Blog changes – important message to my followers!

Dear KimmiesSimmies followers,

Over the coming weeks, or possibly months, I’ll be making some changes to this blog. What do I wish to do?

1. Personal pages
For starters I want to give each sim their own page instead of one shared with the rest of their family. This is a lot of work now, but will make things easier in future because it means I won’t have to relink the names in all my stories whenever a sim moves out of their family home.

2. Update the family pages
Giving my sims all a personal page doesn’t mean their family pages will seize to exist. Like Sara did on her blog, I plan to keep the family pages as an overview of the members of the family. I also intend to put a picture of the (outside of) the family home on the family page, which will link to a tour of their home, once one is available.

3. Find a new, cleaner theme
I want a theme which doesn’t feature the sidebar on individual posts, just on the front page. I also want a theme which I can customise more. This is a process which will take time. If anyone has any suggestions for ( themes which might meet my wishes, I’d love to hear. This is a step which might take a while yet, because I want to do the other things first and with the number of sims I have, this might take a while.

And now for the important part…
My planned changes have some consequences for you, my followers. Especially the ones subscribed to receive notification of updates. Because this is a free WordPress blog, I can’t control when you receive a notification. I can’t even send you newsletters myself. WordPress automatically sends everyone who chose to subscribe to my blog, an email whenever I create a new post. The personal pages I intend to give my simmies, are basically just that; “new posts”. This means that over the coming time, you might receive several emails a day notifying you of a new post on KimmiesSimmies. I understand this might be annoying and also understand if you wish to unsubscribe, although I obviously hope you won’t. A new story update is also coming around the weekend, so unsubscribing also means you might miss that and stories to come.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you all keep visiting KimmiesSimmies!
I’ve already applied these changes to the Abbott family. Their updated family page can be viewed here. Clicking on their names will take you to their personal pages.

Simbios updated (pt. 3)

I finally finished taking new pictures of all my simmies and can therefore tell you all simbios have now been updated.

Coming soon will be a new story (a winterwedding) and the introduction of three “new” households in Honeycomb Valley; Photographer Gareth and his sister Trisha, horseman Luke and his dog Boy and of course the students of HVU, whom we already spotted at the New Year’s party, but haven’t been introduced yet.

Simbios updated (pt. 2)

With a new SimYear just around the corner, I felt it was time to update some simbios again. I also had (have) a lot of new pictures on file which I really needed to start posting.
The following family pages have been updated:

* Adams (Since Jasper moved out, he can now be found with Eva)
* Brown
* Chapman Sr. (Including cat Mitzy)
* Chapman Jr.

More family pages will be updated very soon!

Simbios updated!

A while ago, the lovely Sonia explained on Simset Boulevard how she took her sims’ pictures. With a screen and proper lighting and Nraas Animator. My simsister Sara then tried it on her sims and, being all excited by the pictures Sonia and Sara took, I decided my simmies needed new pictures too. I’m not as good as Sonia and Sara, but I like these pictures a lot better than the CAS ones at any rate!

The following families had a picture update:

Miss Abbott
The Abbott family
The Anderson family
The Griffiths family
The Marshall family
The Mason family
The Wilson family

The others will follow soon. In the case of the families Griffiths and Marshall I also updated the text a bit, because they recently had kids aging up or births in the family. I was planning on doing this at the beginning of the new simyear, but since I was updating the pictures now anyway, I figured I might as well update the text. 🙂