behind the friend boy

Awww, Boy… She may be his favourite girl, but you’re still his favourite Boy. 😉


When fresh snow began to fall, they walked back home.


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The Hot Wings

The Hot Wings

The Hot Wings


* Daniel Lloyd (drums)
* James Wyler (guitar and vocals)
* Sadie Stevens (vocals)
* Seth Murray (bass guitar)

Band story

The Hot Wings are Honeycomb Valley’s teenband on their way to stardom. Originally founded in 01 by James Wyler who asked his best friends Seth Murray and Daniel Lloyd if they wanted to start a band with him.

The name started as a joke. The boys knew they wanted a funny name and liked the idea of having a bandname starting with “the”. Whilst they were thinking of possible names, James’ mum brought a plate of hot wings to James’ room. Seth jokingly suggested that might be a good name and James and Dan were so amused by this idea, that they decided to go for it.

For a long time The Hot Wings were just James, Daniel and Seth. They played at their own parties and that was it. Gradually though, their star rose. They rehearsed in Daniel’s garage, got better and better and got asked to play town events and school parties as well.

They didn’t feel complete yet though, they needed a female voice. But where to find such a person? The unexpected answer came one day when James and Daniel were visiting the Gypsy Cart and noticed Sadie Stevens singing karaoke. What a voice! Sadie joined the band and from that day on they were complete.

The band’s biggest break came when they signed up to play at the international Rock Festival in Sandy Valley and were actually invited to come! Wow, well done kids!

Stories featuring the band

* October 03: Dan & Jill’s 18th Birthday
October 03: The Harvest Festival
* May 04: Making May Memories
* June 04: School’s Out!

June 04: School’s Out! (Part 1)

Please note; the “School’s Out” story consists of three parts. 

June in Honeycomb Valley! June meant summer, warm weather, long days, swimming in the ocean, and, the last weeks of school!

For the kids and teens of Honeycomb Valley this was an exciting month, for the teachers of The Beehive it was mostly a very busy month. Two kids had to take their final exams, eleven kids would move up a class after summer and then there was the organisation of the prom for the teens and the last day of school for the kids. A busy, busy month!

The exams

With the start of June, the time had finally come for Anna and Wesley to take their final exams. Wesley wasn’t too bothered, but there was a lot of pressure on Anna. She HAD to do well. Her teen pregnancy had already smudged her father’s good name, if she failed her exams too, she was bound to be disowned. (Read about final exams in my Education post, here)

Wes Anna examsFind out how they did later on!

The Prom

A week later, it was time for the most exciting night of the year of the teens of Honeycomb Valley: The prom!

Rachel rang her best friend Sadie to ask her if she wanted to come over to get ready together. Because obviously, getting ready for the prom is one of the best parts!


Sadie soon arrived and the girls quickly got to work.

Make up and hair…




…and a hug!


Rachel’s sister Ruby wasn’t too fussed about this whole getting ready part, she was done in a jiffy.

Ruby getting ready

Side note: Last year I got all excited about Sandy‘s idea to have all the girls wear the same dress to prom, so I decided to copy this plan. This year, we both repeated this, and it became once again clear how much we think alike when we turned out to have picked the exact same dress for our girls without knowing it! I thought about changing the dress for my girls when Sandy posted her prom non-story and I saw she used the same dress, but she talked me out of it saying the dress was too pretty not to be used. Anyway, back to the prom!

The oldest child of the Murray clan was gone before his sisters were even finished to pick up his prom date like a real gentleman.


At 8, the prom started and the teens started to arrive.

Prom startAnna apparently felt a high school prom was beneath her now she was almost leaving and was annoyed with her best friend Suzan who did seem to have a good time.


But Suzan was right to have fun, because it was fun!

There was dancing…


And more dancing…

Screenshot-863 Wait a minute… Is that Jill and James dancing?! Wow, after last year’s prom drama, I really wasn’t expecting this…

James and Jill’s dance didn’t last long though, because James had to get up on the stage (and by stage I mean a small platform with some instruments) for The Hot Wings‘ first ever performance with Sadie!

If she was nervous, she hid it very well!

Prom Hot WingsThe crowd seemed to enjoy it too! (Wesley! Stop perving on Kyra! The girl is 13!)

Prom Hot Wings close upAfter the band’s performance it was time for a bit more romance. Finn and Esme were the first to take the floor.


And were soon followed by others. There were some very unexpected combinations… (and also quite a lot of girls leading… Sims…)

Prom slowdancing

Of course every high school prom has its wallflowers…

Screenshot-894…and some girls who tell themselves they’re too good to dance with high school boys….


Much too soon the prom came to an end and it was time for the group pictures.


Screenshot-912And with that the school year was very nearly over for the teens of Honeycomb Valley! The kids however, had their own party still ahead. More on that in part 2!

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May 04: Making May Memories (Part 1)

The Hot Wings

James, Seth and Daniel felt they were doing well with their band, The Hot Wings. Okay, they only played at town events and (their own) birthday parties, but hey, they played.

Boys jamming

However, they felt their sound wasn’t complete. Most great bands, like Les Pierres Qui Roulent, had a female singer to boost their sound.
So, the boys discussed the possibility of adding someone to their band. But who…?


The answer came when they least expected it. One day James and Daniel visited the Gypsy Cart where Sadie happened to be singing some karaoke.

Now you may remember from our visit to Camp Windiwell last year that dear Sadie is really good at karaoke. Like, really really good. The boys were impressed too.

Sadie singing

When Sadie was done singing, Daniel went up to her to introduce himself and tell her about the band.

Sadie and Dan meeting

Dan and James had called up Seth to come and talk to Sadie too. Seth obviously already knew Sadie, since she’s his sister’s best friend, but he never knew she could sing like this!

The boys and Sadie discussed the band and asked Sadie what kind of music she liked. They also practiced their fish faces (apparently that’s important)


After this chat it was decided that the boys would let Sadie know soon.

Valerie and granddad

The first weekend of Sim-May the annual Dance Festival in Sandy Valley was being held. Since dancing is Evelyn‘s main passion, she obviously really wanted to go. It would also be a great chance for her and Zach to spend some time together again, which they hadn’t been able to do since the birth of Valerie. She asked her dad if he would be able to babysit for a weekend and Simon told her he and Alice would be more than happy to take care of his youngest grandchild for a few days.

Saying goodbye to Valerie was tougher than expected though!


They dropped Valerie off at Simon and Alices house and Zach and Evelyn gave them a big list of instructions.


Zach“She needs her bottle every three hours and a bath before bed”
Evelyn: “And don’t put her in that babyswing all the time, I don’t think those things are good for little children.”

Simon and Alice nodded to everything, but combined they have 4 children and 8 grandchildren, so they felt they knew best either way.

So, the moment Zach and Evelyn had left, this is what granddad did…

Simon and Valerie


It soon became even more crowded at Alice and Simon’s house, when Zoe and Emily decided to pay their grandparents a visit. The two best friends love the fact that Emily’s grandma and Zoe’s granddad are now living together! It’s like they’re sisters!


Alice took care of dinner, while Simon played tag with the girls in the backyard. (Meanwhile, Valerie was still in the babyswing 😉 )

Emily and Zoe visit

The girls enjoyed the dinner with their grandparents very much.

Alice, Simon girls dinnerAfter Emily and Zoe went home, Simon took Valerie to bed.


Alice meanwhile, told Evelyn over the phone that everything was going well with her little girl.


The weekend flew by and before they knew it, Zach and Evelyn were back again to pick Valerie up.
They sat down for a cup of tea first and to tell Alice and Simon all about their trip.


Then they thanked the grandparents for all they did, and took Valerie home.

Valerie pick up

Once home and in bed Zach and Evelyn stayed up a little longer to reminisce about their great weekend. They had met some great people and had so much fun! (You can read all about their time in Sandy Valley, here, on Sandy’s site)


Liam gets his wish

From one baby to another, because look, it’s Naomi with both her children on the doorstep of the Knight family. Why are they there, talking about cats?


Well, remember how Loretta got another cat a while back? Whiskers and Mouse got along so well, they had a litter! Two baby kittens were born at the Knight household. They can’t keep them, since they already have two cats (and three toddlers…) running around the house, so they put them up for adoption.


Since Liam has been talking about wanting a cat for years now, and his parents were planning on finally fulfilling this wish now that his sister is born, it was perfect timing.
Liam felt both cats were equally adorable, it was hard to pick, but he managed to choose in the end after all.


Naomi settled everything with Loretta.


And then “Prince” was Liam’s! Finally!

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